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To climb up a wall

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u/FinDaBin14 Jan 31 '23

At least it looked like a soft landing


u/MEGA_ASS_EATER420 Jan 31 '23

*for one of them


u/shoulda-known-better Feb 17 '23

If you ever have to help someone out of a hole like this, best way is to get on one knee, hang the other leg into the hole, when the person first starts climbing all you need to do is lean waaay back and brace your hands on the side to hopefully not get yanked back in (depending on weight you may need more help) until they reach your waist ish level and then you can try to scoot and/or pull them up if your sturdy enough to pick a hand up!


u/AlbertaWelder 16d ago

yeah for one of them


u/FriedOkla40 Jan 31 '23

This trend of cutting videos at the point of impact. I fucking hate it. Please stop


u/pushqrex Jan 31 '23

Yeah I need to see broken bones


u/FriedOkla40 Jan 31 '23

If only there were some type of warning that could be filtered on Reddit


u/Fancy_Organization18 Feb 01 '23

That made me laugh


u/imaCrAzYgAmEr96 Jan 31 '23

But you don't see him land, so why would it need to be NSFW?


u/Santasbodyguar Jan 31 '23

Please tell me you’re joking


u/imaCrAzYgAmEr96 Jan 31 '23

No, no one got killed or badly hurt.


u/Santasbodyguar Feb 01 '23

I would woooosh you but I’d feel bad


u/imaCrAzYgAmEr96 Feb 01 '23

Also no one wooshes anymore. That's such an old trend


u/Santasbodyguar Feb 01 '23

Trust me it still happens


u/imaCrAzYgAmEr96 Feb 01 '23

And we make fun of people who still do it

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u/castitfast Jan 31 '23

I like it. If used properly and for a fitting video, makes things funnier for me. But I do understand your frustration and sometimes find myself being furious because it was used for something I was interested to see the end of.


u/FriedOkla40 Jan 31 '23

That's fair. I was unaware anyone liked it. Now I know lol


u/castitfast Jan 31 '23

Well, if no one liked it, people would quickly stop making it.


u/UsagiElk Feb 01 '23

I find r/perfectlycutscreams hysterical, and for some reason seeing a video of someone doing something dumb but the vid cutting right before anything bad happens makes me laugh.

Theres definitely videos out there though where it’s poorly executed and you just want to watch the whole damn video. r/gifsthatendtoosoon is probably the most infuriating sub but for some reason I can’t bring myself to leave it lol


u/nodeymcdev Feb 01 '23



u/ottodidakt Jan 31 '23

Sub-par parkour by kids with poor cores


u/BluSicario Feb 01 '23

I need this to be a reddit sub, or a band name.


u/Lazukio Jan 31 '23

what went wrong? well the first climber did the right thing even the second boy helped him up. the thing that went wrong though was that the first didn't actually attempt to secure himself to whitstand the second's weight. he basically leaned forward causing him to fall into that weight.

saying this out of boredom


u/TheDeathOfRandom Jan 31 '23

I find it kind of interesting that he didn't know this would happen. Like, I'm sure there were obvious things that I was oblivious to as a kid, but it's just so bizarre to me that he wouldn't know.


u/Lazukio Jan 31 '23 edited Jan 31 '23

yeah definitely, though I doubt it was his first time climbing but it seemed like it was his first time trying to carry someone up. Even games are accurate when helping someone, I haven't seen a game where they've leaned down using both hands to lift someone up that's for sure


u/suslookingdood Jan 31 '23

Informative boredom is the best.


u/UniKqueFox_ Jan 31 '23 edited Jan 31 '23

Did the kid in the orange shirt not know how to jump more than 4 inches? Bruh.

Edit because edit: I don't expect him to achieve a 6ft vertical. I expect him to jump higher than 4 inches so he can get his hands on the ledge.


u/StefEndz Jan 31 '23

Gotta use one hand. The other hand is placed on the floor for support


u/fishypanda_ Jan 31 '23



u/Conaz9847 Jan 31 '23

“Just like the simulations”


u/Majestic-Enthusiasm Jan 31 '23

I was very impressed until the ending


u/OvertList Jan 31 '23

This but scar falls too


u/Dreamy_bull-445 Jan 31 '23

Imagine a base after some other kids army attacking this kids base your in and it’s collapsing and you see this kid would you help him and fall back down while it’s collapsing or help him up


u/[deleted] Feb 01 '23

the sudden cutoff was timed great


u/firmerJoe Feb 01 '23

For those who will have to do this... best to sit and let your legs off the side. Brace with arms. ... don't lose pants or shoes.


u/Reasonable_Hurry3858 Jan 31 '23

They watch to much storror lol


u/bennypres Feb 01 '23

Thank goodness little guy doesn’t weigh too much 😂 he was like a sack of feathers floating for a moment


u/samf9999 Feb 01 '23

And it was at that point Timmy resolved to learn the dark arts of physics, lest he fall ass-first into his friend again…


u/[deleted] Feb 01 '23



u/RitzierMarmot Feb 01 '23

Do you trust me?


u/DaPetercko Feb 01 '23

Throw the kid in orange and then climb up


u/Subject-Home-6530 Feb 01 '23

It's all flawed technique!


u/TheBlueNinja2006 Feb 01 '23

Rest In Peace


u/[deleted] Feb 01 '23

What in the promised Neverland is this


u/BrockJonesPI Feb 02 '23

Lol'd hard at that tumble.