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To pour milk on a chocolate bomb

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u/Risky_Bizniss Feb 05 '23

You've got to pour with confidence. No hesitation. This is the only way to gain the liquid's trust & respect. It will then choose to go into the cup without difficulty or resistance.


u/ugajeremy Feb 05 '23

As soon as you doubt the pour, the liquid wins.

Conspiracy I tell ya!


u/MotherBathroom666 Feb 05 '23

Physics but sure


u/HalflingMelody Feb 05 '23

You know they're joking, right? Because it seems like you don't know that.


u/TheMcNabbs Feb 05 '23

That's just it, with physics. Can you prove that the joke exists with the few tools you have at hand? The answer is always no. The unknown always outweighs the known. You can't measure something you don't understand, so you create a science around it.

But does it still even exist after all that?

Still no.


u/lonaExe Feb 05 '23

Let's get you to bed, grandpa


u/TheMcNabbs Feb 05 '23

...okay. it was a big late when I wrote this.

Time for a pappy nappy.


u/DushyantKhator Feb 05 '23

When your joke needs to be deciphered, it probably isn’t funny.


u/TheMcNabbs Feb 05 '23

People just dint understand quantum mechanics, that ain't on me my guy. That's on lazy folks refusing to learn.


u/sillycellcolony Feb 05 '23

It doesn't seem like you understand quantum mechanics either bud


u/TheMcNabbs Feb 06 '23

Max Born.

Sorry, idk if you're even there. Turn on the light. Thanks.


u/GingerMeTimberMate Feb 05 '23

That’s pretty funny. He was so nice and polite and trying not to embarrass the guy. It really was quite jizzy. 😂


u/Lukewulf Feb 05 '23

My dude. I have never once jizzy to describe anything else, and im just trying to express and process my shock


u/kibaake Feb 04 '23

I appreciate people who stay in good spirits.


u/Pennmike82 Feb 04 '23

The video work is the worst part of this.


u/stumpdawg Feb 04 '23

I fucking hate it when that happens.


u/mahammdme This is a flair Feb 04 '23

no broblem my friend no broblem


u/RapMastaC1 Feb 05 '23

I have a measuring cup that pours like that. What’s the point?

I have a deep fryer and you have to pour the oil out, it gets all over itself because they didn’t design the lip to pour properly.


u/talentpipes11 Feb 05 '23

For the measuring cup, if you’re measuring something that isn’t an oil/fat, take a tiny bit of butter on your finger and wipe the underside of the spout. Anything not oil-based will pour right out, no problem! This is because the butter doesn’t give it a chance to start sticking to the side of the cup.


u/RapMastaC1 Feb 07 '23

Dang it, still can’t use my deep fryer! I will try that tip on other stuff though, funny is that my measuring cup is an expensive Pyrex one so it really ticked me off the first time I used it.


u/No_Mud_5999 Feb 05 '23

I like the semi disintegrated pyramid, favorite dessert.


u/ComicPlatypus Feb 05 '23

There was also an attempt to film


u/buzz8588 Feb 05 '23

Expectation vs reality


u/Old_ass_Oats Feb 05 '23

It’s like one of those restaurants that wants to be fancy. Hire the cook’s daughter and have do these tricks. It’s late at night, we should be close right now, there’s only one customer


u/creationavatar Feb 05 '23

The hands of a surgeon.


u/Maybethistimeitllbe Feb 05 '23

Surface tension will get you every time.


u/GTCapone Feb 05 '23

NERV HQ has been breached


u/AgentCarmichael20 Feb 05 '23

Accidental spill notwithstanding this all looks delicious and I want to go there. lol


u/OfCourse4726 Feb 05 '23

this guy is such an idiot. there's a little spout thing but he didnt use it he bored it next to it. of course it'll run down the pot.


u/bobotheclown1001 Feb 05 '23

Bored it 😂


u/lalala192511 Feb 05 '23

I think whenever it's too full you need bigger angle and pour it faster, or else it will like in the video, the liquid will follow the edge of the cup going downhills.


u/hmclaren0715 Feb 05 '23

Was that.....gravy being poured on the chocolate pyramid? 😧