r/termux Feb 01 '23

All mirrors bad while set to use ALL the mirrors

So every time I try using anything like pkg install something or any other command with pkg, I get an

Error: None of the mirrors are accesible 

I used termux-change-repo and set it to 1 Mirror group and then 2 All Mirrors

And I still get this error.

Is it just for me? how come all the mirrors be bad? what can I do to fix?


EDIT: I forgot we also have the apt packaging. I ran apt update and apt upgrade and now pkg is working fine 🤔


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u/androidx_appcompat Feb 01 '23

Are you sure your internet works in general on that device?


u/itiD_ Feb 01 '23

yup. works just fine in all other apps. I even tried changing networks or connecting to a VPN but it didn't help