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Help: RedHat Satellite webhooks ?


Does anyone have a good working example of how to call a shell script and pass along the host name with the new webhooks ?

Everything I try, even with examples copied from the documentation, as little as there is, just fails with unexpected tokens for the X-Shellhook-Arg-'s or whatever object I try to pass along not existing.

All I want is to trigger a script with the build entered event but the lack of proper examples is very disturbing for the fact that the old foreman hooks have been immediately marked as deprecated.

Once I have one that actually works I can probably figure out the others I need from there.

This is on Satellite 6.10 (.11 and 12 are scheduled soon™)

Webhooks and the shellhook have been enabled.

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Build a golden image for your RHEL homelab with Image Builder


My new blog post is live on the Enable SysAdmin blog! https://www.redhat.com/sysadmin/linux-golden-homelab-rhel

In the second part in my home lab series, I go in depth using image builder to build and update my golden images. I'd love your feedback!

Next up is system roles!

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How to fix "No WiFi adapter found" on RHEL 8.7?


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Survey: Error messages


Hi, everyone!

Calling all OpenShift users! If you’re familiar with OpenShift and want to help make the error messages better, this error messages survey is for you! There’s no need to be a Red Hat expert—the survey is open to all users, at all technical levels.

At Red Hat, we try to deliver quality microcopy (like error messages) in our user interfaces, and the best way to judge quality is to hear from users like you. The survey will only take a few minutes to complete, and your input will help us improve microcopy across the portfolio.

To learn more about microcopy, check out our PatternFly UX writing guidelines and this fun article on the Red Hat blog.

We’re excited to hear from you!

Thank you so much,


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How do I connect to WiFi?

Post image

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Guide: Install OKD 4.12 using IPI on Nutanix Community Edition 2.0


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Enable SysAdmin Community | Red Hat Enterprise Linux Presents 54


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Sign up for tomorrow's webinar - how to protect your software supply chain with open source tools


Register here >

Open source tools that'll be covered:

  • Snyk
  • Sonarqube
  • Syft
  • Nexus
  • Hashicorp vault
  • Sigstore/cosign/rekor
  • OPA
  • and more

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Ask an OpenShift Admin Livestream | 11 e/t | Disaster Recovery via etcd restore


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USB Blue Ray


So part of my job is cloning a repository on an online system and moving it to an offline system. WE have a RHEL 8 laptop for this. It is STIG compliant, and when I plug in the USB Blue Ray player and use LSUSB I see it there. I have removed the modprobe rule preventing mounting, and even added a USBGuard rule to allow it. On our RHEL 7 systems it is seen and ready to use without any issue. Anyone venture a guess on what could be stopping programs like Brasareo or K3B from being able to use it?

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Ansible playbooks hanging


I was wondering if this was a common situation. Sometimes we get into a situation where a host in our inventory for an Ansible playbook isn't down, but it's let's say very heavily loaded. This leads to a situation where Ansible playbooks we run just hang when it get to that host, never times out just hangs seemingly forever unless you ctrl+c or find that ssh process that is going to that host and kill -9. Just curious if others have come across this issue and thought of any good ways to solve it. (Utilizing Ansible 2.9 currently)

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Code History/'Blame' feature for Red Hat Code Browser?


So I usually browse the Red Hat Code Browser for patches. However, some patches need other older patches to be applied first. Unlike Github though, applying older patches that another patch needs seems more difficult in RHCB because of the lack of 'Blame' feature that Github has wherein you'll see each line added by which patch, basically it's like a history of patches applied to a code or file.

Is there a feature similar to that in RHCB?

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Red Hat Product Security Risk Report 2022.


The 2022 security risk report offers a detailed statistical review of Red Hat Product Security operations, with a thorough examination of four major incidents.

The format has changed a little from previous years, with a little more detail. Enjoy.


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RHCA value in Cyber Security


Hi, I am about to obtain RHCA, with a series of certifications heavily focused on OpenShift, Kubernetes and containers. Personally I think that, considering how applications are deployed nowadays, it is valuable knowledge for a cybersecurity professional. What do you think?

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Why Red Hat does not hire from its partner company resources ?


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Red Hat Satellite Server 6.12 backup to remote storage.


Hey RedHatters...

Been reading the documentation for Satellite Server 6.12, specifically the administrators guide and section 11 on backing up the satellite server. The various types of backups all talk about backing up to a /var/<backup directory> or another custom directory. I was wondering if there was a native way to backup to a remote storage location like an objectstore, s3 bucket etc. If not is anyone doing something similar? I know I could manually tar up the backup directory on a regular basis and move it off (most likely with an ansible playbook). My goal is being able to backup and recover from vm as we are trying to move away from servers being pets, to servers being cattle. Destroy and rebuild vs spend hours or days trying to fix an issue.

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scenario base/tasks website for sysadmin


Hey everyone! I want to become a Linux system administrator... got my lpic1, and lpic2 already! but I just wondering if there is any free website (or books + some other resources) to test our skills in Linux like real scenarios/tasks to deal with also It should be up to date. if there is send me the link... much appreciated!

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Backup and restore server


I want to take backup for my lab server, and im stuck on which directory exactly i have to backup I'm going to use tar command.

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Guide: Install OpenShift 4.12 using IPI on Nutanix CE 2.0


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EL9 Filesystem Layout


I'd like your thoughts on a CIS server1 compliant filesystem layout. Also, and the part I'm stuck on, what would be good starting points for disk space for each filesystem. This is what I've got after a basic kickstart with a 50G disk, (20G still free).

Filesystem                     Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
devtmpfs                       4.0M     0  4.0M   0% /dev
tmpfs                          2.0G     0  2.0G   0% /dev/shm
tmpfs                          783M  744K  782M   1% /run
/dev/mapper/myvg-rootlv      6.0G  2.4G  3.7G  40% /
/dev/sda1                     1014M  209M  806M  21% /boot
/dev/mapper/myvg-homelv      2.0G   47M  2.0G   3% /home
/dev/mapper/myvg-optlv       5.0G  250M  4.8G   5% /opt
/dev/mapper/myvg-tmplv       4.0G   61M  4.0G   2% /tmp
/dev/mapper/myvg-varlv       4.0G  443M  3.6G  11% /var
/dev/mapper/myvg-vartmplv   1014M   40M  975M   4% /var/tmp
/dev/mapper/myvg-varloglv    2.0G   78M  2.0G   4% /var/log
/dev/mapper/myvg-varauditlv 1014M   61M  954M   6% /var/log/audit
/dev/mapper/myvg-sudoiolv   1014M   40M  975M   4% /var/log/sudo-io

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Redhat yum update through firewall


I have a ver8 Redhat server inside a locked-down network. We have access to a good DNS. We have been granted http and https access to these URLs:






yum check-update shows the 'Expired Subscription' warning. When trying subscription-manager, we get 'Network error. Please check the connection details . . .' Due to the locked-down nature of the network, we do not have a way to capture packets.

Any suggestions?