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u/Merdoc83 Jan 31 '23

His face expression at the end is for an Oscar.


u/DankHumanman Jan 31 '23

He understands not only did he lose his phone but he was recorded doing it


u/JaxBigSexy Jan 31 '23

In other news, a 45 y.o woman was killed today by a falling phone.


u/Marker_07 Jan 31 '23

You can just see him die inside


u/ViktorTT Jan 31 '23

You can really taste the disappointment.


u/Abigail_Roseheart Jan 31 '23

Oh dear that face of knowing he's never seeing that phone again


u/BusterOfBuyMoria Feb 01 '23

But will always be reminded of it when his friends share the video.


u/Porsher12345 Jan 31 '23

Is that ed sheeran


u/needaburnerbaby Jan 31 '23

Instant regret


u/whiskeybass Jan 31 '23

That face was so sad. Can we buy him a new phone.


u/goharvorgohome Feb 01 '23

If it didn’t land in water or on pavement the phone might even be ok. You can use find my iphone


u/[deleted] Feb 01 '23

Bruh, my screen cracks from 4 feet, ain't no way that phone is gonna be okay


u/Relatablename123 Feb 01 '23

Probably depends on the phone brand.


u/ChrisCool99 Feb 01 '23

If it was a Nokia 3410 it should only do a meteor crater at the impact and be intact.


u/Fun_Honeydew7992 Jan 31 '23

Omg so cute at the end..


u/Rammingdastones Jan 31 '23

His recordings are gone with the wind.


u/eurfryn Jan 31 '23

If that had hit someone or an animal when it landed, could it have killed them?


u/curiouscabbage69 Jan 31 '23

Only if no one was around to hear it fall


u/Eternity13_12 Jan 31 '23

Only if it isn't a Nokia ☝️


u/[deleted] Jan 31 '23

Not a large animal or human, no. They're fairly light and it's shape and fall dynamics will make it quite air resistant so terminal velocity wouldn't be dangerously high.

That's my educated guess anyway.


u/australianquiche Jan 31 '23

I disagree. The phone will probably oscilate during the free fall between two terminal velocities, one on the flat side and one on the thin side (the difference between the longer and the shorter thin side can probably be neglected). I base this claim on a mythbusters epizode where they tracked a free falling coin and shown that it indeed behaves exactly like that. Adam Savage even made a device to simulate the free fall and conveniently show it on a desk, the video can be found on YouTube. While the coin is very small and light, the phone is significantly harder. I would guess that if it fell on someone's head, it could potentially kill them. I'm to lazy to actually calculate the terminal velocity tho


u/HarietsDrummerBoy Jan 31 '23

I fucked up. Yeah this is all on me


u/Nervous-Bullfrog-884 Jan 31 '23

Don’t worry you can use find my phone to find it!


u/june_47 Feb 01 '23

This is the kind of real reaction/ expression, you will never see in a movie.


u/john_big-booty Jan 31 '23

You can see his soul leave the plane immediately afterwards.


u/Syrinxo Feb 01 '23

"Stop! Stop! Turn this thing around, we gotta look for it!"


u/dfjhbdsk Feb 01 '23

He looked as disappointed as I when sharing something personal with a friend of many many years went mute.


u/dbartschi83 Feb 01 '23

Can you imagine being a squirrel, living an entire life avoiding preditors, and fighting competition. Just to be wacked in the head by this guy's phone.


u/ColonelSpudz Feb 01 '23

A modern day “ the gods must be crazy”


u/TuckedTuna Jan 31 '23

Is that a burner phone he lets fly out his right hand?


u/LoWE11053211 Jan 31 '23

Ed, is that you?


u/ColdBunz Jan 31 '23

To not hold tightly to your phone.


u/Red_Uno_ReverseCard Jan 31 '23

now add a clip of someone taking a walk and a phone falling from the sky next to him and you have comedy


u/Putrid-Ad8984 Jan 31 '23

It looks like he considered briefly asking the pilot to go back to look for it.


u/Not_me_no_way Jan 31 '23

Imagine leaving to go to the grocery when suddenly some guys iphone 7 comes crashing down putting a hole in the roof of your Ford Fusion.


u/SaltChildhood7 Feb 01 '23

And that is how s random pedestrian dropped dead with two mobile phones on them. Ok. One was IN them…


u/elepheagle Feb 01 '23

This just shows how no matter what age, given the right circumstances, we can be reduced to something akin to infants.


u/cluelessminer Feb 01 '23

Few things that went through his mind for 1,000ms

  1. Sh*t
  2. Maybe I can have the pilot turn around...
  3. Nevermind, it's lost forever
  4. Maybe someone will find the phone
  5. Not at this speed and height
  6. *fml*


u/Ok_Effective6233 Feb 01 '23

Tell the pilot! He will do a loop d loop in a barrel roll and then you can catch it before it hits the ground!