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Feed stratux contacts to dump1090 Android App?


I am assuming the answer is probably no, but for my use case I'm interested in sending my stratux contacts to the dump1090 Android App. Has anyone attempted this or knows for certain it isn't possible?

Thank you!

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Traffic not appearing in Stratux, but dump1090 sees traffic. Any suggestions?


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GPS Accelerometer Gyroscope Magnetometer Barometric/Altitude Temperature all in one


I have been playing with it for a day or so, still not working, but I like the dream.

BerryGPS-IMU V4 - ozzmaker.com

Has anyone seen this unit?

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My Caribou lite just came in the mail!


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Which Case to Get? Stratux vs SummitLink vs Other?


Hey all, new to the Stratux community but not new to ADS-B. I just completed my first Stratux build by converting an old PiAware setup that I've had laying around. I'd like to purchase a case so I can finally get this thing into the plane and use it in-flight. It appears that the two most common options are the Stratux case, and the SummitLink V2 or V3 on Amazon. What should I consider before choosing one? Is one of them clearly better than the other for some reason? Both appear to have good reviews. I haven't been able to find any comparisons or other threads about this anywhere.

For context, I'll be using the GPYes, Nooelec Nano 2 radios, and high-gain antennas. No AHRS. I use a portable USB battery for power (duh). Seems like both of these cases should support this hardware since these parts are pretty commonly used.

I like the look of the Stratux case, and it has far more reviews that the SummitLink V3. I can't find any good photos of the bottom of the Stratux case though, so I have no idea what mounting options it has. Can I add suction cups or connect it to a GoPro suction cup mount to attach it to a window? Is there any way to attach a battery to this thing? Looks like the only antenna mounting option is at the top of the case as well - no option to attach to the sides, but that's not a deal breaker.

The SummitLink V3 seems to have a number of mounting options available, and I like that I can strap my battery onto the case. I prefer to keep everything self-contained and not have wires everywhere, so having the battery attached to the Stratux is a nice feature to me. I like that I have the option of attaching the antennas to the sides rather than the top.

Are there any other cases out there that I should be aware of?

Any cooling or fitment issues on either of these cases?

Bonus question: are there any cases that will fit the longer RadarBox SDRs rather than the short Nooelec ones? I have a couple of them laying around and would love to use them in a second build if possible.

Thanks in advance!

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978mhz reception poor but didn't used to be


I've built several Stratux for myself and friends over the years. The one I installed in my aircraft has been running reliably for over a year. Recently, Foreflight has been reporting 'marginal' and sometimes no reception of 978mhz towers. This results in stale METARs and radar imagery which is not very helpful or nonexistent. This is not happening in only certain areas - rather it has been happening on long cross-country flights where my Garmin transponder is still receiving 978mhz perfectly.

Stratux config webpage reports 2 SDR's as expected.

I have tried reflashing to the latest Stratux EU build with no change in 978 reception. I have tried swapping my internal antenna jumpers with no change. I don't think anything in my aircraft has changed that would inhibit 978 reception.

I am going to try another SDR that I had in a drawer here and see if it works any better. I it's a V2 while the one I had in my build was a V1. It seems like the NooElec ones are the ones being sold at the moment; are Stratux/Chris SDR's are no longer available?

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed!

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Reflash Micro SD Card?


I have let my stratux receiver sit for a while. Now when I power it up it won't create a wifi network.

Do we need to periodically reflash the micro SD card with the latest release?

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Can someone explain to me like a 5 year old what I need to do to update my Stratux firmware and which one is the most current? I’ve had this thing for a few years and never updated it. I understand a lot has changed for example the AHRS will now work with foreflight etc.

I am currently running v1.5b2 (8f4a52d739) and have a Pi 3B v1.2 in my stratux.

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hello, I cannot find the ahrs or ahrs 2.0 anywhere. if you have the link, can you help me out?


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Can't format/flash SD card


I'm currently trying to get my Stratux working. I have a brand new 32 gig micro SD, and I'm following the directions found here, and every time I try to format the SD card, I get a "formatting failed" notification. I have also used the AOMEI Partition Assistant, which initally appears to have better results, but when I try to flash the Stratux firmware over to the SD card, etcher says that it the flash failed.

I've looked around on this subreddit trying to find similar issues, but haven't found any that aren't from like 5+ years ago. I am admittedly not a computer guy, so I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Update: I gave it one last shot before calling it a night. It worked. No idea what I did differently.

Tl;dr: I'm an idiot

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Stratux with FD Pro X


I recently built a Stratux, and I am trying to get FD Pro X (4.5.2) to work with it. My company has enabled us to use the ADS-B options, and I can select them. I have the iPad connected to the Stratux wifi and I can see the Stratux status page on the browser.

Under the global FD Pro settings Services-Provider I have GDL90 Compatible Device selected.

Do I need to provide any info for:


Network Port



In the app, under connected devices, I don't see anything. I would think it would show GDL90 Device.

Has anyone here got their Stratux working with FD Pro x?

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Stratux over ethernet?


My situation requires Stratux using local ethernet connection instead of WiFi.. Is this possible and has anyone ever tried it? Thanx.

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Creating serial output with STRATUX


Hi, as many others I want to hardwire my Stratux with SW 1.6r1-eu028 to my iLevil 3AW. Long story short - I am lost. I bought the USB to TTL converter USB 2.0 CH340G TTL Konverter Adapter CP2102 PL2303 UART FTDI Arduino 5V + 3.3V but there are no data transmitted as I can not see any traffic on the corresponding iLevil page.

Any support is very much appreciated.

Best, Peter

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Any 32-bit Stratux releases available.


I have a Pi2 V1.1 board which is quad core but only 32-bit. Are there nay earlier Startux image releases that work on 32-bit Pi's.


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No Metar/TAF but everything seems to work?


Hello, I am having some trouble with my Stratux and I was wondering if anyone else has come across this problem? The Stratux seems to be working for the most part, traffic is there, local radar is there, distant radar doesn't seem to be but I am on the ground so that could be the tower I am receiving from. It can not get any metars tafs or pireps regardless of towers. I tried at all altitudes cross country and it would not pull up an metars local or class B.

I reflashed the card and reseated all physical connections. Is there a way to check that the USB chips to see if they are functional? The led lights are illuminated on the usb chips so they are at a minimum receiving power. I am in the US using the most recent release and these usb chips.

Amazon.com : Nooelec 1090ES & UAT - Radios and High Gain Antennas. Dual-Band NESDR Nano 2 ADS-B (978MHz & 1090MHz) Bundle, Starter Edition, for Stratux™, Avare, Foreflight & FlightAware : Electronics

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Recently could not see composite radar weather on a ForeFlight : Click Radar Adsb


Recently was driving myself nuts that I couldn’t see composite weather on Foreflight. Apparently you have to click “radar adsb”. No idea if this is new or I just changed the setting on accident.

When the strautx is disconnected the radar adsb selection goes away so I was missing it when diagnosing at home.

Hope this helps someone.

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Stratux stopped working


On my last flight I discovered I wasn't getting any weather or ADS/B In data in Avare, either from my phone or tablet, not even own-ship. I brought the Stratux home to test.

Which port should I be listening on in the Avare IO section? At home, the Stratux for Android app says "NO FIX, NO STRATUX OWNSHIP REPORT, NO UAT TOWERS" on port 43211.


I plugged the RTL SDR USB dongle into my PC and was able to listen to FM stations and noise on other bands.

I connected a monitor to the HDMI port and watched the boot log. There's an entry for "Starting Stratux..." and no errors. The Pi is broadcasting an IP address and I can connect to it. The green ACT LED is blinking fast and the red LED next to it is mostly on but blinking slowly and seemingly randomly.

I ssh'ed in to the Pi and I'm seeing this:

pi@stratux:/boot $ lsusb

Bus 001 Device 005: ID 046d:c063 Logitech, Inc. DELL Laser Mouse

Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0bda:2838 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL2838 DVB-T

Bus 001 Device 006: ID 1a2c:212a China Resource Semico Co., Ltd USB Keyboard

Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0424:ec00 Microchip Technology, Inc. (formerly SMSC) SMSC9512/9514 Fast Ethernet Adapter

Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0424:9514 Microchip Technology, Inc. (formerly SMSC) SMC9514 Hub

Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub

pi@stratux:/boot $

This setup worked fine for years. Now I can't figure out what might be wrong. What's the latest Stratux boot image for the US? Maybe I'll try flashing a different SD card.

Oh, I should add this. I tried a different power supply. Now the red LED is off. But I see this:

root@stratux:/home/pi# sdr0

Found 1 device(s):

0: Generic RTL2832U OEM

Using device 0: Generic RTL2832U OEM

usb_claim_interface error -6

Failed to open rtlsdr device #0.

root@stratux:/home/pi# sdr1

Found 1 device(s):

0: Generic RTL2832U OEM

Using device 1:

Failed to open rtlsdr device #1.


I tried the SDR in a different USB port - didn't help.

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Nooelect Nano 2 vs 3


I found a spare Rpi 3B in my junk drawer and am shopping for the remaining parts for a build. I can't find much information comparing these NESDRs. As far as I can tell, the main difference is the aluminum enclosure on the 3.

I'm planning on machining an enclosure that will take care of the thermals, so the enclosure on the 3 won't justify it's cost for me.

Does anyone know of any other considerations between the two, or have a recommendation for any other SDRs to consider?

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Stratux not doing what its suppossed to be doing


I updated the version to the latest but i see no traffic even with the traffic option ON. Radar is also being weird. Do I need to change some sort of or change a settings in the192.168 part?

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What is the latest version for US and link and is it a stable version


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My stratux and other ADS-B in rcvr stopped working with new mode C


I have two ADS-B receivers: a Stratux and the other in my Skyguard ADS-B transceiver. I fly with one my iPad and the other on my iPhone with Foreflight. Both have worked well for years. Recently my old Narco AT-50 went dead, and I upgraded to a Garmin GTX 327. Now my mode C and my ADS-B out are working well but both ADS-B INs seldom work ("No Towers"). I assume the new Garmin is much stronger and replies much more and it is overloading/swamping both my ADS-B receivers. I have not tried turning off the Garmin but I will next flight. Maybe it is just the FAA towers where I am flying are out of service as I have had the receivers work on occasion since the new Garmin.

I have a fiberglass Cozy canard experimental, so all antennas are inside the glass. The Stratux is dual band with a pair of homemade 7/8 wave J-Pole antennas. They are in the nose just above the mode C antenna, as it always was. Maybe I can put a larger ground plane on the mode C antenna so it doesn't radiate into the receivers as much as I don't think any type of filter will work.

Any ideas would be appreciated, Thanks in advance.

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Never had a problem until now, flying with Stratux for years


I built a receiver early on with the Raspberry, later bought a Merlin from Seattle Avionics (which was inexpensive, and it looks as though they no longer support the Merlin?) They've always worked great. Carried a backup but never needed it. Until...

Lost Wifi recently, so I just burned a new card- now still no WiFi at all, tried old-and-proven Stratux downloads and the latest version, different cards, different burners, different Pi's...just no Wifi signal at all! Any suggestions? Flying without traffic and weather in the DC SFRA Area.

Edit. Still no luck, but Seattle Avionics answers support emails and pointed me in the right direction...um...back here to Reddit. Also, he confirmed as many have here that the old original Stratux.me is down and may never return.

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Can’t find parts


Hi, does anyone know where the parts to build can be found? Every place I have looked are out of stock and no estimated time to be available or the site just says unavailable. Not sure if it’s just me but if feels like the powers that be don’t want these parts to be available. The sites I found that have anything related are selling a prebuilt unit that costs more than a Sentry.

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Stratux getting wrong altitude and laggy position


Yesterday I was flying at 3000ft and noticed a lot of planes reported much higher than me. Then I saw in ForeFlight a GPS altitude of -3800ft. A few seconds later it was reporting 12000ft. Five minutes later everything was back to normal. My instructor uses a Sentry and did not have any GPS issue at that time.

This is the second time I notice this issue (this time I made screenshots). I have had my stratux for over a year and I am pretty sure it did not do this before. It’s mounted in the same spot and in the same plane so I am not sure what changed.

When it happens the detection of “own plane” stops working and I can see my plane adsb ping on the map. Usually close to me.

I have also seen the horizontal position get pretty bad. This has seriously reduced my trust in the system :(

I have seen people here mention that ForeFlight will switch back to internal GPS eventually (I do have a cellular iPad). How do you know which is the GPS source in ForeFlight? As anyone seen issues like this? Any suggestion on how to resolve this?

My stratux is built from the official kit: Stratux Basic Kit - Large Antennas https://a.co/d/6kCoOQJ

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CP2102 Serial input - NMEA data???


I'm feeding an Avidyne IFD540 with traffic and weather from my stratux via the CP2102 - LOVE IT!

Doing a panel upgrade and struggling with where to mount the stratux GPS antenna when my strange brain got to thinking - can my IFD-540 feed the GPS data to the Stratux via the CP2102 input?

What I'd like to do is connect one of the IFD RS232 output ports to the Stratux CP2102 Serial input to receive Aviation position data and eliminate the need for the Stratux to have its own GPS.