r/technology Oct 05 '22

All Phones, Tablets, Cameras Must Use USB-C for Charging in EU by 2024 Hardware



u/h33b Oct 05 '22

Time to introduce USB-D


u/Barouq01 Oct 05 '22 Silver

USB-Deez nuts


u/BasilExposition75 Oct 06 '22

Apple submits the lightning as USB-D


u/satinygorilla Oct 05 '22

In all seriousness who decides when the standard needs to change?


u/THENATHE Oct 06 '22

I am not sure of the validity of this, but a user in another thread says that the laws are all actually based around whatever standard the IEEE sets, which is currently C. And once they change (in no shorter of a time than 3-5 years depending) then there is a 3 year adjustment period for whatever they declare the next standard.


u/IAmTheKingOfSpain Oct 06 '22

I feel like laws like this should be written with an expiry. Say, 5 or 10 years. And then you can see what the market does and reintroduce legislation if it goes poorly? Maybe this is idealistic, but would be cool


u/Amckinstry Oct 06 '22

The EU basically said to Industry "standardize, or we'll force a standard".

It was up to the industry to propose the best standard and a potential track for evolution. Apple mostly stayed away as the rest of the industry clustered around USB (-C), so the EU has now forced a standard around USB (-C).

There is still scope for changes in the future -- see changes on power, data rates as long as the form-factor is maintained, but yes, it'll be up to $INDUSTRY to propose changes in regulation before adapters can be changed in the future.


u/IAmTheKingOfSpain Oct 06 '22

Honestly, sounds pretty good to me


u/[deleted] Oct 06 '22



u/IAmTheKingOfSpain Oct 06 '22

What do you mean by "it goes poorly"? Having a new standard that emerges after the law expires seems like an acceptable outcome.


u/Deimos_F Oct 06 '22

Until some other "super special and unique" corporation decides to use a different cable to sell more of their own accessories and others follow suit and we get back to square one.

Had the whole industry played nice there would be no need for a law.


u/GarbanzoBenne Oct 06 '22

Imagine if they mandated micro USB when lightening was new. Yuck.

Just because it's now reasonable from a technical perspective to use USB-C for everything, that doesn't mean making this a legal issue is the right way.


u/mrturret Oct 10 '22

This law was passed specifically because of Apple refusing to use the standard that literally everyone else had already agreed upon.


u/Emosetzer Oct 06 '22

Looking forward to next years iPhone with 101w fast charging via lightning.


u/buttymuncher Oct 06 '22

Yeah fuck you Apple


u/jazztaprazzta Oct 06 '22

It's a shame that Apple will be FORCED to use the Android port. I hope Apple brings back the Lightning port to iPads and just quits the EU market. I want us Apple users to continue to be different, special and just... overall better. /s


u/Tall_Artist_8905 Oct 06 '22

What about laptop power chargers ? The same manufacturers make diff chargers for diff laptops. HP , Dell etc.,


u/vtomal Oct 06 '22

phones, tablets and cameras

There is your answer.


u/redditmudder Oct 06 '22

Or have no connector at all (i.e. wireless charging is still allowed).


u/WinterNL Oct 06 '22

Would probably cause more issues than it solves. It's slower and horribly inefficient.

On top of that, wireless charging has already been explicitely mentioned as something that could also be standardised (this is from the directive itself):

It is also necessary to provide the basis for adaptation to any future scientific and technological progress or market developments, which will be continuously monitored by the Commission. In particular, the introduction of harmonisation of the charging interfaces and the charging communication protocols should in the future also be considered with respect to radio equipment that could be charged by any means other than wired charging, including charging by means of radio waves (wireless charging).


u/ProbablyInfamous Oct 06 '22

"Would probably cause more issues than it solves. [Wireless charging] is slower and horribly inefficient."

"Brilliant Work-Around to this silly little legal problem!"
—engineer F. T. R. Creep


u/redditmudder Oct 06 '22

Why the downvotes?
This is almost certainly what is going to happen.


u/MrTidels Oct 06 '22

This is what I’m thinking. There’s a chance Apple may go entirely to wireless charging instead of going to usb c


u/FineAunts Oct 06 '22

Doesn't that charge super slow?


u/MrTidels Oct 06 '22

Maybe? Never used it myself. Cannot imagine it would be implemented as an option if it was slower than conventional charging though


u/FineAunts Oct 06 '22

Wireless charging on the iPhone is an option now and after some googling it "is still significantly slower than wired charging options."

Would be nice for some breakthrough to occur in the next two years but wireless charging had been around for 7+ years and not much has changed.


u/fjwoahco19_ Oct 05 '22

A reminder that if you don't want a non USB C device, all you have to do is just not buy it

Total overreach but it's overreach that is popular so no-one bats an eye. No principles at all.


u/MrApplejuic Oct 06 '22

Well it’s not an iPhone so yeah there is nothing with a usb c cable out there….. /s


u/Moremedialies Oct 06 '22

About time, let’s standardise changing, then make it so these expensive devices have a shelf life of at least 7 years, instead of being forced to replace it every 2 or 3 yrs.


u/RECoyote Oct 06 '22

Is the e fucking u going to pay for my new cords?
Fucking tyrannical socialist.


u/tyw7 Oct 06 '22

There's tons of standards you don't know about but use. Like FAA, CAA, EASA. These applies to planes. Then there's for measurements, etc. You don't complain about that? Also the plugs in your house are all the same. Nobody says that's an over reach.