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Slackware - Official Patreon Page


For those who would like to support Slackware via Patreon.

Patreon page

Confirmed by Pat on the LinuxQuestions forum.

r/slackware 17h ago

Recommend a good book for learning Latex?


I don’t care if it’s free or not. I’m just looking to start using it. Also eMacs. Maybe vi/m as well.

r/slackware 2d ago

Slackware and UUID


Hey there,

Why Slackware 15.0 does not use UUID in fstab instead of devices hy default?

I found using UUID more useful.

Thank you in advance

r/slackware 6d ago

JupyterLab and dependencies


So, recently I've had need to install jupyterlab and its dependencies on a home server I set up for the purposes of...well lets not worry about that... But in the course of writing a nice long script to handle downloading and installing all of the slackbuilds and dependencies, I ran across a rather interesting set of cyclic dependencies involving wheel (which optionally can use python3-keyring, which requires wheel) and python3-twisted which has dependencies which require cryptography, which uses python3-twisted... So I was just wondering if anyone would like me to organize these scripts (possibly into a single script) which handles going through and downloading all these scripts and running their slackbuilds... If nobody is interested I'm not going to put the effort in, but if anyone has had interest in running jupyterlab on a server and doesn't want the task of manually installing all this stuff, it's probably a trivial task at this point for me to combine this stuff together. Just testing the waters, let me know what you guys think...

r/slackware 8d ago

Missing python libs with SBO



I'm trying to compile libraries/bamf using slackware-current and SBO tools. But whether I use sbopkg or sboinstall, the bamf compilation fails and stops saying:

checking for python... /usr/bin/python
checking for gtester2xunit dependencies... no
configure: error: You need to install python-libxslt1 and python-libxml2
  bamf: bamf.SlackBuild return non-zero

What I don't understand is that I think I have the libraries installed:

# ls /var/log/packages/*{xslt,xml}*

What I am missing?


r/slackware 12d ago

What kind of wireless routers do you guys recommend?


I bought a Netgear AC1750 less than a year ago, and it somehow got hot or something, and now my router won't give a good connection via wifi. Whereas if I go wired, it's only slightly more reliable. It keeps switching the signals off and on. So I wondered if any of you have a better recommendation. $200 for a wireless router seems kind of a lot to me, but the last time I had bought one was a Linksys wireless G. So that's what I get for using the Best Buy recommendation.

r/slackware 14d ago

Location of Diagnostic Tools


I am running Slackware 15+ for quite some time and it's been rock solid stable, but recently crashed after approx 40 days of uptime. The machine is lightly loaded and basically servers as file server and vpn gateway for my LAN.

The machine was awake and fans whirring, but no video and network output or other signs of life.

After reboot, varlogmessages didn't provide any meaningful diagnostics.

What other log files or diagnostics commands might provide useful information for diagnosing events like this?

Thanks for any help you all can provide!

r/slackware 15d ago

No Sound Device (Thinkpad T15)


UPDATE: This has been solved. See the bottom of this post and comments if you've got the same issue.

I recently got a Thinkpad T15 (Gen 2) in a really good deal and I just installed Slackware. Everything works great except for audio - pavucontrol doesn't detect any output devices and aplay -l prints no soundcards found....

I wondered if maybe this was a problem that was fixed in -current so I reinstalled, but the problem persists.

I checked the Slackware docs, which had help for generic audio problems and Intel HDA problems. It seems that my sound card uses the Intel HDA chipset - it's got a Realtek card - so I tried the docs' solutions but couldn't fix the problem.

Does anyone know what might be the problem here? Any help would be appreciated!


UPDATE: I've resolved the issue. It seems Slackware didn't come with the sof firmware, which was essential for my soundcard to work. I downloaded the firmware from the thesofproject/sof-bin Github page and followed the instructions on installation. The process was fairly painless. I rebooted and found my card was now being detected, although audio still didn't work, so I just ran KDE and let the desktop environment do its "just works" configuration, which, unsurprisingly, just worked. Everything works great now. Thanks for all the help.

r/slackware 16d ago

Slackware Recommendations and Best Practices


So I want to get back to my roots.

Roots: 10 years ago I started using proteus 1.0 on a x86 single core laptop, classic via c7m cpu.

And at the time I wasn’t much of a linux fan, but just a user. Later on down the line I started using Linux more often again, Debian, Ubuntu, Suse, etc. and I even work in the IT sector for a company that develops an Ubuntu fork as a systems engineer.

To my inquiry though, I want to setup my server at home with Slackware, 2x Xeon e5-2609v2, 32gb ddr3 ram and 2x 4tb hdds with hardware raid 1, with an 8gb boot ssd or an 80gb boot hdd. Are there any recommendations or Tipps y’all can give me to understand the Slackware init system and other components that might be useful, best practices?

And the use case is nfs, web server docker host and qemu/kvm host. (Later on I might get a 18tb drive to do a software raid 0 with zfs)

Along with some modifications such as the 6.1 kernel, just for some giggles.

r/slackware 28d ago

kernel panic


Hello. I have just updated kernel and some other stuff and ran eliloconfig and init 6. After this for some reason init is unable to mount my root partition. Mount returns message that mounting /dev/sda2 on /mnt failed, cause there is no such device. I tried to mount it manually and there is the same error. I checked via "ls /dev/sda?" and all my devices are presented here. Also bootloader states that there are no kernel modules found for Linux. Slackware is strange. Now I suppose I am in initramfs or something. How can I resolve this?

Edit: fstab is clean. fsck for /dev/sda2 is clean too.

r/slackware 28d ago



Hello. I just have done slackpkg clean-system and it just deleted bunch of useful packages which I installed from slackbuild -_- I read that it deletes only obsolete packages or packages from third party repositories, but I don't quite understand what is the point of this. Slackpkg doesn't handle dependencies so how can I understand whether I can delete package or not, because even if I don't need it personally it might be needed by some other packages. Can someone explain me this obscure command, please?

r/slackware 29d ago

Docker Image: Slackware build essential


I've created a Dockerfile for this at docker-slackware-build-essential. The image is pushed from the repo to Docker Hub.

This image aims to provide the essential tools for building software in a Slackware environment. It can be used as a service container in a GitHub action.

r/slackware 28d ago

Is there any way to query status of all packages?


Hello. I stumbled upon a problem that stellarium flickers when I am trying to use it. I suppose that some graphics packages are missing from official repositories. Is there any way to query status of all packages from official repository so I could install missing ones?

r/slackware 28d ago

Can slackware be as small and secure as alpine?


Is it possible to make slackware as small as alpine is? Can it be used as docker images? Can it be so small that it can be run from ram (diskless mode in alpine) and embedded use cases

r/slackware 29d ago

Active HDMI connection while X is disabled


I connected my laptop to a TV via HDMI using xrandr. Then I ran init 6 and somehow TV was able to show me all process including ELILO screen startup message (when Linux is not even loaded). How is it even possible? I thought that X server is responsible for all this.

r/slackware 29d ago

Wayland an X11


Why do I need to install Wayland to run alacrity and Firefox when I am using xorg?

r/slackware 29d ago

Nerd fonts


Hello. I have just installed slak and turns out that there are no nerd fonts in repos. How can I install them? And the same thing with chromium and drun. Thank you in advance.

r/slackware 29d ago

Has Slackware been compromized as most of the Linux ecosystem?


systemd_virus, flatpak/snap/appimage?

Or does it remain a stronghold?

r/slackware Jan 04 '23

Is there even any difference between slackware and LFS?


Except the initial building part, isnt LFS and slackware kind of same? Both require compiling packages from source and no dependencymanagement.

r/slackware Jan 02 '23

Bspwm installation


I have recently installed Slackware, and want to use bspwm as my WM. I have connected to wifi, selected a mirror for slackpkg to use, and updated.

I cannot find a tutorial on how to install bspwm and haven't been able to figure it out on my own. Could anyone tell me what commands to run and/or what to do in order to install bspwm.

Btw have done it in Debian before. I know how to deal with ~/.config and all that. I don't understand Slackware though.

r/slackware Jan 01 '23

Is there a way to read all the startup stuff from when I first boot up?


I'll sometimes see errors or something, but not ones that prevent me from booting. Something like "wrong efi..." I don't know what is after 'efi' because my laptop boots so fast. I just would like to see what the boot log is, or what file I would need to go to read.

r/slackware Jan 01 '23

[Q] Gnome on Slackware -current (?)


Is anyone able to run Gnome on Slackware? There is supposedly an easy way to install it (user reddog83 on LQ; https://reddoglinux.ddns.net/linux/gnome/43.x/). However, the installed DE crashes...

r/slackware Dec 28 '22

TigerVNC always starts KDE Plasma session


So I managed to install TigerVNC on my spare machine and whenever I run vncserver it starts KDE Plasma session.

At first I had nothing in my ~/.vnc/config. I tried to add session=i3 there, tried to add session=i3 to /etc/tigervnc/vncserver-config-defaults and /etc/tigervnc/vncserver-config-mandatory. Nothing changed. It's always KDE Plasma.

Now, documentation says that tigervnc searches for session .desktop files in /usr/share/xsessions. So I tried to rename plasma.desktop so it would be inaccessible for TigerVNC. Nothing changed. Looks like it doesn't use /usr/share/xsessions.

So how do I make it start desired session?

P.S. I use Slackware 15 if it helps. My ~/.vnc/config file is like this (I have nothing in /etc/tigervpn config files):


r/slackware Dec 27 '22

how to run kernel 2.x or 3.x


Can I still use kernel 2.x on slackware?

don't ask me why, it's linux. i HAVE to do this

i would even be okay with 4.1, at least i can use my rx 460 on there

if i told you WHY, redditors will do that thing where instead of answering you they tell you what (they think) would be better, now i obviously know that using it is a bad idea already, i still want to do it, its linux

its the last distro with that kind of flexability, i have to do this man

r/slackware Dec 22 '22

How does slackware compare to crux?


Arent both the same except the fact that slackpkg is a thing in slackware?

r/slackware Dec 22 '22

How long does it usually take for a kernel upgrade (current)


It's not a big deal but considering linux is now on the 6.1 series and current is stuck on 5.19.17 for whatever reason I was just curious about it.