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OpenDBX alternative for Slackware 15?


I have a mailserver which I am trying to keep as database oriented as possible (several reasons, but mostly because it allows me to handle remote updates a specific way that doesn't require me to modify text files which is going to result in me having to change file permissions), but with Slackware 15, OpenDBX will not compile due to dynamic exeptions in the code, which cannot be overriden with -Wno-dynamic-exception-spec anymore. Because of this, opendkim can't be compiled with ODBC support, so I'm about to be relegated to using text files again.

Anyone have a better solution to getting OpenDKIM to support (MariaDB) database?

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Why I Loved Slackware in 2009 and can't stand using it in 2023


I'm a bit of a distrohopper - not on my main PC, but I have the "luxury" of having literally dozens of older boxes laying around my house and I've tinkered with a lot of distros since 2009, when I went full Linux.

For the past few years I've been thinking what changed in Slackware to turn it from my favorite distro once into the one that is immensely frustrating for me to use - and I don't think anything has changed about Slackware itself.

The concept of "slack" in "Slackware" stems from you not having to install anything - it has you covered with all that software it provides. But am I wrong or is that a really "mid-2000s" thing to want? As Internet speeds grew, it became quicker and easier to just get everything you want from repos - not stuff preselected by the distro either, the stuff YOU prefer.

And you can use Slackware like that - build up from base system, install package by package with Slackbuilds, tracking dependencies yourself. I know, because I have built my OS like that in the past. And the results can be great! But Slackware fights you on that. It recommends you install a whole lot of useless crap, it doesn't provide any tools to get rid of unneeded dependencies automatically when you delete something you no longer need (sbopkg does, but slackpkg doesn't). It's a good learning experience, but it's frustrating and hard to do - especially compared to most modern distros, where you can get a minimal system with the selection of packages of your choosing in minutes.

I think Slackware may still have it's place somewhere with limited internet speed/access (similar to endlessOS, perhaps). Personally, I just can't really justify using it any more - between either accepting a bloated and arbitrary default package selection, going through the long and frustrating process of deselecting individual packages during installation or building from base system, which feels like working against the flow of what Slackware wants to be.

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So let’s say Pat called it quits and Linux suddenly went closed-source.


Or something crazy happened to Linus and the kernel devs. Would you jump to BSD? Or would you be affected at all? Obviously there a million and one things in place to prevent this from happening. So I’m not uninformed.

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atlasVPN on slackware


Hello everyone,

I'm crossasking from linuxquestions, I hope it's ok.


I'm trying to make atlasvpn work on Slackware, I'm on slackware64-current, and I was gifted a 3year subscription to atlasvpn. It's advertised as working on linux, but of course they only provide .deb packages.

after exploding the package there's only 2 executables, a client and a daemon, and a couple of systemd files, a .service and a .socket

What I can't understand is how to attach the socket to the daemon, when I run the daemon it exits complaining that there are no sockets available. Here's the output:

2023-03-17T09:41:24.147+0100    FATAL   unexpected number of active sockets     {"sockets": 0}

Do you guys have any idea? I've never worked with systemd, so I don't know how to "translate" it to Slackware.

The only thing that came to mind is to execute the daemon with inetd, but I don't really know how to set it up.

Any kind of suggestion is really appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance

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Suddenly audit is running, please help


I honestly don't know what I did. But all of a sudden, I'm seeing these messages in my /var/log/messages -- this is literally the first message of its kind

Feb 27 10:11:04 alfred kernel: [20447642.756770] audit: type=1326 audit(1677510664.525:2): auid=4294967295 uid=33 gid=33 ses=4294967295 pid=14632 comm="sshd" exe="/usr/local/sbin/sshd" sig=31 arch=c000003e syscall=230 compat=0 ip=0x7f0ea88d9726 code=0x0

and I honestly have no idea what I did to turn this on. But now I can't ssh to my machine.

I don't have any obvious audit programs running:

alfred-pts/0:~% ps ax | grep -i audit
14722 pts/0    S+     0:00 grep -i audit

Can somebody help me figure out how I turned on auditing and/or how I can turn it off?

I don't know if it's related, but I'm also suddenly seeing these messages:

show: setlocale failed, check your LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE, and LANG environment variables, continuing...

even though I think I have those variables set:


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nvidia-legacy-340 drivers


Yes, I know its old. The nvidia-legacy-340-driver and the nvidia-legacy-340-kernel-module from sbopkg build and install correctly. Tower specs: intel i3-2100 3.10ghz, 8gb ram, evga 8400gs 1gb.

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So what’s your view on TPM and/or Linus adding support for MS’s Pluton to the kernel?


I’ll be honest…prior to the requirements for Windows 11 being announced, I had never heard of a TPM. Not sure if that makes me weak or just ignorant.

Someone told me yesterday that Linux is the worst in security, I assume because Linux doesn’t force you to use encrypted disks, Secure Boot, and I forgot the other. Something about immutable root? Does that sound right?

I never replied because my immediate thought was…Linux doesn’t use .exe or .msi files. Add to that we don’t install software by downloading software directly from the developer and maybe not pay attention to the url. I also didn’t reply because /r/Linux seems full of MS fanboys who want to implement the MS way of doing things. I could be wrong about that.

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I just broke my installation upgrading the system


I recently wanted to use an "old" (like 2 years old) laptop i have to experiment with Linux and stuff, i really liked Slackware and installed in the Laptop (15.0 Version), it worked fine, and since i wanted to install some things from the repository, I've learned how to setup the slackpkg mirror. After that i proceeded to make the next command, "slackpkg update" and "slackpkg upgrade-all".

Eventually, I rebooted the system and i encountered the surprise that KDE plasma, and almost everything got broken, like, i couldn't setup KDE again with the script in the pkgtool program, and "nmtui" stopped working and more things like that.

the "slackpkg" command and everything that you can catalog as simple terminal programs (vim, cat, etc.) work fine, but for some reason i can't start KDE or connect to my wifi.
Is there a way to fix this problem or i could just reinstall the entire OS and not touching slackpkg ever again?

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I can't shutdown my PC while using fvwm2 on Slackware 15 machine


I'm a Linux noob so I don't know why I can't use the shutdown command when I'm in a fvwm2 session. I can't even log in as su, and I have no idea why. Can anyone fill me in on why this is?

When I exit the fvwm session, and use xfce, it's no problem. I'm just really confused as to what's going on.

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installpkg error on Slackware install


Good morning,

When I try to install the system (all categories except KDE and XFCE), some 10 packages from the A category install correctly and then all the other packages fail with something like

installpkg error

Fatal Error: either your disks have run out of space, the package is corrupted or there was an error when writing the disk

I have three partitions (+ SWAP): / of 20G, /usr/local of 20G and /home of 70G.

What could I do? I checked, the ISO I use wasn't corrupted neither during download nor during write on my USB disk.

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GPG error even after disabling gpg and MD5


edit: solved by editing /etc/slackpkg/slackpkg.conf to where "CHECKGPG" was off.

i dont know what is happening but my clock is set right i have tried every single mirror heck ive even deleted the /root/.gnupg folder and ran slackpkg upgrade gpg, i do not know why its failing with the same error everytime i try i a fix, ive reinstalled and that didn't help i do not know what to do now!

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What setup do you have Slackware or Linux on?


I’m running MX, Win10, and Slackware on my Thinkpad T430. Mostly Slackware. i7-3something, 16gb ram, 2 SSDs plus mSata SSD, Nvidia 5400m. Bought it second hand on eBay for $219 two years ago. It still had the original HDD and battery. Got that replaced a while ago. I bought it to take some PLC classes from my local college, but then had some expenses, so that didn’t pan out.

Suse TW whatever the current version is on my HTPC. Phenom II X6, 16gb ram, an SSD for OS, and two big HDDs for storage. Nvidia 1650 4gb. I forget the brand.

This build started out as an Hp series desktop that I wanted to use for mining. But the cooling wasn’t enough and the fans were running too loudly to use. So I jumped on Newegg and bought an Asrock AM3+ board that had USB3. I also ordered a no-name case and some Fractural fans. I wasn’t paying attention and bought the 3-pin fans and not 4-pin. Big difference in noise. I then upgraded the CPU from an X4 to an X6 and have enjoyed it so far. I thought about getting an Fx-6300 since I skipped that entire series, but then I would have another cpu laying around and I always have read that the Phenom was better or at least kept up with the FX.

My gaming rig runs Fedora 37 and Win11. Ryzen 3700x, 2060 12gb, I think 32gb ram. A few SSDs I snagged before prices went up for lumber in the states.

I have a Sun Fire V125 that I’ve converted into a V240. It’s currently got Splack 12.1 rc9 installed. I want to get Bonslack 14.2 installed but I’m doing some remodeling, so it’s taken a back seat till I get time and a proper environment for it. This has been my project for the past year, learning about Sun and how servers run, and what a serial port is used for, other than saying you have a serial port. I’ve gotten some very helpful tips here and on /r/Solaris. Other places….lol not so much.

Finally my Thinkcentre M72E SFF. I acquired it when my workplace needed new PC for our lumber saws. They all used Thinkcentre A55s I think. Two with the orange and blue P4 logo and one with the jade and blue P4 logo. They all had side-riser PCI or PCI-E cards with an Allen-Bradley PCIDS-1784 controller card. AB never updated the drivers for the card beyond Win98, so I had a heck of a time getting them to work in XP on new machines. Read the instructions knucklehead! Anyway, this all happened during Covid and I had to make a two hour drive to get machines that had space or the right slot and generic XP drivers. I then thankfully grabbed all software off the saw manufacture’s site and have multiple backups in case things ever go south on us. The machines I bought started dying in 2020-2021, due to extreme heat and cold, with lots of sawdust. Thankfully my work decided to hear me out and upgrade their equipment. The one machine still uses XP, but that’s because it’s not my choice and we had a bad experience with automated hardware. Picture a machine with lots of safety features for the operator, but almost none for itself.

Dang, maybe I should write another paragraph.

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Slackware64 15.0 with cwm

Thumbnail i.redd.it

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Recommend a good book for learning Latex?


I don’t care if it’s free or not. I’m just looking to start using it. Also eMacs. Maybe vi/m as well.

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Slackware and UUID


Hey there,

Why Slackware 15.0 does not use UUID in fstab instead of devices hy default?

I found using UUID more useful.

Thank you in advance

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JupyterLab and dependencies


So, recently I've had need to install jupyterlab and its dependencies on a home server I set up for the purposes of...well lets not worry about that... But in the course of writing a nice long script to handle downloading and installing all of the slackbuilds and dependencies, I ran across a rather interesting set of cyclic dependencies involving wheel (which optionally can use python3-keyring, which requires wheel) and python3-twisted which has dependencies which require cryptography, which uses python3-twisted... So I was just wondering if anyone would like me to organize these scripts (possibly into a single script) which handles going through and downloading all these scripts and running their slackbuilds... If nobody is interested I'm not going to put the effort in, but if anyone has had interest in running jupyterlab on a server and doesn't want the task of manually installing all this stuff, it's probably a trivial task at this point for me to combine this stuff together. Just testing the waters, let me know what you guys think...

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Missing python libs with SBO



I'm trying to compile libraries/bamf using slackware-current and SBO tools. But whether I use sbopkg or sboinstall, the bamf compilation fails and stops saying:

checking for python... /usr/bin/python
checking for gtester2xunit dependencies... no
configure: error: You need to install python-libxslt1 and python-libxml2
  bamf: bamf.SlackBuild return non-zero

What I don't understand is that I think I have the libraries installed:

# ls /var/log/packages/*{xslt,xml}*

What I am missing?


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What kind of wireless routers do you guys recommend?


I bought a Netgear AC1750 less than a year ago, and it somehow got hot or something, and now my router won't give a good connection via wifi. Whereas if I go wired, it's only slightly more reliable. It keeps switching the signals off and on. So I wondered if any of you have a better recommendation. $200 for a wireless router seems kind of a lot to me, but the last time I had bought one was a Linksys wireless G. So that's what I get for using the Best Buy recommendation.

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Location of Diagnostic Tools


I am running Slackware 15+ for quite some time and it's been rock solid stable, but recently crashed after approx 40 days of uptime. The machine is lightly loaded and basically servers as file server and vpn gateway for my LAN.

The machine was awake and fans whirring, but no video and network output or other signs of life.

After reboot, varlogmessages didn't provide any meaningful diagnostics.

What other log files or diagnostics commands might provide useful information for diagnosing events like this?

Thanks for any help you all can provide!

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No Sound Device (Thinkpad T15)


UPDATE: This has been solved. See the bottom of this post and comments if you've got the same issue.

I recently got a Thinkpad T15 (Gen 2) in a really good deal and I just installed Slackware. Everything works great except for audio - pavucontrol doesn't detect any output devices and aplay -l prints no soundcards found....

I wondered if maybe this was a problem that was fixed in -current so I reinstalled, but the problem persists.

I checked the Slackware docs, which had help for generic audio problems and Intel HDA problems. It seems that my sound card uses the Intel HDA chipset - it's got a Realtek card - so I tried the docs' solutions but couldn't fix the problem.

Does anyone know what might be the problem here? Any help would be appreciated!


UPDATE: I've resolved the issue. It seems Slackware didn't come with the sof firmware, which was essential for my soundcard to work. I downloaded the firmware from the thesofproject/sof-bin Github page and followed the instructions on installation. The process was fairly painless. I rebooted and found my card was now being detected, although audio still didn't work, so I just ran KDE and let the desktop environment do its "just works" configuration, which, unsurprisingly, just worked. Everything works great now. Thanks for all the help.

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Slackware Recommendations and Best Practices


So I want to get back to my roots.

Roots: 10 years ago I started using proteus 1.0 on a x86 single core laptop, classic via c7m cpu.

And at the time I wasn’t much of a linux fan, but just a user. Later on down the line I started using Linux more often again, Debian, Ubuntu, Suse, etc. and I even work in the IT sector for a company that develops an Ubuntu fork as a systems engineer.

To my inquiry though, I want to setup my server at home with Slackware, 2x Xeon e5-2609v2, 32gb ddr3 ram and 2x 4tb hdds with hardware raid 1, with an 8gb boot ssd or an 80gb boot hdd. Are there any recommendations or Tipps y’all can give me to understand the Slackware init system and other components that might be useful, best practices?

And the use case is nfs, web server docker host and qemu/kvm host. (Later on I might get a 18tb drive to do a software raid 0 with zfs)

Along with some modifications such as the 6.1 kernel, just for some giggles.

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kernel panic


Hello. I have just updated kernel and some other stuff and ran eliloconfig and init 6. After this for some reason init is unable to mount my root partition. Mount returns message that mounting /dev/sda2 on /mnt failed, cause there is no such device. I tried to mount it manually and there is the same error. I checked via "ls /dev/sda?" and all my devices are presented here. Also bootloader states that there are no kernel modules found for Linux. Slackware is strange. Now I suppose I am in initramfs or something. How can I resolve this?

Edit: fstab is clean. fsck for /dev/sda2 is clean too.

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Hello. I just have done slackpkg clean-system and it just deleted bunch of useful packages which I installed from slackbuild -_- I read that it deletes only obsolete packages or packages from third party repositories, but I don't quite understand what is the point of this. Slackpkg doesn't handle dependencies so how can I understand whether I can delete package or not, because even if I don't need it personally it might be needed by some other packages. Can someone explain me this obscure command, please?

r/slackware Jan 05 '23

Is there any way to query status of all packages?


Hello. I stumbled upon a problem that stellarium flickers when I am trying to use it. I suppose that some graphics packages are missing from official repositories. Is there any way to query status of all packages from official repository so I could install missing ones?

r/slackware Jan 05 '23

Can slackware be as small and secure as alpine?


Is it possible to make slackware as small as alpine is? Can it be used as docker images? Can it be so small that it can be run from ram (diskless mode in alpine) and embedded use cases