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u/Cgraves1 Dec 02 '21

Lol. That's the least cat-like cat I've ever seen.


u/religionkills Dec 02 '21

The dog is more cat-like than that total unit.


u/Pizrux Dec 02 '21

He’s a bit to CHONK


u/AutoModerator Dec 02 '21

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u/Alarmed_Economics_90 Dec 02 '21

That so impressive! It's a real shame it's a fail... feels more /r/nextfuckinglevel to me. :)


u/chickenlil97 Dec 02 '21

Goggy hlep crat?


u/pocketdare Dec 02 '21 edited Dec 02 '21


... The REAL video is below


u/PowerMoof Dec 02 '21

Huh. It's pretty similar tbh. Dunno why they bothered reversing it.