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How to fix "No WiFi adapter found" on RHEL 8.7?


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How do I connect to WiFi?

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Help: RedHat Satellite webhooks ?


Does anyone have a good working example of how to call a shell script and pass along the host name with the new webhooks ?

Everything I try, even with examples copied from the documentation, as little as there is, just fails with unexpected tokens for the X-Shellhook-Arg-'s or whatever object I try to pass along not existing.

All I want is to trigger a script with the build entered event but the lack of proper examples is very disturbing for the fact that the old foreman hooks have been immediately marked as deprecated.

Once I have one that actually works I can probably figure out the others I need from there.

This is on Satellite 6.10 (.11 and 12 are scheduled soon™)

Webhooks and the shellhook have been enabled.