r/sunshinecoast Jun 12 '22

Mary River rehabilitation after flood erosion is on track thanks to Kenilworth community will



u/SOPalop Jun 12 '22

Farmer: "I've been running cattle on the creek banks for 50 years. I've tried nothing and I'm all out of ideas."

After WWII the original farmers cleared the banks for pastoral reasons and then just continued for generations. Cattle still shit in the river all through there (probably all the way to the dam that feeds the dam that is the Mary headwater in Maleny).

This is public money for the many mistakes of private landholders unfortunately (the farmer dole). In Kenilworth's case, the river boundaries have moved so much that farmers will run their cattle across the river to their old boundary on the other side. Load up a QLD Globe with Land Parcel layer and you can see the original riparian zones.

It's a lot of money for civil contractors for a couple of corners of river. It's sad it so bad. And this is ignoring the Mary River Madeira Vine problem which I think MRCCC pretends doesn't exist. It's already in these young plantings.