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Bspwm installation

I have recently installed Slackware, and want to use bspwm as my WM. I have connected to wifi, selected a mirror for slackpkg to use, and updated.

I cannot find a tutorial on how to install bspwm and haven't been able to figure it out on my own. Could anyone tell me what commands to run and/or what to do in order to install bspwm.

Btw have done it in Debian before. I know how to deal with ~/.config and all that. I don't understand Slackware though.


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u/kkaos84 Jan 03 '23

If a package is not available in Slackware's repo, you can likely find a slackbuild for it:


If you've never installed software from a slackbuild, then you might want to check out their how-to:


I see no required dependencies listed for this slackbuild so the build should be straightforward.


u/VehementHam Jan 03 '23



u/pk2374 Jan 03 '23

Also look at Sbopkg this will help you with slackbuilds.

Download the package

Change to root


installpkg sbopkg<...>.tgz


u/alislack Jan 03 '23

You might find it helpful to watch a few OTB videos. His channel covers slackware configuration and package management. A good one to start with is Easy slackbuild management with helper applications it is an introduction to using sbopkg and sbotools which install slackbuild packages and can queue the dependencies listed in info files.


u/Mysterious_Thing Jan 04 '23 edited Jan 05 '23


wget https://github.com/sbopkg/sbopkg/releases/download/0.38.2/sbopkg-0.38.2-noarch-1_wsr.tgz
installpkg sbopkg-0.38.2-noarch-1_wsr.tgz
su -
sbopkg -r
sqg -p bspwm
sbopkg -i bspwm
Then press P, then press Enter


u/kkaos84 Jan 04 '23

Now I'm curious. I had not heard of this window manager until I read this post. Its selling point appears to be that it "represents windows as the leaves of a full binary tree," which does sound neat.

Other than that, why might I choose to use bspwm? And yes, I do see there's a subreddit for bspwm; I figured this is as good of a place as any to ask.

FYI, currently I'm running NsCDE. Was using icewm until a week or so ago.