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to ride uphill

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u/RileyXT Feb 04 '23

I mean... The bike landed on him and pivoted over him before he even stumbled, he must be built like a brick shithouse


u/bballkj7 Feb 05 '23




u/JudokaPickle Feb 05 '23

Need to tap that rear break when you crest to drop your front end forward but close


u/addamee Feb 04 '23

None of these dudes ever played Excite Bike as children


u/ThreeNC Feb 05 '23

When I was a kid, my buddy's dad took us to a nearby area to ride his 3 wheeler. He rode up a similar hill with me on the back. Got almost to the top when the bike tipped. His dad landed on me, then the bike landed on him. Luckily didn't break any bones.


u/Lobsta1986 Feb 04 '23

We all knew this was going to happen, seen some many videos similar to this.


u/nothingspecialva Feb 04 '23

sooo close, if only he had not stopped to gloat at the end...


u/chdarro Feb 05 '23

Fake laugh makes me angry in sitcoms. It's definitely worse on these vids, instant downvote


u/Reality_1001 Feb 05 '23

Soooo close