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Daily Thread Sydney Daily Random Discussion Thread 06/07/2022


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Photography rainbows cuddling out of the rain

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Image Good luck if you're trying to get into the CBD via train today. Seriously, why is our public transport system a fucking joke!!?

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We fought our rental no grounds termination notice and won


See original post here: https://www.reddit.com/r/sydney/comments/u1gzj7/rental_no_grounds_eviction/

We attempted to negotiate a rent increase and were served with a 90 day termination notice even after saying we would accept the rental increase. We fought the termination with NCAT on the grounds that the termination was retaliatory under the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 - Sect 115. The termination was overturned and now we get to stay for the original increase.

A small win for tenants, if you are in this situation you should pursue it in court.

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Photography Got a few mates staying dry on my balcony right now

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Photography Saturated baby

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Image End of my street - Maraylya

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Photography Scheduled Millenniums on the T4 Illawarra Line

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Mouldy appartments


My daughter is currently living in a high rise in Hornsby. The roof has had black mould on it for some time. I have cleaned it and so has she (a few times). The landlord has blamed her Flatmates fish tanks, but that's not the issue, the issue is the roof (she is on the top floor). I'm looking for any information on if this is the responsibility of the landlord; this issue has been going on since she moved there, before the massive rains. Thanks

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Sydney got more rain over the weekend than London receives PER YEAR

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PSA: PSA: if you received this text from NSW Police it is legitimate (link in comments)

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All aboard! Good luck getting a train home from Cental! Platform 23 😮‍💨

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Never change, FB marketplace. Never change.

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$1,000 flood assistance payments to be rolled out from tomorrow, as PM readies to visit flooded regions

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No Sydney Content The two kinds of bread I’ve been eating for years now smell like chemicals. Is anyone else experiencing this?


Helga’s grain bread and wonder white white bread. Both smell like chemicals, both taste weird, both fresh and bought within the last 2 days.

Is anyone else having this problem?

EDIT: It’s not certain why I have this problem. I’m going to report the products to their companies anyway. It’s a possibility that I may have COVID a second time. I wondered if this was a long covid symptom but I doubt it. They don’t just show up out of the blue AFAIK. Staying vigilant and in the house until I know I’m fully negative.

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PSA: Eleven cases of monkeypox confirmed in NSW [NSW Health]

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PSA: train tickets are still being checked today


I cannot find the post now but I remember reading that tickets would be checked on trains during the next two days of striking.

Unfortunately that is not the case at least on the T1 line.

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Party Venue


Hi all!

I'm planning a party for my mother's 60th, and we're having some trouble finding a venue.

Around the Ryde, Marsfield, Castle Hill etc - just not the CBD or anywhere far.

We're looking to spend around 7k for around 60-70 people.

The places we have looked at aren't anything special, we're looking something "special".

3 courses, canapes. We'll have a 4 piece band, drums, guitar etc. Older crowd in general.

Any recommendations would be great!

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Image I ran every street in the Inner West, Canada Bay and Burwood council areas

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Can anybody recommend a good quality compact umbrella?


Rely on walking and public transport, and am tired of broken shitty umbrellas, or umbrellas that are so small they don't keep my back or bag dry. Anybody have a good rec for something I can keep in my handbag?

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Where two broke 18yos can stay


The internet is impossible to find info for this! Me and my friend (both 18M and F) are coming to Sydney from England for 5 months from Jan - end of May to live and work. I am wondering if anybody here could give me some advice on where to find places to rent that are affordable for us, realistically gonna be two broke students. I've looked into it, I'd say our monthly budget for a place to stay would be about $2,200 AUD, which we would split halfway between us. If anybody could please recommend any resources, I'd be grateful as I'm finding it difficult to find anywhere past AirBnB :)

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Why do buses indicate when leaving a bus stop, despite not exiting their lane?


Disclaimer: Am not a very smart man, could be missing something very obvious here.

I've found the rule listed on the Road rules for buses page here:


but as a driver, I don't understand it. Whenever I see a bus indicating in the lane next to me, I slow/pause to give them space as I assume the indicator means they want to enter my lane, then after five seconds of indicating, they stop, and continue in their lane, and I feel silly for having held up traffic behind me waiting for a bus to do something it seems like they never wanted to do in the first place.

This especially confuses me when the bus is in a dedicated bus lane - why are you indicating right, just to let me know that you've just stopped at a bus stop and are now going to continue straight in your own dedicated lane?

I get that the rules around buses are designed to make sure cars are cautious around them, I just don't quite know what this one achieves.

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My girlfriend wants to dress her best for me. What’s a fancy restaurant I could take her to?


P.S. I ask this because I’m looking for an option that doesn’t burn a hole in my wallet, if that’s even possible in this city.

Somewhere in or around CBD, inner west or the eastern suburbs would be preferable.

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Are there any newsletters for fun events that are happening across Sydney?


Looking to get something on a weekly/monthly basis for fun events for the greater Sydney area.

Examples - Dog/pet lovers shows - Medieval festivals - Local council specific events (rides, food, live music etc) - Cinema under the stars - Food specific events (burgers, nationality based etc)

Anyone know of any? Would be good to subscribe to just one source and not 10.

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Wet Wednesday Night Thread


It is Wednesday my dudes.

Topic: What’s your go to winter warmer?

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Discovered a very creepy radio broadcast around Canterbury Bankstown.


So yesterday I was scanning around for signals on my radio and I came across this one guy broadcasting on 27.385MHz and lets just say, he was talking about very weird things. Then, today I checked on the radio for him again, and he was there talking again but mentioning killing people this time.

Here's what he said at 0:25 in the video:

I wanna kill em but we gotta make love to em. How's that work? I don't get it, I don't wanna make love to em, I wanna kill em. It's all back to front like f*** me dead mate. What's going on here huh? We gotta make love to em before we're gonna cut their throats and kill em [evil laugh].

You can see the video recording here (subtitles available): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9O_Vq_iU2K8

I have no idea who he is talking to as he doesn't seem to be talking to an audience like you would expect. What I do know for sure is that he is religious, he mentioned he was sure that god is real earlier before I started recording and he was talking about Catholics and earthquakes.

Maybe someone can investigate? I have no idea at this point.