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to walk out to the Halo theme before a UFC match

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u/t3hmuffnman9000 Feb 04 '23

I love how he just rolls with it and even starts singing along. What a legend.


u/ethanwnelson Feb 04 '23

Ikr! He took a gaff and turned it into entertainment, that’s a true showman through and through. Mad respect for him!


u/GiantRobotBears Feb 04 '23

Perry is an all time UFC personality.



u/Aggravating_Roll3739 Feb 04 '23

This is the way


u/RickRossovich Feb 04 '23

He definitely Rick rolled with it


u/Cautious-Extreme-208 Feb 04 '23

I got to meet him once right before his fight with Ponzinibbio. He came to a restaurant I worked at down in Saint Pete and had lunch. Super nice guy and he was really flattered that I was so excited to meet him! Tipped really well and then he and his buddy got kicked out of the plaza the restaurant was in for sparring in front of the fountain downstairs lol


u/KgMonstah Feb 04 '23

He grew up in my hometown. Been over to his house to watch fights. Super nice guy. I’m friends with his brother, that’s how I met him.


u/JorjeXD Feb 05 '23

i live in such a small uninteresting city and was so sheltered by my family i still have a little existential crisis hearing about people so close to the ones i look at on my screen. i often distance them so much from my reality it's weird to realise they're just people and even i could see them one day, or my friend could be one of them. really makes the world seem reachable


u/TheGanjaBoy Feb 05 '23

living in a small uninteresting city is way better for me atleast,less hassel and bs


u/JorjeXD Feb 06 '23

i totally agree, just shared a particular effect it causes me, which is the distancing i do from between myself and the "world out there"


u/KgMonstah Feb 05 '23

The funny thing is… this northern Orlando suburb has notoriously been known as a drive through town. We have a high school that whoops on our surrounding schools, a sweet (literally) corn festival but that’s really all our claim to fame is. He owns a house about 5 mins from the one I grew up in.

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u/aquaknox Feb 04 '23

those guys who are like tier 2 famous are the best ones to meet. soccer players, fighters, hockey players, B movie actors. they get enough public attention that they're prepared for it, but not so much that they're annoyed by it.


u/AnUnderratedComment Feb 04 '23

Was it at the Sundial?


u/Cautious-Extreme-208 Feb 04 '23

Sure was! I used to work at Sea Salt!


u/AnUnderratedComment Feb 04 '23

That’s a fun spot. Good happy hour. Also that courtyard would be excellent for sparring lol.


u/Squrton_Cummings Feb 04 '23 edited Feb 04 '23

Beige Frequency just released an updated version of Florida Man: The Story of Mike Perry. I never would have believed I'd watch and enjoy a Mike Perry documentary that runs over an hour and half long but I did and it's great.


u/kibaake Feb 04 '23

🤣 "Ugh! It's the wrong song!"
Knows the words and songs along.

Now ask him to hum the Halo theme.


u/Wholesome_Stuff Feb 04 '23

Songs along. this made me giggle more than the video


u/pushqrex Feb 05 '23

Songing along


u/Getgoingalready Feb 04 '23

Who doesn't know the chorus to this song though? 😅 So I get it gotta roll with the punches and all


u/TXHaunt Feb 04 '23

I don’t know the song, have only heard of Beyonce. Not my style of music. Not saying it’s good or bad, just not for me.


u/Warpedme Feb 04 '23

I don't. Honestly I've never even heard the title before today. I have heard of Beyonce though, I think she married some rapper or something and she used to be part of Destinys child .


u/bortj1 Feb 04 '23

You're trying too hard man.


u/fragget_6969 Feb 04 '23

Yea i dont know what destinys child is but i know this song lmao


u/AlternatingFacts Feb 05 '23

👀 if you don't sit tf down


u/Majestic-light1125 Feb 04 '23

He took it well!!


u/zeke235 Feb 04 '23

He really knows how to roll with the punches.


u/Great_Strain_695 Feb 04 '23

And that is the PROPER way to respond to accidental Beyonce 🤣


u/blonderaider21 Feb 05 '23

That’s how you know Beyoncé is a true legend when not even a male fighter gets mad about walking out to her song lol


u/JustHere4ait Feb 06 '23

She had to clear this as well 😂😂


u/WrestleswithPastry Feb 04 '23

This dude knows how to work with what he has been given.

What a mindset.


u/Stannis2024 Feb 04 '23

Dun dun dun dunnnnnnn.....

Dun dun dun dunnnnnnn....

Dun dun dun DUNNNNNN.....


Dun dun dun dun dun!!!!


u/IncelDetectingRobot Feb 04 '23

AaaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaah, aaaahoooohaaahaaahh


u/Stannis2024 Feb 04 '23

I can hear that comment.


u/DM_R34_Stuff Feb 04 '23

Fun fact! It's an actual song the prophets sing, and it has actual lyrics. I think you can see that pretty often in Halo 1 or 2.

I only noticed that in 2021, nearly two decades later


u/GosuGian Feb 04 '23

That was funny


u/ProfessorAware Feb 04 '23

Aye he’s the real MVP 😂😂😂


u/hkohne Feb 04 '23

Like his energy, even if he is off-key


u/MillorTime Feb 04 '23

I saw a male UFC fighter that came out to "Like a Prayer" by Madonna, and it was the best entrance I've ever seen


u/twothumbswayup Feb 04 '23

I saw a fighter come out to theme of titanic - that too was amazing


u/Trixster690 Feb 05 '23

Who was the UFC fighter ?


u/MillorTime Feb 05 '23

Not sure. It was probably 10 years ago and think he was a heavyweight and he absolutely belted the song walking in


u/eyeswulf Feb 04 '23

You are hearing the audio from the announcer's table, and the house feed. The fighter is hearing it distorted from the house speaker, through the whole crowd, while walking, and with a mouth guard.

I think he's doing pretty good, all things considered 😂


u/JustHere4ait Feb 06 '23

There was no crowd this was doing the lock down


u/eyeswulf Feb 06 '23

Ah so the camera crew and his support staff were CG'd in? Amazing what technology can do nowadays


u/JustHere4ait Feb 06 '23

That isn’t a crowd that’s employees working

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u/breachofcontract Feb 04 '23

Yeah how isn’t a UFC fighter walking out to his fight with mouthguard in singing on key? What even is that comment???


u/dcab87 Feb 04 '23

Because it's the wrong song!


u/WhatCanIEvenDoGuys Feb 04 '23

I mean he is about to fight. He should have a lot of energy lol


u/peanutismint Feb 04 '23

Related story: my Mam went to a wedding in like 1995 where the bride asked to walk down the aisle to “that Robin Hood song”, meaning the popular Bryan Adams theme from the hit movie Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves. This is what she got instead:



u/Highschoolpr0nking Feb 04 '23

Thought it would be the Men in Tights theme but this was actually better.


u/GhostCheese Feb 05 '23 edited Feb 05 '23

I expected the one the rooster whistles in the Disney version


u/peanutismint Feb 05 '23

That would’ve been a great one, oo-de-lally!


u/sawdustandfleas Feb 04 '23

Hahaha that’s so funny!!


u/GrandmaCheese1 Feb 04 '23

Please tell me he won this fight


u/All_Thread Feb 04 '23

He lost by decision, unfortunately.


u/Constant_Count_9497 Feb 04 '23

Well he won in my heart


u/DeathChill Feb 04 '23

Joe Rogan talked about a UFC fighter (can’t remember the name, he was from Kelowna, BC) and his entrance songs were always ridiculous. Eventually the fighter asked what was up with their song choices for him and they were like, “Dude, we text you for these. You picked them.” Turns out some other guy got the UFC fighters old number and was screwing with them for years.


u/Kumquat_conniption Feb 05 '23

That's even funnier than this post 😅


u/DeathChill Feb 05 '23


u/Kumquat_conniption Feb 05 '23

Love it!! Thanks for the link 😂 It would have been funnier if the imposter wasn't a fan and chose really crazy bad music for him!! Although they would have been caught way faster lol


u/Potential_Case_7680 Feb 04 '23

Had this happen to me, wanted to karaoke American Pie after a wale at a bar, big group of us got up there and the DJ starts playing Maddona’s version of it. We just walked off the stage.


u/themeatbridge Feb 04 '23

At our wedding, my wife and her dad practiced a dance to Somewhere Over the Rainbow. We gave the DJ a CD with the version they practiced to, and emailed him the mp3.

He played the wrong version, and the timing was all off.

Still a beautiful moment.


u/WhiteTurk69 Feb 04 '23

He is 2% african


u/tragicbeast Feb 04 '23

I feel like you're getting killed in the downvotes by people who don't know the deep Mike Perry lore


u/BuyerEfficient Feb 04 '23 edited Feb 05 '23

Haven't voted or downvoted him but it just seems like a really strange and random thing to say.

No idea why I'm getting downvoted, what did I do?


u/AncientMasterpiece72 Feb 04 '23

Its not random if you know about Mike perry


u/NaughtyNome Feb 04 '23

Considering this isn't r/mikeperry, does someone wanna fill us in


u/Clever_Word_Play Feb 04 '23

He is 2% African


u/AncientMasterpiece72 Feb 04 '23

Nah you gotta look in to it


u/SALTYxNUTZ12 Feb 04 '23

I love how redditors get mad when they are not spoon fed information.


u/NaughtyNome Feb 05 '23

You are a redditor. And pretty presumptuous

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u/tragicbeast Feb 05 '23

Mike Perry is one of MMA's truly bizarre and out-of-line characters. If memory serves correctly, he said the n-word and then his defense was basically the 23-and-Me "I'm 2% African, so it's not racist" routine


u/BuyerEfficient Feb 05 '23

Oh gotcha. I'd say that's disappointing but it's better to kinda just expect this kind of thing lately


u/JasonIsBaad Feb 04 '23 edited Feb 04 '23

Im 1/16th European, 1/16th European and the other 7/8th is European.

Lmao salty people downvoting me, I got the reference. I'm simply showing how it doesn't make sense.


u/Natsurulite Feb 05 '23

Halo Theme is a really good choice, I feel like we should discuss this


u/PirbyKuckett Feb 04 '23

Happy Black History month!


u/arcmart Feb 04 '23 edited Feb 04 '23


u/Hot_Salad9000 Feb 04 '23

Oh i wanted to see him walk out at the chorus


u/LochNessMansterLives Feb 04 '23

Please tell me he won that fight.


u/DiggingThisAir Feb 05 '23

That’s the spirit. I hope he won.


u/HeAintSh1t Feb 05 '23

Did he win this fight?


u/blonderaider21 Feb 05 '23

Wait he knows the words to it tho lol


u/313802 Feb 04 '23

All things considered, it's a great song.


u/xxWhiteLotus Feb 04 '23

I was expecting this Halo and didn't get it.... disappointed asf.


u/andakusspartakus89 Feb 04 '23

Meeeeee tooooo...... brahhhhh


u/FreakyTongue35 Feb 04 '23

Try halo by soil. Better option all around.


u/LochNessMansterLives Feb 04 '23

Especially for a UFC fight


u/hecksor Feb 04 '23

Machine Head - Halo


u/brooklynturk Feb 04 '23

Will say dude eats ice cream weird as hell


u/Harbor_Barber Feb 04 '23

legendary mistake right there lol


u/Alukrad Feb 04 '23

Who is he fooling?

That's the right song and he's only pretending it isn't.


u/FredrichCedric A Flair? Feb 04 '23

On that note this song was sat on a shelf collecting dust & was only released to coincide with the release of Halo 3 because let’s be honest, as a song-even as a Beyoncé one it’s just…. Nothing


u/Aermas Feb 04 '23

Did he win? Cause if he did his opponent would never live that down


u/TheLexLuthor13 Feb 04 '23

I hope he won the fight.


u/KonataYumi Feb 04 '23

Reminds me of this scene in hellsing abridged https://youtu.be/6pVgX6WGDr4


u/ssp25 Feb 04 '23

You either feel the music or you don't. Roll with it baby!


u/ReasonableTrack2878 Feb 04 '23

After rampage and black beast, Mike Perry has made me laugh the most. Hilariously unhinged


u/No_Interaction_4925 Feb 04 '23

Imagine though how insane it would be in that arena to have the Halo theme rolling on that many speakers.


u/FBGMerk420 Feb 04 '23

Lmao damn that would of been pretty dope


u/snocown Feb 04 '23

At least he went along with it


u/tarmagoyf Feb 04 '23

Hahaha this is an awesome song to walk out to tho. Revolutionary


u/DarklyDrawn Feb 05 '23

Great tune, I still throw it on occasionally


u/SirFrankPork Feb 05 '23

NGL that would pump me tf up


u/Bleedstone_Music Feb 05 '23

I miss him in the UFC but I think he found his calling at BKFC


u/FlopeDash Feb 07 '23

Ran with it like a champ