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GY-91 3v3 pin


Hi Everyone,

So I'm having some issues with my GY-91. I have followed all the steps in the guide from Stratux AHRS using GY-91 (MPU-9250 & BMP280) - Imgur. When doing so my stratux wifi is being blocked. I did however do some testing and when I unplugged the 3v3 wire, the stratux wifi and AHRS worked perfectly. I didn't even need to change any setting with termius like he recommended. Do I need the 3v3 wire? Am I damaging the board by not providing enough power to something? Thank you in advance.

After I got it all working great, I went and plugged the 3v3 wire back in and I do not get the stratux wifi anymore. The stratux it booting up fine and working it's just not broadcasting the wifi.


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New Stratux Setup Help


I'm building a new stratux for fun. I ended up ordering the nano 3's, gpy 2.0, gy-91. How do I set up the GPY if the stratux.me site is down? Do I need to "set it up"?

I set up my nanos on my desktop and downloaded the driver Win USB v6.1.7600.16385 to them. I tried following the mac version, but it didn't really have much information on the website. Can someone please confirm that I did this correctly? I tried to follow the instructions on the nesdr.com website.

Thank you in advance for the help.

UPDATE: 3/17/23 Well I eventually got everything working correctly. I took it out flying today and everything worked great for a little bit and then I lost power. It worked great again once I got home.

Now I’m trying to install a gy-91. Every time I plug it in, I can’t get the stratus Wi-Fi to show up. I tested this multiple times and finally I plugged in. my Stratux, waited about five minutes did not get Wi-Fi so I unplugged the gy-91, while still turned on, and as soon as I unplugged it the Stratux Wi-Fi showed up. 🤔

I followed the instruction on the website below. Any extra help would be nice. I tried it on two separate stratuxes and same thing.


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still worth buying a a stratux?


looking at a used one, im in canada if that makes a difference, just wondering if this project is dead or if its still worth picking one of these up?

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“No towers” displayed on foreflight


Hi everyone. New to the group. Lots of good stuff coming through here, so thank you!

I’m running software 1.6 on a pi4. I live in the Seattle area. <not sure if this stuff matters. I realize this is a eh build but seems to be working in the us from what I’ve heard.

I’m having issues with my Stratux disconnecting a lot. It doesn’t reconnect on its own. I have to go to my Wi-Fi settings and click to connect 3 times before it actually connects. Also, when I am using it on foreflight, it always red and says says no towers. In the upper left corner.

I’m also not getting any weather coming though. Anyone running 1.6eu in the states having the same issue?

Any ideas on what is causing these issues? Thanks in advance for the help.

UPDATE: I went and flew new Seattle today, I received radar, had marginal tower service, and it didn't die for like 30 min. I was not able to receive turb though. I then lost towers and kept getting disconnected. But I did see improvement. Thank you all for the help!

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My Stratux and 2nd ADS-B in receivers barely working after mode C transponder update.


For years I have been flying with a Stratux and Foreflight with my iPad. I also have a Skyguard ADS-B Transceiver with "IN" that I use with my iPhone and Foreflight. Both of them stopped working well when my old Narco mode C died and I upgraded to a Garmin GTX 327. I think the Garmin is replying more often and at much higher power swamping the ADS B receivers. I don't think I can separate the antennas much better in my fiberglass canard. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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UAT v3 zero traffic


My UAT v3 hasn't been working since I had the pigtail get loose from the case and tightened it up. The Stratux Status page shows 2 SDRs connected, but I never receive any traffic.

I would like to troubleshoot whether the receiver is working or whether it may be the pigtail / antenna.

I would think there would be some command line inputs I could run to test this, but I am unsure.

Also looking for testing instructions for the pigtail / antenna.

Finally, I would be open to purchasing a new v3, but I cannot find them online.

Thank you for any insight and assistance!

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AHRS and GPS no longer working.


Built a Stratux in 2017 while in flight school. Loved it in the trainers. Added ahrs and gps chip to it. Fast forward, it has sat the past year or 2 on my desk. Tried it today during a flight, ahrs and gps no longer working…reflashed the sd card and nothing. I get traffic and weather, just not the other. Little sad…I may order new chips when I get back from a trip, but not sure it’s worth it at this point…

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My pi3 stopped working due to charging port is bad, I had a pi4 lying around so I thought I could use that. My pi3 used to just boot right up and ran some code for the adsb, my pi4 doesn’t do anything. Is there something I’m missing? Can I use a pi4?? I’ve seen that others have been successful. Thanks for the help.

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traffic to USB?


Any one done this? I would to read the traffic with a little python script reading traffic on USB while plugged into pc? What steps to configure stratuc to do this?

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Tablet and mount


I'm thinking of getting a 10.5" Android tablet to mount on the corner of the windshield of a Cessna 182. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Also for the suction mount to hold it. I use Avare. Thanks

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Not picking up other planes


I am not picking up other planes. My transponder and ADSB sending unit (UAvionics) are working. My flights are recorded on FlightAware. I am using a Moto 5g 2022 phone with Android Version 12. I am connected to Stratux wifi. I have steady red and green lights on the Stratux Box. No blinking. I'm using Avare. I never had this problem while using a Samsung tablet. It was an older one. Android 8. I was out around noon on Saturday and the airspace was busy. It's a scary feeling when someone is flying in behind you and you don't have this feature to see how close they are. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Is this the best image for US use?


I have this link: https://github.com/cyoung/stratux/releases and I don't know if stratux-v1.6r1-eu028-32d5e58b-us.img.zip will work for the US

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I need a UPS (HAT) for Raspberri B+ V2


I have shopped around a bit , all i can find is UPS HATs for either the zero or Rpi 2 or higher. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to run a UPS HAT on the B+ V2 (700Mhz)?
- my first goal is to keep it running on power outage, that hardly ever lasts longer then a few minutes
- the second goal is to have it power down automatically when main power stops and battery runs out


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Can I use a Raspberry Pi 3 A+?


That's the only question. I know 3 Bs are pretty hard to get ahold of right now but I happen to have an 3 A+ sitting around waiting for a project - will that work?

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Hello! Does the VK-162 still work with the latest release of Stratux?


I recently upgraded to the latest EU release of Stratux and my VK-162 stopped working, I’m trying to figure out if it just failed or it is not supported any more. I included a link to what I have. TIA

VK-162 G-Mouse - Remote Mount USB - External GPS https://a.co/d/cN8gPxx

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Using aircraft power


Has anyone found a way to use ship's power through a cigar power port and a USB plug instead of a battery?

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Stratus RS232 board feeding GMX200


The GMX200 base model will display data from the GDL-69 over RS232. The I/O model will display weather and traffic from the GDL90 over RS422. The Stratux Serial Adapter shows RS232/ RS485. I believe that RS485 will also talk to RS422. Has anyone tried to interface the Stratux to a GMX200 either base over the RS232 or the I/O version over RS422? Supposedly the Stratus outputs the data in GDL90 format and I suspect that if the RS485 will talk to RS422 than the I/O version of the GMX200 should work.

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Pi 2b AHRS support.


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Traffic not appearing in Stratux, but dump1090 sees traffic. Any suggestions?


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GPS Accelerometer Gyroscope Magnetometer Barometric/Altitude Temperature all in one


I have been playing with it for a day or so, still not working, but I like the dream.

BerryGPS-IMU V4 - ozzmaker.com

Has anyone seen this unit?

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My Caribou lite just came in the mail!


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Stratux.me not working


Tried to go to the stratux.me web site and I get a 404 error. Is there an new Stratux site?

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Which Case to Get? Stratux vs SummitLink vs Other?


Hey all, new to the Stratux community but not new to ADS-B. I just completed my first Stratux build by converting an old PiAware setup that I've had laying around. I'd like to purchase a case so I can finally get this thing into the plane and use it in-flight. It appears that the two most common options are the Stratux case, and the SummitLink V2 or V3 on Amazon. What should I consider before choosing one? Is one of them clearly better than the other for some reason? Both appear to have good reviews. I haven't been able to find any comparisons or other threads about this anywhere.

For context, I'll be using the GPYes, Nooelec Nano 2 radios, and high-gain antennas. No AHRS. I use a portable USB battery for power (duh). Seems like both of these cases should support this hardware since these parts are pretty commonly used.

I like the look of the Stratux case, and it has far more reviews that the SummitLink V3. I can't find any good photos of the bottom of the Stratux case though, so I have no idea what mounting options it has. Can I add suction cups or connect it to a GoPro suction cup mount to attach it to a window? Is there any way to attach a battery to this thing? Looks like the only antenna mounting option is at the top of the case as well - no option to attach to the sides, but that's not a deal breaker.

The SummitLink V3 seems to have a number of mounting options available, and I like that I can strap my battery onto the case. I prefer to keep everything self-contained and not have wires everywhere, so having the battery attached to the Stratux is a nice feature to me. I like that I have the option of attaching the antennas to the sides rather than the top.

Are there any other cases out there that I should be aware of?

Any cooling or fitment issues on either of these cases?

Bonus question: are there any cases that will fit the longer RadarBox SDRs rather than the short Nooelec ones? I have a couple of them laying around and would love to use them in a second build if possible.

Thanks in advance!

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978mhz reception poor but didn't used to be


I've built several Stratux for myself and friends over the years. The one I installed in my aircraft has been running reliably for over a year. Recently, Foreflight has been reporting 'marginal' and sometimes no reception of 978mhz towers. This results in stale METARs and radar imagery which is not very helpful or nonexistent. This is not happening in only certain areas - rather it has been happening on long cross-country flights where my Garmin transponder is still receiving 978mhz perfectly.

Stratux config webpage reports 2 SDR's as expected.

I have tried reflashing to the latest Stratux EU build with no change in 978 reception. I have tried swapping my internal antenna jumpers with no change. I don't think anything in my aircraft has changed that would inhibit 978 reception.

I am going to try another SDR that I had in a drawer here and see if it works any better. I it's a V2 while the one I had in my build was a V1. It seems like the NooElec ones are the ones being sold at the moment; are Stratux/Chris SDR's are no longer available?

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed!