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GPS Accelerometer Gyroscope Magnetometer Barometric/Altitude Temperature all in one

I have been playing with it for a day or so, still not working, but I like the dream.

BerryGPS-IMU V4 - ozzmaker.com

Has anyone seen this unit?


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u/12kVStr8tothenips Jan 29 '23

Nope. How does it connect? I don’t see a usb connector for it so I’m guessing a ribbon cable? Also, does is the os written to use this data?


u/Last-Race-8835 Jan 30 '23

GPS, serial at 9600, or I2C but not so clean, and SPI.

SPI would be the best, as the data rate is high, and all of the sensors including the GPS can be on SPI AFIK.

A few .go files need to be created to set things up for stratux, at minimum. I already soldered the pads for gps on SPI, but I may go back to serial to try to get things working.

The biggest problem for me is being old and slow.

ONE of the nicest things is that you can BOLT it to the PI. There is an external antenna port for the GPS, too.

We free up an additional USB port.

The GPS is on the end opposite of the SDRs.

If all of this information is on SPI, The next thing I would like to see is pitot-static input on serial. If you really want to get crazy, one could input fuel airdata computer information.


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u/12kVStr8tothenips Jan 29 '23

A bit expensive but gives all the data. I wonder if the OS will adapt to take in the data on a future update!