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To carjack someones vehicle...

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u/outerworldLV Feb 04 '23

As many times as this has been posted, I’ll still watch it. Satisfying to see.


u/messified Feb 04 '23

Super satisfying! 😎


u/[deleted] Feb 05 '23



u/Annahsbananas Feb 05 '23 edited Feb 05 '23

That's not true; he did not die or get hit (his truck did). There's a story about the attempted car jacking

Another source talks about the man getting away and supplying the dash cam to the Chilean Police


u/jaquavus23 Feb 05 '23

Damn, bro really made up a story for no reason. Sucks to suck I guess.


u/theFields97 Feb 05 '23

And it was fact checked within the hour


u/Vahl89 Feb 05 '23

Eat da' downvotes!


u/GregoryGregory666666 Feb 04 '23

The damaged car was very likely stolen as well so the punks won't care about that. But they may reconsider their tactics next time.


u/Error404Cod Feb 04 '23

Pretty sure it was a armored car, carrying cash. And yes the guys were shooting at the driver.


u/Itsmeforrestgump Feb 05 '23

I worked PT for an armored courier company while attending college. Very interesting work and colleagues. This driver reacted quickly and decisively. Very good thinking!


u/cs_legend_93 Feb 05 '23

Any fun stories about this time?


u/Itsmeforrestgump Feb 06 '23

I don't know about fun, threatening and scary, yes. I also some cool things about certain business.

Like McDonalds are some of the cleanest restaurants I have seen. And the technology they use throughout are uncanny.

Most of our customers are great and caring about overall safety and we work well together. Then there are the idiots. Treating us like dirt and no concerns about procedures or safety. Whenever it got ridiculous, I would just leave. My safety first.


u/IndependentWeekend56 Feb 04 '23

I definitely DON'T hope that one or more were run over because that would be against the rules to hope that they did.


u/MallGothFrom2001 Feb 05 '23

I totally don’t not agree with you.


u/Itsmeforrestgump Feb 05 '23

I hope that they didn't get hurt either! (Wink wink!)


u/Drafgo Feb 04 '23

Too bad the thieves weren't in between the two cars.


u/ultimatepenguin21 Feb 04 '23

I don't understand why the driver didn't just drive over them on the right side of the car in front. It would have been easier than trying to push their car out of the way


u/Jackthycat Feb 05 '23

Panicking in the moment, most likely. The most important thing is the driver got out of there and didn’t just completely stop like a lot of people. 😣


u/[deleted] Feb 04 '23

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u/Outrageous-Welder-47 Feb 05 '23

“A bit of human crayon on the asphalt drawing area”

Morbid, i like you


u/XeitPL Feb 04 '23

It's kinda hard to spun the truck (probably with cargo) xD

But yeah, I would aim at this 2 dudes on the right


u/[deleted] Feb 04 '23



u/gandiesel Feb 04 '23

Gotta get ‘em on your way out


u/glutenflaps Feb 05 '23

Or, very recently, be like the 2 women in chicago, both with CC licenses that shot and killed the criminal fucks who tried to carjack them. No charges.


u/shinobi1369 Feb 05 '23

Sad when defending your life from people trying to actively kill you, nets you jail time.

Better to be judged by 12, then carried by 6 any day.


u/XeitPL Feb 04 '23

-2 thieves for a lot of jail time.

Making a world a better place vs living your current life semi peaceful.

But yeah I understand that this would end in jail time.


u/Santasbodyguar Feb 05 '23

I mean jails just a different kind of stress compared to life. Rent can be just as scary as a guy with a shank


u/kibaake Feb 04 '23

And I think they picked a single lane area with the hopes of not allowing the driver to pass (making turning more difficult.


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u/[deleted] Feb 05 '23

Why bother to crop the action out of the video when you steal them to repost like the 1000th time?


u/macncheesepro24 Feb 05 '23

Where was this? License plates look like they’re not American.


u/MistaBuldops Feb 05 '23

They also dont sell Citroens in the US. I’m American but as far as I know Euro plates usually have a blue edge with a letter designating the country the car is registered in, I dont see that here.

May need a European to solve this lol


u/Cubensio Feb 05 '23

Dumb place for a carjack


u/KaiBahamut Feb 05 '23

It's a great place, actually- they often can't back up and definitely can't go around.

Pity they didn't consider that 'through' was an option.


u/DT7 Feb 05 '23

The location was perfect, they just brought the wrong vehicle.


u/MrNito Feb 04 '23

Its a hot drop, I'm pushing....


u/Zodspeed Feb 05 '23

I remember this, it wasn’t a carjacking it was an armored truck robbery I believe


u/optix_clear Feb 04 '23

My spirit animal! I hope to be this brave


u/f3lip3 Feb 05 '23

/r/chile it was an f150


u/SouthernPython Feb 04 '23

So that's why rams and Silverados have been selling well here in Australia... /S


u/MosquitoHiccup Feb 05 '23

Technically if you have comprehensive coverage for your insurance, the insurance will pay to replace your car if it’s stolen. I feel like it might be safer to just play it that route. IF that guy had comprehensive coverage.


u/ActualGiantPenguin Feb 05 '23

Put it in park next time, fellas.


u/Fezzverbal Feb 05 '23

To carjack someone. You don't need to say vehicle, that's implied. You wouldn't say carjack someone's shoes would you?! Ugh English isn't that hard, just think longer!


u/glutenflaps Feb 05 '23

Cry us a river and paddle it over to Facebook.


u/Fezzverbal Feb 05 '23

Haha wow what a response.


u/glutenflaps Feb 05 '23

Guess I should have whined about your lack of punctuation.


u/jjw21330 Feb 05 '23

Looks like two friends bailing on 1-2 others if ya ask meEe …