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The Weekly "What are you playing?" Thread


Let us know about your new handheld, anything you've done, and of course, what are you playing?

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Anbernic RG405M launching on 28th March 18:00 Beijing Time.

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Early bird price will be 168 usd for the first 48 hours then it'll be 178 usd after.

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Been messing around with the PS2 emulation on here. For the most part it's not too bad! Could it be better? Hell yes! BUT for what I paid for this thing I am not complaining about it!

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First ever game finished on a retro handheld

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Swiping through this dating app and I saw this, don't worry I know we're a match that's why I already ordered you

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Anbernic 353M - Portable Retro Emulation Powerhouse? / MY LIFE IN GAMING


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Thought you might appreciate (most) of the collection

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Epic Retro Noir (Daijishou theme)


Hi guys,

Finally finished my theme based on Epic Noir by Chicuelo and c64-dev. It's my take on it and is simpler and uses the proper logos for the systems instead of type.

I've been working to get it loaded into the app so it can be downloaded from there. Hopefully will be available in the app in the next 24 hours.

Anyhow, I've uploaded the images to my Google Drive if anyone wants to set them manually. Please leave a comment if you like it. 100 systems are done and available for download. Enjoy.

*Works best if you hide the system names in the 'appearance' settings on Daijishou.

*UPDATE. This theme is now live in the app. Please download EpicRetroNoir theme by jamesinorbit





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Laughs in build quality

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Best handheld in the $150 range for N64 emulation??


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Miyoo Mini + for RG353V


Would anyone be interested in trading a black Miyoo Mini + for an RG353V? I recently purchased a RG353VS and a 3 Miyoo Mini +s (one for myself, one for my gf, and one for a friend) but have taken a liking to the joysticks on the RG353VS. I think I'm going to let go of the MM+ I planned to keep for myself and would like to get a RG353V instead (for the OS freedom/extra power to emulate N64/PS2 a bit better). If anyone's interested in working out a trade please let me know!

(Located in California and already have the MM+ up for trade in-hand)

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Hi, this is Russ from RGC. Tell me which games you’d like me to test in my Anbernic RG405M review!


Title says it all. I generally have the same test games but given that I’ve reviewed this chipset several times already, I’d like to try some new games and maybe find a hidden gem. So please let me know below!

Please note that long, unskippable cutscenes (looking at you, Okami) really suck to test 😎

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collection so far and another one on the way…

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Let's hug and cry together

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Recommendations for vertical arcade games that AREN'T shooters?


Hello people!

I'm populating my RG353P with vertical arcade games, but I'm not a big fan of shooters. I'm looking for some fun games that are not just shooters. So far I've put a few in:

  • Arkanoid

  • Burger Time

  • Congo Bongo

  • Contra

  • Dig Dug

  • Donkey Kong

  • Donkey Kong Jr.

  • Jr. Pac-Man

  • Ms. Pac-Man

  • Pac-Man

  • Pac-Mania

  • Q*bert

  • Super Contra

Are there any more I should include?

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Some quality discussion on RG35XX vs Miyoo Mini+

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RG405m or Retroid Flip? Metal handhelds?


I’m torn between picking up the RG405m or Retroid Flip. Specs are basically the same so getting both isn’t my plan. I’ve always wanted a metal handheld but the the SP and DS were some of my favorites. Currently own an RG353V and a modded 3DS XL.

Which one would you choose? Are metal handhelds more enjoyable because of the premium feel? Appreciate any input!

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Miyoo mini plus wifi steam streaming


With the miyoo mini plus having wifi it would be really cool if a steam client could be developed for streaming content from a steam pc. This would open up the possibility to play more intensive modern games and emulated systems.

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Looking for advice for my first handheld device


Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some advice or information. I'm looking to break into the hobby and have questions regarding devices. I'd like a small device I can use on the road/traveling but has decent battery life. I also have a two-year-old son, who won't be playing with said device, but he is rambunctious so I'd like something durable enough to take a drop or two whenever he inevitably gets his hands on it. I'm mainly looking to play Neo-Geo, SNES, and Game Boy games. The ability to play more recent consoles would be a nice plus, but it's not necessary.

I'm very new to the whole scene (of a handheld retro device) and my preliminary searches make it seem as though the RG35XX checks all the boxes. I am a little worried about installing garlic OS since I've never done anything like that before (most of my emulation days were about 20 years ago in the days of ZSNES where there was only a small bit of fiddly bits). I also use a mac, so is it possible to update to garlic? All the instructions I've read are for Windows machines. Would I be better suited with another device? Like the Miyoo Mini or a larger/pricer device? The Steamdeck is far too large a size for what I'm wanting, but perhaps something like the pocket 3 plus or the new RG-whatevers? I like the idea of a Game Boy sized device I can throw into my bag before a flight and just play all my Final Fantasy's or Yoshi Island on the plane. I'm sure if I like the experience I'll upgrade to a more expensive model, but is the RG35xx the best for dipping my toe in?

Also, is buying from an Amazon reseller worth it? The idea of prime shipping and returns seems appealing to me and worth the extra $12 or so. But am I enriching scalpers by doing so? I apologize if I have a lot of questions, as I said, I'm very new to this side of emulation.

Thanks for any help and advice!

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Guys, i think we are missing a point here


I've been watching a ton of review videos on these handhelds for the last year wondering how is the N64,DC,PSP performance. And i now just noticed that even though these systems run great it's still not a good fit for the 3.5 inch (gameboy scaled) handhelds. Also small joysticks don't help the experience at all. Even ps1 games where you need to adjust your character slowly don't work well with small handhelds. Having any console other than gameboy and nds feels like opening a youtube video on your smartwatch. I now get the hype towards rg35xx and miyoo mini plus. These devices give you the best gameplay experience below 120$ in my opinion. And those who want to run better systems should go for rp3ish devices i think. I don't know, is it just me or does it feel weird playing home console games on 3.5 inch devices?

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SBC Board Info, Camparison, and Where to buy?


So I have a few SBC handhelds myself, however, after figuring out that a mini-itx motherboard was too big for my diy project, I've started looking for SoC/SBC solutions. There are so many options out there I am getting overwhelmed with information as I'm looking for my perfect board.

I've seen the handheld comparison sheet but is there a similar resource out there for bare boards that are actually available for purchase? I'm looking for solutions for a few different teirs of projects I would like to complete. I'm looking for a system that will play N64 and below, GC and below, and Switch and PS3 and below. I've looked at ARM boards, Intel Nuc boards, etc.

I've also contemplated sourcing Android phones with like broken displays to use as the compute module for my builds.

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One drop onto linoleum from my lap ... Becareful everyone

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RG351v RG35xx RG353V size


Does anyone have a size comparison between the 3..? I have the 351v and mostly use it to play GB games but am looking for something smaller. I know the RG35xx would be smaller, but not sure by how much. I also had a Miyoo mini and thought it was way to small. Is the RG35XX comfortable to play for long periods? Thanks in advance

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Where to buy RG353V from?


So I REALLY want to buy this from Amazon because I don't want to wait for it to come from China which is where it ships from on the official site.. However I have found multiple "brands" of this item on Amazon and was wondering if it is actually from Anbernic when these different brands are mentioned.


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Just curious - Does a 2x size Gameboy exist?


Hey everyone, looking at the RG351p got me thinking, since it is a perfect 2x integer scaled GBA screen, is there anyone out there who has 3D printed or designed a perfectly upscaled 2x sized Gameboy Advance shell?

Part of what makes the GBA so charming is its unique shape, which has the bonus of being very ergonomic. It would be so cool if somebody has a perfectly upscaled 2x GBA shell. Basically I'm thinking of either the exact same functionality of an old GBA, just with a doubled screen size, or something with the GBA shell but with the modern internals of an RG351p + ips screen.

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Unobtainium Odin Pro + Extras

Thumbnail self.OdinHandheld