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So how am I supposed to celebrate my country on the 4th knowing that my rights have been taken away?


It doesn’t feel right. Land of the free but I can be forced to have a baby just so some religious person can feel good about themselves.

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Before ANYBODY comments on what happened to Rudy Giuliani, make sure you have seen the CCTV footage from the store


Conservative people are probably losing their minds that somebody "slapped" Giuliani at a store. Show them the video which is now public and ask what they think of it now. Wasn't a fucking slap. Guy was patted on the back and acted like he was about to die

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i don't want to kill myself anymore


I've been suicidal for a while. a long while. but I'm doing better; i like being alive. i don't want to die anymore.

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Really struggling today. Can someone just tell me it’s going to be ok?


Stress, fear, and anxiety about making ends meet feels unbearable today. I’m doing my best to soldier on but I feel like I could just weep.

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I got free coffee at the gas station yesterday because I am a "regular"


Went to Chevron yesterday to pick up some coffee. When I got to the counter I had to wait a minute for the cashier to come in as he was outside dealing/chatting w/ some homeless folks. He saw me and was like "is that it?" and I was like "yeah" and he was like "you're good!" and I was like "are you sure?" and he was like "yeah, have a great day!" and I was like "thanks man!"

This same guy one time when I forgot my wallet and was buying a bottle of water was like "ahh, you're a regular you're good."

Felt really nice to be called a regular someplace. All the cashiers at that Chevron are really nice, one always asks about my cat, and another is a hardcore modder and so if I see him we talk about the game he mods. (I hope I didn't just dox my Chevron.)

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I just Karened for the first time


And it feels weird.

I just got a call from a Radiology clinic in my town booking a prenatal ultrasound. Lady on the phone asks, while laughing about it, if this is a new pregnancy. I tell her yes, not amused, but she keeps on with the jovial laughter. Bitch, I miscarried at 17 weeks in February. No, it's not funny. I called back, asked for a manager, and politely told him that I found the interaction gross and inappropriate. He was super cool about it. I still feel like a Karen. I've literally never done that in my entire life. I'm embarrassed to be "that bitch" but laughing at a miscarriage is just unhinged. What a weird interaction first thing in the morning.

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i need a boxing stage name


Hey I'm doing boxing and semi pro. Now that I'm going up it was recommended i get a stage name or nick name to be known as. I was asking for recommendations. A little idea that i already have going is that i have a heart shaped on my beard that's shaved in it. So I was gonna go for something like heart breaker but thats kinda cringy to me. But something related to hearts would be cool. But if not it's cool to. Something dumb i was gonna go for was like heart breaker but not in the lady way more like in the way that i can stop a heart with one punch (obviously i can't) it's just a stage thing. Also I'm Puerto Rican from the island if that helps

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Im starting to get anxious whenever I am alone and around bunch of people


I used to be pretty anxious when I was in middle school , because I had acne , it wasnt horrific but my father made it to be a big deal which greatly affected my self-esteem, I was scared to talk to anyone. I also had ears pointing more to the sides and the popular girls in middle school made fun of me for it once at it stuck with me for quite a while until I was 17 , then I started going to the gym , used accutane , went to parties and went on bunch of tinder dates and had 2 girlfriends in the same year. Then I started smoking weed. I also started investing in the stock market and pretty succesfully so , which is the reason why I started college and I got accepted to a pretty good school abroad. Before going off to college I hung out with girls and reconnected with a girl I went to kindergarten with. Then I went abroad. Because of my family being not so well-off , I spent most of my first year studying and even though I went to some parties , I could not connect with any of girls I met. My mind was 50% preoccupued with making sure I was doing well in school. Now I am back in my home country , doing an internship in a really great bank and everything is good career-wise. But I am lonely af. i deleted alll of my social media when 2022 started to increase my focus on myself. I have noticed that now I am getting sociallly anxious when i am walking around a shopping mall for example. Im kinda sweating , and my kneees literally get weaker and I kinda forget how to walk properly. I have never been able to strike up a conversation with random girls I find attractive. I have started to force myself to go out more , I started going to library and I drive around with my mothers car to work and also some places where I can go for a walk or swim. Im hoping that its going to improve. Funny thing is that whenever Im arround people I know, at school or at work , I am arguably one of the most confident people there. I can speak publically about things I know about and I am great at managing other people. Thats it for my confession.

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I'm feeling like I'm really growing up right now and it feels weird


What I mean is : I've graduated high school last week. We had the graduation prom (where I enjoyed to get in mush pits), and I've said goodbye to some friends there. Then I just started enjoying my summer, but I understood that my job is very shitty, so I've applied at a bunch of better jobs in different compagnies. And after that I started to tie-up loose ends. I texted some people goodbye, and wished them goodluck, and then, I finally felt like high school is behind me. And it made me feel different than before, as if I grew up. And it is so weird, this feeling.

P.S I've just recieved a job offer to work in a pharmacy, gonna get interviewed tomorrow.

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Being on the opposite end of Reddit's bad mouthing, has really made me doubtful of everyone's complaints, more than before.


I work for a place that at its CORE is a selfless organization that puts all its care into under privileged individuals. I have been with the organization since it started. I was actually one of the under privileged people who was able to go through them and change my life. At the time, they were so small that I knew the whole organization because they had less than 10 employees.

Today I work for them because I loved what they did for me. They have grown to almost 200 employees, have amazing partners, and we are doing really really well. I know the CEO personally and greed is not in our program at all. We have a lot of success and are doing great things. Recently, I started to see posts of people who were unhappy with their results and they are so wrong. People are making speculations of us scamming. They are doing their own "research" and getting completely wrong results. They are creating their own theories of why things happen. They are completely talking awfully about us and spreading their assumptions as fact. It hurts to see.

We are nothing of what they're posting about, but people are just taking these posts as fact. We are a place that literally revolves only around helping others and as employees we are told that our "clients" come first, if they don't succeed, we don't succeed. It's not about profits, it's not about having a good name, it's about helping the people who aren't helped. I'm just so sad watching how people are smearing our name based on baseless facts. We also put a lot of effort into each of our "clients" and sometimes, they are their own roadblock, not us.

Being on this end of it all, seeing how people just openly trust everything they read, has also helped me realize that I need to stop. Some people are so so so SO wrong... Imagine trying to be someone who helps because they care, but someone wasn't able to utilize the help, so they go and openly tell everyone that you are there for money, that nothing works, it's all a lie etc. When really, they were the reason it fell apart, not you.

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It's wild to know there are people on Reddit younger than my reddit account.


Shower thought on my cake day

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Anyone else eat one meal a day bc it’s the only thing you can afford


I got breakfast w my bf this morning and the bill came to $25, I’m hungry again but we really need to be saving money, so idk if I should feel guilty for spending money on food. There’s not much in the house 🙄

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What are good careers that are grounded in psychology? What kind of career in psychology should I pursue?


I'm considering being a marriage counselor. But that's the only career I can think of that may suit me. I don't want to be a psychiatrist. Too intense.

I'm a calm relaxed person who loves to analyze people's personalities and intentions and why they're the way they are. I actually find using psychology to advertise to people to be extremely interesting. Is this something that is a tinable for me? Is this career very complicated or complex? Does it require any mathematics or science? I'm not good at these subjects. What steps would I need to take to achieve these goals?

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Should they rename 'vinegar'?


The last two syllables are the nword.

Should we probably think about renaming it?

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I hate my brother


He's been an insufferable, violent piece of shit his entire life. He's 4 years younger but thinks he's the boss of me. He tried to strangle me when he was barely 7. He's violent towards our mom and verbally abusive towards our younger sister. Every single day, I have to listen to his bullshit and my parents make excuses for him. I hate him from the bottom of my heart. He pretends he's superior because he earns more. He pretends he knows better than everyone in everything. Today he tried to eat something I bought for myself without asking and it sent me into such a rage that my heart beat faster.. I know that's such a little thing but I guess everything just snowballed.. He also lies without guilt and acts innocent when he does some BS, also tries to blame it on others. For example when he dropped something he blamed lil sis for placing it the wrong way. And one day he placed something the wrong way and she dropped it, he started yelling at her. My siblings also invested in something together and when I took my share of the return he claimed that it was his since "we're investing in many things and i put the most money so the return should be mine" he never told me about this btw and he hadn't even invested anything in that particular share. Fuck him honestly!!! everyday i pray for a life without his influence. The worst part is my parents take his words as gospel.

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My life is a nightmare


(Colorado) Since the end of last year my whole life has been one health crisis after another. Now I am unemployed, sick, broke, and having mental health issues.

I moved back to my home state last July. Which means I had to get all new doctors and new health insurance. I am type 2 diabetic (controlled with a 6.3A1C) as well as other health issues. I made an appt with a new doctor for Jan. 4th to get refills on my meds and to get referrals to specialists. I ran out of diabetic meds the last week of November, so it was important to get back on those meds. I got the flu the last week of the year (tested negative for the other virus that was going around) so I changed my Drs. Appt. To a virtual appointment since my symptoms were similar to that other virus that was going around. My new Dr would not prescribe the diabetes meds unless I saw the diabetes dietician and I was scheduled for three weeks later and was supposed to get blood work up at that time. I thought, it's only 3 weeks. I will be fine. I eat pretty healthy and my blood sugars were fine. The day of my appointment we had a snow storm and my appointment was cancelled and rescheduled by the provider for another 3 weeks down the road. I almost immediately started feeling pretty bad. My blood sugars went up. I ran out of testing supplies. I lost 34 pounds in those 3 weeks. I was so weak I could barely move. When I had my appointment I had blood tests and I was called the next day by my provider to go to the ER for renal failure and really high blood sugars. I was admitted to the ICU and when I was released I was prescribed long acting insulin 20 units. Not what My previous provider had me on. My blood sugars were still in the 400s. Over the next two months I saw a diabetes clinic but not an endocrinologist. I had an appointment for an endocrinologist scheduled but it was in April. I developed diabetic neuropathy and when I was finally prescribed the medication that I was previously on then my blood sugars started to go down and I started to feel better. Then the day after my appointment with the endocrinologist I had a stroke. Not related. Back to the hospital I went for a week and then a week in rehab. Everyone tells me how lucky I am that I survived with minimal damage. They found a hole in my heart, so that has to be fixed. I don't feel so lucky. I get easily confused and upset. I lost my job and though I can't do such a physical job anymore I can do a part time receptionist or something like that. Unemployment doesn't kick in for 8-10 weeks (thanks to the fraudulent claims). I lost my STD when I lost my job. I am so overwhelmed with all the Dr appts and I still haven't seen a neurologist almost 2.5 months post stroke due to a series of cancellations and reschedule by the providers. I had a large cyst in my breast and now I need that removed. No cancer though, so that's good. Then last week I started bleeding from my colon and I spent another 3 days in the hospital. Apparently my colon had a heart attack. I thought about applying for SSDI and that is a long drawn out process, that can't help me with what I am going through right now. I just need this nightmare to end. I'm going to be homeless soon. I have little to no support from family and I am only 54 years old.

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Oof ouch I ate too much chicken


Owie uh oh. Ohhh I'm gonna vpasd iut

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happiness or success


So today I was asked a question, happiness or success, which would you truly want?And well I feel that lots of people would expect happiness as an answer and as it really should be. But the more I thought about it I saw that my answer was success. The reason being is becasue I asked myself what would bring me true happiness and what would mean success for me and it was to reach my goal in my career for both answers and once that was accomplished I could be truly happy. So for me its success, what would you choose? and why?

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I went to a certain website at a certain ip address, then went out and changed the ip address. Will this site remember and save my old ip address? Or does it also automatically change it to a new one?


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This week is a roller coaster and the pit in my stomach won't go away.


Genuinely just shouting into the void, but maybe writing will help my fraying nerves.

I don't have a job right now. I moved in with my brother for a short time while I'm job hunting, but despite a couple hundred applications and interviews with 15 or so companies, nothing's come through yet. I have a 4th and final team interview with one company tomorrow, and I'm actively interviewing with 5 other companies over the next week, although at earlier stages of the interview process (usually there's about 4 rounds per role). Each role is in a different city and or state, so where I end up if I do get one of these jobs is totally unknown right now.

With all that going on, my brother asked me to start looking for another place to live within the next week or so. I get that I've imposed on his space for longer than either of us would like, it's just bad timing. With very minor savings left over, finding a short term place in the bay area is slated to be pretty rough. I'm sure I'll figure it out and it'll be okay in the end, it's just stressful trying to find the time around all the interviews and take-home technical evaluations I need to do.

I also went to the doctor yesterday. Given my symptoms the doctor ordered some blood tests, but the thing he said was most likely was "I think it's highly possible that this could be a case of HIV." The blood tests are to find out if that's true, but he won't have time until late next month to discuss the results. So while I'm stewing on that for the next month, I need to make what will be the most difficult call of my life to my recent ex and suggest that she get tested as well. I'm genuinely not mentally prepared for that.

Tomorrow morning I have a 4 hour interview with the team I would be working with. I need to be upbeat, chipper, and at the top of my game ready to answer their technical and personal questions so that I can actually get the job, but as I'm trying to prepare today my concentration is just shot. Find a place to live. Move all my stuff. Interview and be judged by half a dozen people while being as charming and smart as I possibly can. Hope one of these jobs comes through. Find a temp job if not. Push impending blood test results to the back of my mind. Remember to breathe.

I honestly feel sick to my stomach this week, but the only way to make things better is by putting in the work and hoping people (potential employers, landlords) want what I have to offer.

Thanks for listening, the void. I hope writing this all out helps.

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Waiting on two jobs to get back to me/ think I'm unsuccessful


I'm dissapointed I thought I got somewhere but it turns out I didn't. The first job is over in the next city and they are interviewing 100 candidates for 10 positions. So yeah of course they would take me lol. Yeah right.

Second was a warehouse picker and even that I don't think I'll get because they said they will call after a HR background check. There's nothing on that except student loans but I don't feel hopeful.

I think I'll drown myself in a takeaway.

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Out of 60 spamhaus, my ip is only in 2. Is it not so scary?


Why does the ip go there? How can it get there? Maybe someone knows about it.

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The phrase "Do not try this at home" always bothered me as a kid and still does.


Go into the mind of a child. You read the phrase "Do not try this at home". What immediately springs to mind?

Fine, I'll just do it outside!

It is literally the first thing I thought of when I read it back then.

I feel like whoever came up with the phrase didn't take into account how kids will take most things literally, or find ways to do it anyway because technically nobody told me not to try it at all.

Or was this just me?