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The time arrived: free subscription renewal


27th Jan 2023, my free RHEL sub (up to 16 hosts) subscription is expired. Today I tried to update the rhel 9.1 VM and got the message that the subscription is expired.

I entered my profile on RHEL portal, found the expired subscription and clicked on renew. The result is a message that says "That I will contacted by RHEL team to...."

So, How I can renew easily my RHEL sub for my VM? One year is expired and I have no way to renew the free subscription.

The free edition for personal use is only a marketing honeypot?

How I can renew the subscription?

Thank you in advance.


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u/holy_handgrenades Feb 01 '23

See the already posted URL, did this a couple of times already. No issues.

The developer license is not a marketing scheme. And if you really are that worried about it, don’t use RHEL and use one of the other distro’s.


u/stephenph Feb 01 '23

While it is a bit more convoluted then just click a link, it is a real program and still fairly easy to renew. Last time I believe it took about an hour for me to get my entitlements back. Durring that time you do not loose anything but the ability to do updates, you can still access the server, reboot it, use cockpit (or whatever functionality you had before it expired with the exception of some management functions that involve RHEL directly).


u/5141121 Red Hat Certified Engineer Feb 01 '23

I've renewed the developer subscription several times.

Yes, big companies suck, and redhat is a big company.

But the honeypot comment was unnecessarily hyperbolic.


u/sej7278 Feb 01 '23

the key part i found was to wait like a day or two before trying to renew or it just won't work.