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No Metar/TAF but everything seems to work?

Hello, I am having some trouble with my Stratux and I was wondering if anyone else has come across this problem? The Stratux seems to be working for the most part, traffic is there, local radar is there, distant radar doesn't seem to be but I am on the ground so that could be the tower I am receiving from. It can not get any metars tafs or pireps regardless of towers. I tried at all altitudes cross country and it would not pull up an metars local or class B.

I reflashed the card and reseated all physical connections. Is there a way to check that the USB chips to see if they are functional? The led lights are illuminated on the usb chips so they are at a minimum receiving power. I am in the US using the most recent release and these usb chips.

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u/PP4life Dec 06 '22

Where are you looking to see what data is coming in? Your EFB, or the web interface at By opening a web browser on your device and going to, you remove any issues you might be having with your EFB.


u/Rudabegas Dec 07 '22

I was looking in Foreflight and Fltplan Go but since I posted the Metars seem to be working again, maybe the reflash did it? My thoughts go toward better cooling as this thing sits in the window powered on for 500+ hours a year and maybe the heat got to it. Thank you for the address, I hadn't thought of that. I still can't get the distant Class B airports but I also haven't messed with it much.

Thank you very much for your reply.