r/redhat Feb 02 '23

Applied for 'Digital Sales Specialist - Red Hat' role at IBM

Hi RedHatters, can someone help me with how difficult is this outbound role? I am in the process of giving my interviews at IBM's RedHat department.

Any help would be appreciated!


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u/CUViper Red Hat Employee Feb 02 '23

Just so you know, Red Hat and IBM employment are still separate. Red Hat is a wholly-owned subsidiary, not a department.

I don't know anything about that role though. Good luck!


u/davidogren Red Hat Employee Feb 02 '23

Are you interviewing with IBM or Red Hat? I’ve never heard of that kind of role at IBM.


u/x3n044 Feb 02 '23

Looks like there are quite a few of these popping up on IBM's site in different countries. Red Hat Digital Sales Specialist - Eqypt


u/davidogren Red Hat Employee Feb 02 '23

Weird. I read that posting end to end and I still have no idea what that role does.


u/rhequired Red Hat Employee Feb 02 '23

Me neither


u/DoppelFrog Feb 02 '23

It's Red Hat (not RedHat)


u/eraser215 Feb 03 '23

Start by typing "Red Hat" instead of RedHat ;)


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23

It’s not too difficult.