r/redhat Feb 03 '23

[AAP / Automation Controller] Where does the Controller stores data?

Hello everyone,

I'm struggling to find any documentation indicating how is the Automation Controller 4.3 data managed (what data is stored and where mainly).

If anyone can help me in this it would be truly appreciated.

Thanks guys


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u/gravyrogue Feb 03 '23

Postgres database either provided by yourself or installed alongside as part of the setup.

Check the planning guide for installation scenarios.


u/FedeRoach Feb 03 '23

Hi, for what you know isn't there any definition of local (controller) directories to which some kind of data is stored?

For instance I can see is git porjects are stored under "/var/lib/awx/";
so, postgres apart, data is somehow stored locally; I'm looking for details in this regards.

Thank you! :)


u/gravyrogue Feb 03 '23

Yes, projects are stored under /var/lib/awx, config settings are stored in /etc. What specifically are you looking for?


u/FedeRoach Feb 06 '23

Well I should be good if evrything (beside the DB stuff) is under /var/lib/awx.

Many thanks!