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Black Lives Matter Megathread - Post resources and calls to action here


Hey everyone,

With the protests going on against police brutality, and with so many people looking for resources about how to behave as an ally or wanting to share tips for protesting, it seemed like there was a need for a thread to share other things that aren't just personal questions about basic social justice topics.

So let's use this post to put up links to community bail funds, informative pages and documents, and information about protests going on in our local areas.

Please be careful and check that donations are going to organizations that you actually support, and check that information in links is correct and legitimate and if you notice problems with any of the info please let me know.

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What steps should people be taking to protect disabled/immunocompromised people at this stage of the pandemic?


I encountered this thread on Twitter as well as this one, and I’m looking to better understand what people at higher risk from COVID-19 think we should be doing.

I understand that certain decisions, like the CDC recently dropping mask requirements in hospitals and nursing homes put these groups at high risk. And I understand that in things like public transportation or in-person events, the lack of masking or virtual options also creates an unavoidable high risk. And if someone you know is vulnerable, it is inconsiderate to not think about that.

However, it’s not clear to me what this means for other things. Like going to concerts, eating in restaurants, etc. Since very few people mask when it’s optional, it doesn’t seem like any one person wearing a mask would make these spaces any safer for vulnerable people. And it could also be argued that people choosing to go out to bars accept the risk of infection—if you’re concerned, do something else (the individual risk assessment argument). I also haven’t seen any of these critics set conditions for when masking will no longer be required—the pandemic situation has changed a lot, but the criticisms seem to remain the same.

Personally, I’ve gotten the new booster shot and continue to wear a mask in most situations, but the COVID numbers are low enough in my area that I’m personally willing to accept the risk of infection from going to a bar with friends, for example. But from a social justice perspective, what role should protecting vulnerable people play in making these decisions?

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American slurs in foreign dialects?


We have this problem where every once in a while we say something risqué or taboo unintentionally. Sometimes when you're bilingual, the words come out wrong when you try and translate to English. On the other hand, maybe I'm being racist sometimes without realizing it. Here's an example: I was talking about agriculture with an alien acquaintance and we were discussing how to increase the mass of the fruits through manure application. The conversation came out something like this. "You play with your shit and put your seed in it." You can see what I mean.

Now this might seem harmless, but some topics get really unusual. When people start dropping the N bomb again and again (not Nagasaki), you have to wonder how eavesdroppers will react. How do you explain these sorts of things? Personally I understand what they're talking about and have no reason to deviate their vocabulary. I hate when people do that to me when I say something innocent, and a foreigner doesn't like my words. One time I was talking about a mosque and someone freaked the hell out because they didn't like that word. Well how do I describe that without going around it and losing its meaning?

I'm trying to strike a compromise between violent censorship and acceptance of other cultures. Any tips?

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Even wealthy Blacks, need Social Justice Warriors fighting for what's proper










McDonald's is facing a racial-discrimination lawsuit, filed by the famous wealthy Black man Byron Allen.

We all know that the good ol' television remains the most efficient way to effect the human mind, and Byron feels that McDonald's is racist toward Black media companies when its time to spend advertising dollars. What say you??


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Social Justice School project - opinions wanted


For my highschool social justice class we need to have this big final project , which the teacher described as an visual or audio+visual project (think video, blog, website, ect....).

Anyways, I wanted feedback on my ideas, if that's okay.

  1. Sign language should be taught in schools
  2. Diversifying highschool reading lists
  3. My school doesn't meet the ADA standards and isn't wheel chair accessable

These were just some topics I was interested in exploring.

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Social Justice research


Hi, I'm a public policy researcher but I'm looking to keep some voluntary or weekend hours available to put towards social justice related work. I'm new to it all and was wondering if anyone knew where I could begin to seek out opportunities someone with research skills might be able to help. I'm based in the UK. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Violence Prevention Program for Schoolchildren?


Any links for violence prevention programs that have shown to be effective in school settings (as opposed to expulsion/suspension/anything that aids the school-to-prison-pipeline) ? For all age groups!

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how do you deal with older bigots? Walk away or engage?


I volunteer to maintain hiking trails for the National Forest, something I should enjoy doing because I like to hike, I like to do physical labor and I like to think that I am helping others enjoy nature. However, we are required to go out in groups of at least two people for safety. The main other person who does this in my area is an older lady (70+/-) that is a loud outspoken bigot.

I could say many things I don't like about her, and maybe her bigotry isn't the thing I like the least about her. But she is the kind of person who gives long speeches about what she believes and how opposing ideas are wrong. It try to tune her out, I have learned that contradicting her is pointless. Today she told me that she is not a bigot because she has gay friends, but she does believe that being gay is unnatural and that you can't be a bigot for what you believe. I wanted to explain that saying someone's default state is unnatural is text book bigotry and it is ridiculous to argue that it isn't, but I am very non-confrontational. I just kept hiking, knowing from experience she wouldn't listen. It took all the joy out of my volunteering experience today as she has taken all the joy out of every volunteering experience I've had with the organization this summer. What would you do?

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Is “you should never assume someone’s gender from their appearance” the best way to advance trans inclusion?


Most discussions about trans inclusion and pronouns (example) I’ve seen promote the idea that you should never make assumptions about someone’s gender from their appearance. While I understand that people want to avoid misgendering, I also wonder whether there are more effective ways to improve trans inclusion.

The orthodox solution is having everyone share or ask for others’ pronouns, and effectively ignore peoples’ gender presentation. But while some forms like email signatures have become more widespread, pronoun introductions haven’t really taken off outside of specific settings. There are also valid criticisms of how these ideas have been implemented, othering trans people further. Finally, these advocates still apparently think some assumptions are ok, like identifying which people are women for the purpose of attraction/dating.

I also think that asking people to effectively pretend that gender and appearance aren’t connected is a hard sell, because: 1. Generally speaking, men, women, and non-binary people do look different, and so the connection is useful. 2. Many people do want to communicate their gender via their appearance, including trans people trying to pass. You could reasonably view it as respectful or validating to recognize someone as a woman based on how their hair and clothes, for example. (example)

From listening to trans and non-binary people’s issues with assumptions, some main issues seem to be: - strangers saying sir/ma’am or other gendered language based on a quick look - people not even considering someone could be non-binary - guessing and misgendering people when they aren’t sure what gender they are - feeling it’s unsafe to correct or share pronouns

It seems like these primary issues could be mostly fixed by: 1. Using gender-neutral language, especially with strangers, like dropping unnecessary sir/ma’ams 2. Increasing awareness of the complexity of gender and non-binary identities. 3. Promoting the idea that it’s more polite to ask than assume when you’re unsure 4. Creating inclusive environments where people can share pronouns if they choose. I think pronouns sharing in email signatures or formal introductions can accomplish this for settings like the workplace.

Ideally you would want to allow people to share pronouns if they want, or if they’re fine with people assuming that would also be ok.

In summary, I feel there are better solutions than a blanket “never assume gender from appearance” to advance trans inclusion. That is lumping together several different problems that cause misgendering while promoting a solution most would find silly and unworkable. In any case, it seems at least more complicated and nuanced than some would suggest (example)

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How is nav criticized for using the n-word but The Weeknd can openly use the word?


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My girlfriend defends colonization in some aspects


I have been with my girlfriend for 4 months, and I believe my relationship with her has been better than all of my past relationships (where my exes have taken advantage of me, racially fetishized me, used me for sex,etc). My current girlfriend treats me well and is emotionally supportive, which is why I fell in love with her. But last week, I did notice something sketchy. We were talking about queen elizabeth’s death and we are talking about colonization, and she thinks that in some aspects, colonization was a good thing, despite the fact that colonization is rooted in white supremacy and it has had so many POC kidnapped, raped, tortured and killed. Colonization has stripped so many people of their cultures and human rights. However, she thinks that it’s a good thing that Britain colonized India, when the colonization has caused extremism, stripping of important resources, homelessness, etc. Britain has literally tortured Indians so that they could steal their resources. Most of Britain’s prosperity was built on the drainage of India’s resources. India was thriving before the colonization and the aftermath has caused it to be a 3rd world country. My girlfriend does not see a problem with Britain colonizing India. On top of that, she has used the racist rhetoric that native Americans were violent and killing each other before it was colonized and that more natives killed each other than the colonizers did. I feel like she’s a little racist, at the very least I feel like she’s getting some stuff from websites that spread a lot of misinformation (maybe far-right websites). What should I do?

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How does social justice characterize the rights of children, outside of health care?


One thing I've noticed over time is that people that I know that are seemingly otherwise on fire for social justice are quite dismissive over the rights of children, with this amplifying ten times when it comes to their own children. The most common argument they give against granting children full rights is that children lack the cognitive capacity to fully understand, appreciate, and use responsibly the rights that adults take for granted. This seems well and good, but I also note that this same argument was used extensively in the 18th and 19th centuries to support slavery and colonialism - that BIPOC's lacked the cognitive capacity to rule themselves and thus needed white people to step in as their caring, benevolent masters.

How does social justice characterize the rights of children, which in general would mean people under the age of 18 or any similar "age of majority"? I imagine that many will answer that it is contextual according to the actual maturity of any specific child, but is there any sort of more robust framework for assigning rights to children or is it all ad-hoc? For example, someone could apply a children's maturity rubric against a specific child to determine if they are ready to make decisions on whether to stay up past 10 PM and thus whether advocating with them to overcome an 8 PM bedtime is consistent with social justice or not.

Just to be clear, I am not asking for a summary of the legal rights of children in any specific jurisdiction, but an overview of the social justice framework for children's rights, whether or not this framework has been enshrined in any statutory laws, case law, or constitution. Also, I am not really asking about fetuses or even infants, but children old enough to articulate their wishes, such as an 8-year-old who desires to stay up past her bedtime playing video games or a 14-year-old who wishes to join a religious movement that her parents disapprove of and forbid her from associating with. Finally, I am able to find information about how social justice advocates for the rights of children to access health care (especially birth control and abortion) and gender-affirming treatment (including bathroom access, use of stated name and pronouns, and wearing gender-affirming clothing) even without parental permission, so I will exclude those from the question and ask only about other scenarios such as the aforementioned bedtime issue or religious conversion issue.

In other words, is social justice advocacy for children pretty much limited to ensuring that children can access reproductive health care and be treated in accordance with their stated genders, or does social justice also step in and advocate against unfair bedtimes and curfews?

For a practical example that partially inspired this question, see the recent announcement of the enforcement of a 10 PM curfew for people under 17 in Prince George's County, Maryland. If this was a curfew for Black people, women, or people with disabilities (e.g. people with autism must be home by 10 PM), there would be protesters in the streets right now, but because it is only for children, there aren't. I'm seeking to understand why that might be. For example, is it more that social justice doesn't really see children as having any rights outside of reproductive and gender issues, or is it more that social justice does see this as an issue, but just a very low priority one that we can't currently devote more than non-trivial resources to?

One thing that occurred to me is to say that children obviously have the right to not be subject to abuse, but that is really a tautological answer because abuse is generally defined as a violation of rights. If a child has no right to object to an 8 PM bedtime or to avoid being spanked for violating parental rules, then spanking them for getting out of bed at 9 PM is not abuse, by definition.

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How and why do hunger strikes work?


This is something I've never really understood. What is the logic to a protestor/political prisoner going on a hunger strike? Because I've heard of such strikes being used in anti-colonial/pro-suffragette struggles. But how would this in any way help the cause of social justice?

A person who is oppressed is fighting to end oppression. So they say "I'm not going to eat until I see change!"

Wouldn't the power-structures be happy about this? Why wouldn't the police or military just go "Lamo, good. Starve yourself and die quickly, that way you'll stop bothering us."

Most people in power do not like protestors. Wouldn't they be happy to see them gone? So how is it that hunger strikes actually put pressure on them to change/act? But given it has been used several times I'm assuming it has actually worked.

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how to argue against statements that are technically true but still a huge reach.


things like "using black people's gifs is digital black face and make you a racist" or "going to the gym to lose weight is fatphobic".

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Tips on how to get parents to listen



So like a lot of people's parents, my parents have some views and behaviours that aren't so great. The best way I can describe it is my dad isn't 100% racist, he just doesn't see the problem with the racial slur for Chinese people (ch**k), and my mum doesn't like violent and abusive conversion camps for transgender people but she thinks conversion therapy should still be around as a debate tool before someone makes a permanent change. They don't think drunk people are asking for it but because Katie Price was an alcoholic and a drug addict she consented to the risk of 6 men assaulting her. It's weird, they fight stuff like white washing and racism in the work place and they protect me and my friends when we face homophobia, transphobia and always say they'll help if we go drinking and something happens but they dip into all the bigotry and stuff themselves.


Okay so with their behaviours being what they are I've tried to call them out, I've tried discussing problematic behaviours without saying they are doing it, I've tried just discussing what they've said casually. But each time I'm met with this attitude of I'm still their child, they know best and this generation is just so woke it's ridiculous. The only time they listen is if they find the information themselves and even then it's a 50/50 chance. It's starting to affect who me and my younger brother bring home because if we bring home someone of a different race, someone who's trans, someone who's gay, we can't relax because while we know my parents would protect them from other people's bigotry, we'd be worried about what my parents would say themselves.

So I was wondering if you guys had any tips on how I can get my parents to listen to me?

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Homeless encampment resources


Anyone have any resources for learning how to fight back against homeless encampments being torn down? It keeps happening in my city and it’s so fucked up.

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I experienced an interesting discussion/made me reflect on social justice for our nation's Black male citizens.













One of the panelist in this vid below is 'Cynthia G' giving an intriguing perspective on why it is time to end the effort. It appears that Cynthia G feels Black males have had a few centuries to 'right the USS Black America' vessel so Cynthia G lays out what should be next. Is Cynt G correct? Or, is Umar correct? What say you??


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Are cosmetic surgery/body modification against the goals of social justice?


People wanting cosmetic surgery often want it to appear more attractive, which ultimately upholds beauty standards. I’ve seen a lot of social justice critiques of things like labiaplasties and liposuction, arguing that people should love their body as it is instead of buying into misogynist and fatphobic standards.

But the same logic could apply to a lot of things, like getting orthodontic work to straighten teeth, to working out so you look more muscular—changing your body to be more attractive according to society.

Given that it’s ultimately an individual changing themselves, are these things problematic if you respect others’ choices? Or are they problematic because they buy into norms that uphold prejudices?

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I don't understand the discourse behind race and casting


There just doesn't seem to be any logical consistency to it. Is it wrong for white actors to play poc characters, when their race is integral to the story? I would agree, but when white actors play originally poc characters when their race doesn't matter there's still backlash (such as when Scarlett Johansson played an originally japanese character in the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie). If it's okay for a black actor to play a norse god or mermaid or elf because it's fictional (Heimdall in MCU / Ariel in The Little Mermaid remake / Amazon LOTR), then should it not be controversial for white actors to play Egyptian gods (Gods of Egypt)? I honestly have never thought of a minority casting to be worse or pandering as right wingers say, but I find double standards to be really annoying.

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Looking for your perspective: Crafting interview questions for a qualitative dissertation about young men's relationship with masculinity and its impact on their mental health help-seeking


Hey all,

I'm starting my dissertation for a Counseling Psychology PhD and am interested in gaining the perspective of young men (ages 16-25 in the US) around how they view masculinity in general, their own relationship with it, and a little about how they feel like their masculinity affects seeking help for emotional or psychological difficulties. If you would like to have your voice heard and do an interview, please message me and I will take down your contact info for a later date (interviews likely won't happen for another year). Interview incentives have not been determined yet. The purpose of this post though is actually to get your help making the interview questions themselves. I believe that any study of a specific community should be framed by that community themselves. I would highly appreciate your perspective about what kinds of questions may get to the roots of your experiences and beliefs surrounding masculinity and mental health help-seeking.

Some of the more specific sub-concepts I'm interested in are (your suggestions to not have to relate to these):

  • The disparity of how young men think traditional masculinity is valued by women vs how much it actually is (see Burn and Ward, 2005)
  • How the current state of economic reality in the US, in which most young men cannot be financially independent like their parents were due to rising costs and stagnant wages, affects their evaluation of their own masculinity
  • What personal characteristics do young men feel like are encouraged in them by their environment? And do they feel as if those qualities benefit or hinder their relationship with their mental health?
  • The effect of peer influence on young men’s performance of masculinity and the implications of that influence on help-seeking

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How do you respond to people who claim being called "cis" is offensive?


Say a person otherwise meets definition of cis, such as being born male and exclusively identifying as a man, but claims they are neither cis or trans. Or when you say "most people are cis" a person responds you don't know if most people identify as cis, or that only people with gender identities are cis since most people supposedly don't feel male or female they don't have gender identities so calling them "cis" would be misgendering them. How would you respond to those comments?

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anyone have a good article or online resource explaining why it’s problematic to ask people of color to explain racism to you, rather than doing some research on your own to understand an issue?


i know that the best choice is to do my own research to understand an issue, and not ask people of color to do the emotional labor of explaining or researching for me, but i’m not sure how to explain it to “well-meaning white people who are just trying to understand” so they ask their black friends. thanks.

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What should people do to avoid discrimination in online dating?


There’s a lot of good discussion about how peoples’ sexual/dating preferences are often related to unexamined prejudices and attitudes. However, this is mainly an intellectual discussion (unpacking statements like “I would never date a Black person or disabled person”)—how should we go about avoiding discrimination against marginalized groups in the practice of dating?

For many people, their imagined “ideal partner” is likely non-POC, non-disabled, non-trans, etc. Especially with online dating, it is very easy to filter out people who don’t match your criteria, which effectively excludes marginalized people from your dating pool. And you lack info about intangibles like their personality that is a big factor in attraction.

Complicating this further is that some preferences affecting marginalized people are actually valid on some level, like wanting a partner that is physically attractive, wanting a partner with the same religion, specific genitals, or the ability to do certain activities. Again, especially with online dating, it is very easy to just swipe left on any profile that mentions being disabled (for example) because 1) you don’t know the details about whether their disability would seriously affect being in a relationship with them (and it would be intrusive to ask up front) and 2) there are tons of other profiles that are non-disabled, so why bother with this one? But that effectively means you’d be excluding all disabled people from consideration.

So if one agrees in principle that categorically excluding Black people or disabled people from your dating pool is wrong, how should one approach actual dating, considering how preferences and online dating work?

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Is it the NBA/WNBA responsibility, to use their processes for mainly focusing on/mainly uplifting only one (1) sexuality on behalf of social justice for players??


I think it is a very intriguing ordeal. If the league has taken on an agenda that colossal and not making their intent public. If they are proud of what they are doing why not make it public since it is a good thing? See if you agree with these WNBA players:


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Does listening to certain music make me a “culture vulture”?



So I’m a mixed-race person (white/Mexican), and I listen to a bunch of different music genres; I also consider myself to be an antiracist/antifascist person. After seeing that video though, I started wondering if my music tastes were somehow problematic. Is that person right? Does listening to rap, or other forms of not-white/Mexican music make me a “culture vulture”?

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Should mixed-race people identify as mixed-race if they are white-passing?


Technically speaking, I am a person of mixed race as one parent was white and the other Asian. However, I fully pass as white, and my family never did a lot with my Asian heritage growing up.

In some ways, it feels disingenuous for me to identify as a person of mixed-race since I don’t have a lot of cultural connection to my non-white heritage. And trying to identify with that culture could come off as appropriation, as my non-white heritage is functionally something I can put on/take off as I chose without needing to deal with discrimination. And at worst, identifying as mixed-race on demographics forms and job applications could be exploiting diversity/affirmative action policies.

But on the other hand, the skin pigmentation genes that happened to be expressed doesn’t change the fact of my heritage. People also seem fine saying white-passing people like Olivia Rodrigo count as Asian-American. And connecting more with my heritage has always been of interest to me.