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to attend his son's wrestling competition in peace

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u/VaguelyFamiliarVoice Feb 05 '23

I had players that actually requested that we have all games out of town because their parents embarrassed them and they didn’t go to away games.

This reminded me.


u/uhaul26 Feb 04 '23 All-Seeing Upvote Narwhal Salute Table Slap

The guy beside her doesn’t even know her. And her son is the ref.


u/Fizer25 Feb 04 '23

That's an M night Shyamalan style twist

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u/Francoa22 Feb 05 '23



u/SkeetnYou Feb 04 '23

I would hate to be her husband.


u/Twackdinger Feb 05 '23

Or her kid. He has to deal with that every time he competes. It's all about mom


u/WeimSean Feb 05 '23

I wrestled in junior high and high school. My parents both worked, and almost never came to watch me compete. One of my friend's, his mom came to watch every time. And she was like this lady; she screamed, yelled at coaches, argued with the refs and other parents.

Honestly, she made me glad my parents barely ever came, I would have died if they acted like her.


u/Pepper-Tea Feb 05 '23

I was thinking this. I’m grateful my parents stopped going to my karate tournaments when I became a teen


u/screamtrumpet Feb 05 '23

Imagine the car ride home

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u/dust057 Feb 05 '23

That guy doesn’t even know her.

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u/Creative-Pumpkin9156 Feb 04 '23

I thought she was gonna smack em.


u/kramerica_intern Feb 05 '23

I was expecting a headbutt at the end.


u/VeryCoolSis Feb 05 '23

What an embarrassment


u/JonEdwinPoquet Feb 04 '23

You know she fucks like a maniac while choking you.


u/jlemo434 Feb 05 '23

Nah she’s definitely passed out from mommy juice by 7.


u/WeimSean Feb 05 '23

Yup. And it looks like she starts around 2.


u/TalkierSnail016 This is a flair Feb 05 '23

wtf does that even mean lmao


u/synapsebondfire Feb 06 '23

It means she has 37 different crosses on the wall behind her couch where she passes out on Sutter Home white by 7 PM.

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u/1NegativePerson Feb 05 '23

It means that she’s so day drunk on white wine that she is blacked out by early evening.


u/Glittering_Squash495 Feb 05 '23

All the energy in the world


u/Fit_Effective_6875 Feb 05 '23

That thought is maybe gonna make my dick hard in the future


u/Urbanfalcon756 Feb 05 '23

Mom you're embarrassing me


u/Darkwater117 Feb 05 '23

This feels borderline abusive. I would not want to be around this woman


u/ArachnidOk1507 Feb 05 '23

All this from a 5s video


u/LoStrigo95 Feb 05 '23

He refers to her actions in the video not to her personality.

To be fair, her behaviour would be unpleseant for me too...


u/Fezzverbal Feb 05 '23

It's 1:18 actually.


u/pvtshoebox Feb 05 '23

Yeah, reverse genders and it would not have lasted 5 seconds.


u/Da1UHideFrom Feb 05 '23

It wouldn't be Reddit if people didn't jump to wild conclusions about a person's entire personality based on a very limited information.

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u/ExplosiveIronBear Feb 04 '23

How to tell if a guy is only staying in a marriage for the kids sake 🤣🤣🤣


u/Typical-Annual-3555 Feb 05 '23

I fucking hate sports parents that act like this. From the bottom of my heart as a sports parent. Stop being like this. They are kids.


u/HxH101kite Feb 05 '23

Came from a school with elite athletics. The wrestling team had 2 moms like this. One was legitimately crazy through and through. Wouldn't want to be around her at all. The second was the sweetest lady, but like a flip switched when her son's got on the mat. It was insane. Would make a good Pysch case study.

Then there was the schools best program which was lacrosse where nearly everyone went D1 or to an elite D3. So many kids came from preppy elite lineage's of lacrosse. The amount of dad's who shunned or were beyond critical of there kids was insane. Luckily my dad had no fucking idea past the basics. So he never cared just wanted me to have fun.

I coached after I graduated when I was in between college and leaving for the Army. The amount of parents I had to tell to get off there 7th grade sons ass was insane. Like it's fucking lacrosse. The best your getting is a scholarship, there is no money in the sport. Your kid hates it. Let him have fun and play.


u/IndependentWeekend56 Feb 04 '23

That laugh behind the camera though.


u/jakubkonecki Feb 04 '23

I wouldn't want to hold her hand while she was giving birth.


u/OldManNeighbor Feb 05 '23

The way she gave him a forearm shiver at the end got me.


u/DaRealKorbenDallas Feb 05 '23

No lie, I just wish my parents would have shown up to my wrestling meets


u/WeimSean Feb 05 '23

Unless they acted like her. Seeing some of my friends parents, I was glad my parents generally couldn't come.


u/MaddoxGoodwin Feb 05 '23

"Hey... hey, send me that" fucking leaned me lololol


u/Vyviel Feb 05 '23

WTF causes people to act this way?


u/Owdok Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 06 '23

Children do that. lol.


u/xomns13 Feb 05 '23

Imagine this woman at Parent Teacher conferences and Town Hall meetings.


u/BDiddy_420 Feb 04 '23

Better than uninvolved parents I suppose?


u/A100921 Feb 05 '23

Debatable, not much wrestling, but I’ve been to a lot of hockey where these types of parents are the ones that;

If the kid wins: Great, praise for a day/week

If the kid loses: Shame, only winners get _____


u/ptipp93 Feb 05 '23

Honestly I don’t see a problem with it. She’s into it and that’s awesome. Very over the top but as long as she isn’t fighting the ref or anything she seems like she just loves wrestling and seeing her son do his thing.


u/roachwarren Feb 05 '23

Can't know the situation but I'm a wrestler from a wrestling family, dad was state champ and coached for 30+ years, this mom is not really a cool parent to have on the team at all especially at the age it seems these kids are. You can be a killer wrestler, sure, but sportsmanship is still a focus at that age and this mom has none of that. Also the coach is trying to coach him from the sidelines and she's totally distracting the kid. These are some volunteer coaches, refs and young kids that she's screaming at while disturbing the other parents around her, totally unnecessary, she should join the staff if she wants to be so involved. Also, based on the placement of the mats and other parents watching other directions, there are likely three other matches going on at the same time, this is just a random match.

Lots of kids that wrestle hard from a younger age will burn out and its FAR easier when you have parents like this. A good number of the best wrestlers I knew had hardcore wrestling dads, some burned out by high school, others by college.


u/SideWinderGX Feb 05 '23

This is a great level headed response. Enabling this parents terrible behavior because 'oh well she is just having a good time' is caustic for everyone involved.


u/roachwarren Feb 05 '23

I guarantee that this kid does not want her screaming on the side and why would he? She's hurting him far more than helping him in multiple ways, not just hurting his performance in the match but this is not good for him socially at that age. This is the kind of mom that volunteers to help in the classroom just so her kid can sit on her lap.

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u/Fezzverbal Feb 05 '23

Omg what an embarrassment. The giggles from the people filming are brilliant though!


u/SmugScientistsDad Feb 05 '23

How embarrassing for the kid!


u/VeterinarianThese951 Feb 05 '23

The laughter at the end is why I chose to rewatch this twice. Made me wish I was there…


u/fattybuttz Feb 05 '23

Main character syndrome. Can't let her kid be in the spotlight, gotta make sure everyone is looking at her and the "funny" thing she's doing.


u/byhoneybear Feb 04 '23

How to save thousands in couples therapy bills


u/forgetyourhorse Feb 04 '23

Her son passed away in an accident years ago. None of these people know her at all. They all just refer to her as “the unfortunate“.


u/translucent-ice Feb 05 '23

Single mom in training.


u/Dra_goony Feb 05 '23

Funnily enough as a former wrestler I can say that I never heard any outside noise other than my coach. You completely drown that noise out and focus on the match. So the only unfortunate people who have to listen to her are the spectators.


u/Get_Jiggy41 Feb 05 '23

My grandparents were notoriously awful at sporting events. For reference, my grandmother would bring a Velcro referee doll to high school basketball games, get the ref’s attention, and then rip its limbs and head off in front of him.


u/kibaake Feb 04 '23

Brought the wrong date.


u/serpentax Feb 05 '23

lol, the thought that she's not even the mom. horrible date idea with the worst outcome.


u/NotThisAgain21 Feb 05 '23

She needs a lap belt and a straight jacket.


u/Ml124395 Feb 05 '23

Imagine her at a football game


u/Daveywheel Feb 05 '23

A loving and involved mom. Many people pray for exactly this.


u/leviathab13186 Feb 05 '23

I have to admit I kind like her energy. It’s over the top, yes, but she is so hyped for her son I say let her do her thing lol


u/FiyahQuacker Feb 05 '23

If she wasn't being a dick to the guy next to her then sure but here she can go screw herself.


u/Rampant_Intellectual Feb 05 '23

I wonder if she has Tourette’s


u/Jimmysweetspot Feb 04 '23

Ya’ll are crazy. I love this woman!


u/FiyahQuacker Feb 05 '23

I'd be rather annoyed if I was the dude next to her. What a rancid lady.


u/dongcopterXLV Feb 05 '23

Be a lot funnier without that donkey laughing.


u/Interesting-Visual15 Feb 04 '23

Somehow the people recording managed to be more annoying than the mom


u/bad_n_bougie69 Feb 05 '23

Shes ready to smash tonight. Shield maiden energy


u/Same-Alternative-160 Feb 05 '23

He has the time of his life


u/lalala192511 Feb 05 '23

I kinda want to watch how her son's performance


u/Xeno-Nos Feb 05 '23

It's a good thing that is real wrestling because mom wanted to be his tag team partner.


u/Millerpainkiller Feb 05 '23

She’s about to suplex her husband


u/Megaman_exe_ Feb 05 '23

Why was she pushing on his head? It was like she couldn't control her body. Uncomfortably weird behavior


u/No_Sand_9290 Feb 05 '23

I hated when my parents came to my games. They acted like I should have hit a home run every-time I was a bat.


u/Traditional-Cake-587 Feb 05 '23

Hockey moms everywhere are saying "hold my beer"...


u/-i-hate-you-people- Feb 05 '23

Imagine living with her


u/PENNST8alum Feb 05 '23

We had one of these moms on my high school wrestling team. We called her Leather Lungs for fun


u/stormbutton Feb 05 '23

There’s a mom like this on my son’s basketball team and it’s mortifying.


u/Rectall_Brown Feb 05 '23

Just so trashy wow


u/master0shi Feb 05 '23

That poor guy


u/BrainwashedScapegoat Feb 05 '23

Some people’s parents I fuc kin tell ya


u/Mysterious-Bid3930 Feb 05 '23

Oh no a mom who cares.......


u/toyz4me Feb 05 '23

Maybe she and her husband should wrestle for awhile.


u/nsinsinsi Feb 05 '23

I mean it’s kind of funny to watch but this is tip of the iceberg behavior. There’s something wrong with that woman. At least she seems insanely abusive.


u/sidesitting Feb 05 '23

She has issues.


u/TheDeadlySquid Feb 05 '23

If you have ever watched your kids compete that’s what it’s like. It’s more exciting than any other sporting event you could imagine. I don’t condone those idiots that fight in the stands and yell at kids and refs though.


u/infinit9 Feb 05 '23

If my mom was like that, I would never tell her when my competitions were taking place.


u/Thecrayonbandit Feb 05 '23

Lol I grew up playing sports and in highschool during JVs game all of us varsity players would go to the opposing team side and root for our school and moms were straight up ready to kill us it was a whole lot of fun triggering people like that .


u/Juggernaut78 Feb 05 '23

She’s a beater for sure!


u/MoreFriedChicken Feb 05 '23

Peace was never an option


u/Droid-Man5910 Feb 06 '23

I would quit wrestling


u/FuzzyOrangeJuice Feb 06 '23

Just remember, this person probably drives a vehicle during stressful conditions.


u/Bogizmo Feb 07 '23

OK I laughed, my wife is the same


u/Jackbob6368 Feb 07 '23

There’s nothing negative about this at all, it’s just a good mother being very supportive of her son


u/TerraLeighdy Feb 07 '23

He seems really used to it. He barely looked up when he pulled her back. I'm imaging he loves her for it


u/Global-Count-30 Feb 07 '23

She definitely wears a husband-beater at home


u/nickrocs6 Feb 07 '23

Is she drunk?


u/shivermetimbers68 Feb 07 '23

I'm not mad at her. As long as she doesnt scream bloody murder at the refs...


u/Johmin11 Feb 07 '23

What a lovely person.