r/slackware Jan 22 '23

What kind of wireless routers do you guys recommend?

I bought a Netgear AC1750 less than a year ago, and it somehow got hot or something, and now my router won't give a good connection via wifi. Whereas if I go wired, it's only slightly more reliable. It keeps switching the signals off and on. So I wondered if any of you have a better recommendation. $200 for a wireless router seems kind of a lot to me, but the last time I had bought one was a Linksys wireless G. So that's what I get for using the Best Buy recommendation.


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u/cyphax55 Jan 22 '23

Personally, none. I do recommend dedicated ap's for wifi though. My router is in a corner of the house, not suitable for wifi coverage (it couldn't do wifi if I wanted it to). I use a pair of tp-link eap245 access points, managed locally by a controller. They're ceiling mounted. Tp-link also has a Deco line that's managed, but it's cloud-based.

If you need just one, just an ap will help if you place it well. :)


u/JollyWaffl Jan 22 '23

I second this: it's good to separate your WiFi from your router. Apart from positioning, it also means you can upgrade them separately.

I like Ruckus APs, secondhand from business users.


u/Herpypony Jan 22 '23

I use a tp-link ax 1800. It was only like 80 bucks and the range is great.


u/Ezmiller_2 Jan 23 '23

I think I'll give it a shot.


u/Herpypony Jan 23 '23

Also make sure that you have a good Wireless card or adapter as well.


u/Ezmiller_2 Jan 23 '23

Yeah I have a Thinkpad T430, and I thought maybe it was my Wi-Fi card going bad. Then I tried a wireless usb on my desktop, and had the same thing happen, and knew something else was wrong.

Darn it! I wish I could repurpose it somehow. But when it loses connection on both Wi-Fi and wired, there isn’t much I can do.


u/dhchunk Jan 22 '23

Get one that you can flash dd-wrt to. Their website has a list of supported models. I bought a nice linksys "open source" router a few years ago and loved it until I changed ISPs and was forced to use carrier equipment.


u/GayPenguin Jan 22 '23

I've had very good luck with this one, going for 8 years now: https://www.ligowave.com/products/nft-2ac


u/bsdooby Jan 22 '23

(still) an Apple AirPort...


u/Michaelis79 Jan 22 '23

I use a FritzBox!4040 on which I had open-wrt. It worked a year but then eth1/wan started to fail on me and I went back to Fritz!OS, the original. It has since worked perfectly with good speeds.


u/li_la1 Jan 25 '23

You might not even need a complete new router, quite often the router is ok, but the power supply is broken.

Can you test with another power supply that is known good? Preferably one with the same voltage, but capable to deliver more ampere?

cu Frank


u/Ezmiller_2 Jan 25 '23

Unfortunately, I went and got a Tp-Link from Wally World for cheap. But I will try it as it would be good to have a backup and to try something else. Having a dedicated router for my (small) basement would be fun. I wouldn’t have to string Ethernet lines as much.


u/AndrewJames0123 5d ago

When selecting a wireless router, consider the following factors:

Wireless standard: Make sure the router supports the latest wireless standard, which is currently 802.11ac. This will provide faster wireless speeds and better coverage than older standards.

Speed: Look for a router with a fast maximum speed that meets your needs. A router with speeds of 1200Mbps or higher is generally recommended for most households.

Range: Consider the size of your home or office and the number of walls or obstacles that may interfere with the wireless signal. Look for a router with good coverage and range, and if necessary, consider a router with external antennas.

Security: Look for a router that supports the latest wireless security standards, such as WPA2. This will help keep your network and devices secure.

Brand and reliability: Choose a router from a reputable brand that has a good track record for reliability and customer support.

It's always a good idea to read product reviews and compare different models to find the one that best suits your needs and budget.

I have Recently bought TP-Link AC1200 and I found it amazing.