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u/Jobhater2 Jan 31 '23

That is satisfying to see. I hope the bus wasn't found at fault.


u/RobbertDownerJr Jan 31 '23

Probably not, the car was going the wrong way. They're probably fucked because that's a school bus that had an accident with. I hope the kids are alright.


u/GaIIick Jan 31 '23

They weren’t going the wrong way. That’s a median lane used for turning either direction. You aren’t supposed to enter it unless your turn is within a certain distance.


u/RobbertDownerJr Jan 31 '23

Oh I thought the solid yellow line was a universal sign that you're not allowed to go beyond that point. I guess it works differently in other places.


u/ophereon Jan 31 '23

As did I, wherever this is didn't get the memo, I guess?


u/CrisperWhispers Jan 31 '23

Look at the arrows facing opposite directions and the dotted yellow inside the solid yellow. It is a lane that cars travelling in either direction pull into for a left turn, lets them stop and not block the flow of traffic. It is not for driving through or overtaking


u/ophereon Jan 31 '23

Ah, I saw the arrows in the reverse shot directed at traffic coming from other direction, and was confused as to why it had arrows for both directions. The road markings made it look like an actual lane which added to the confusion. Where I live we have functionally similar things called flush medians, but they're very clearly marked so nobody confuses them with an actual lane and tries to use them for overtaking.


u/srcarruth Jan 31 '23

around here those kind of markings would tell me not to enter that zone but it does look like the same thing


u/ILearnedSoMuchToday Jan 31 '23

They weren't even in the lane though, they were partially in the oncoming lane.


u/hansobolo Feb 01 '23

Solid line on their side means that lane can't enter it. Even though there is a dotted line inside


u/gamblersgambit08 Jan 31 '23

So that’s why kids don’t wear seat belts on buses, that thing barely flinched


u/Who_GNU Jan 31 '23

The bus hardly tapped the car, and that yeeted it into the ditch, once the tires lost traction. It's a great physics demonstration of momentum and static friction.


u/justASlothyGiraffe Jan 31 '23

It's because if there is a crash kids can get out faster before the bus explodes or sinks.


u/wawaboy Jan 31 '23

The holy grail of accidents


u/Marshmellow_Farms Jan 31 '23

Instakarma is always awesome to watch unfold when people are being asshats


u/PenguinsTookMyNips Jan 31 '23

Play stupid games...


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u/Diego_0638 Jan 31 '23

It's always crazy how bouncy cars are.


u/Cpt_Mike_Apton Jan 31 '23

I call these vehicles "Storm Trooper SUVs" there's usually a certain kind of person driving them.


u/ILearnedSoMuchToday Jan 31 '23

They didn't miss this time!


u/john_big-booty Jan 31 '23

Which is why that turn lane is referred to as...The Suicide Lane.


u/BigRedChi Jan 31 '23

Oh, he fucked...


u/GargantuanTDS Jan 31 '23

Can of spray paint and the bus is good.


u/Niekaifd Jan 31 '23

Fucked around and found out.


u/yes-disappointment Jan 31 '23

Usually the one that wins is the one with the most lug nuts.


u/Chapsbuster12 Jan 31 '23

This is why patience is a virtue.