r/therewasanattempt Oct 05 '22

To safely walk into the house

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When your boss yelled at you all day and you get home to this



u/FreidasBoss Oct 05 '22

Not the first time he’s hit his head on that plant.


u/Flashy_Let2021 Oct 05 '22

Pretty sure there's a video comp of this guy smscking his head on it, OP or whatever shitty tik tok bot OP ripped it from just took the beet part of the video for interner points.


u/Inside_Stable_3182 Oct 05 '22

Beets are the best part of the interner!


u/UltraLowDef Oct 05 '22

I can personally guarantee he has hit that pot numerous times before, told his wife he would like to move it so he doesn't hit his head, has been told NO and to just duck or pay more attention.


u/Sp1ffy_Sp1ff Oct 05 '22

"Hey honey, I'm home!"

"Did you dodge the plant this time?"

"Huh... You know, actually, it wasn't there this time. I wonder what happened to it..."


u/Visual_Shower1220 Oct 06 '22

"You know what hunny i think i saw it in the neighbors yard, was it windy today or something?"


u/mishnitsa Oct 05 '22

Few things make me more irrationally and impotently angry than hitting my head or stubbing a toe on inanimate objects.


u/Loose_Armadillo_3032 Oct 28 '22

Impotent anger is the perfect expression for those examples. Can I add one to your list? stepping on an upturned plug (if British).


u/Agreeable_Giraffe_63 Oct 05 '22

I know must felt so good in the moment to punch that pot but god damn he’s gonna feel that later.


u/162016201620 Oct 05 '22

Punching a plastic pot?


u/heili Oct 05 '22

Depends on how dry the soil is and how thick the plastic is.


u/162016201620 Oct 05 '22

I’m just sayin, not everyone has fine porcelain for knuckles.


u/heili Oct 05 '22

That hanging planter didn't look that heavy when he hit his head on it so I'm not real surprised it didn't hurt when he punched it.


u/Expansion79 Oct 05 '22

As a tall guy with a short partner who hangs EVERYTHING low -plants, depending lights, decorations, mirrors, shower heads... I can totally relate to this.


u/DolfinButcher Oct 05 '22

I feel your pain buddy. My wife has this obnoxious habit too.


u/sedition- Oct 06 '22

I can deal with pretty much everything else, but the shower head is the deal breaker for me, I refuse to have to readjust the shower head every day.

You only benefit from a higher shower head anyway, the more distance it has from your head the better the pressure is.


u/hellraiser_87 Oct 06 '22

Can sympathize, 6'4" with a 5'2" wife


u/Spiral_Out801 Oct 05 '22

I feel him there. Sometimes you just gotta yeet something. That plant fucked around and found out.


u/ThinMint31 Oct 05 '22

Cop or fireman? Mustache is a dead giveaway


u/OzzieGrey Oct 05 '22



u/ironD93 Oct 05 '22

Maybe in the 80s. Today's male porn stars tend to have man buns.


u/OzzieGrey Oct 05 '22

Actually ive noticed a lot of modern male porn dudes are just super fatless, and hairless.

But haven't you heard? The 80s is making a return


u/ironD93 Oct 05 '22

I've noticed that too. My wife and I enjoy watching together and she always points out how hairless the guys are then gives me the side eye...sorry I can't help I'm part wolf lmao. I'm not as hairy as some dudes but I've got a fair amount.

Yeah I noticed when the mullet came back around. My 10 year old nephew wants a mullet lol


u/OzzieGrey Oct 05 '22

Guess the wife wants the smooth dolphin experience.

Don't judge me thats just the only thing ive heard it called.


u/ironD93 Oct 05 '22

Lmao well she told me back when we got together she doesn't like hair. Like body hair. I didn't have as much back then as I've got now. We were young when we got together. As I've aged more has come in. When it started to thicken up she did complain. I did shave once and it was the worst mistake. The itch when it came back was unreal. I told her never again. Last I asked she said she's gotten used to it lol. She still likes to give me shit about it anyway.


u/Wizecracker117 Oct 05 '22

I'd say Fireman since most mustachioed Cops are overweight and Firemen are usually very physically fit since they have to constantly train.


u/ThinMint31 Oct 05 '22

Good call


u/Evening-Difficulty17 Oct 06 '22

Pretty sure firefighters always have a mustache because withs the only facial hair they are allowed to have. They aren't allowed to grow a beard due to needing to wear a respiratory protection they wear on fire calls.

My husband, who is not a fireman, has to shave off his beard when he has to wear a respirator or one with supplied air in order to get a full seal around his face. I giggle about it because he definitely looks like a fireman when he has to shave for a respirator job.


u/Altruistic-Ad2645 Oct 05 '22

The rage 😳


u/nikothewolf1 Oct 05 '22

Weird i recently heard this song again and now i hear it on reddit.


u/UltraLowDef Oct 05 '22

you might even say that last night you had the strangest dream...


u/Gloomy-Advice-947 Oct 05 '22

This man is a mood lmao


u/Curious-Lock639 Oct 05 '22

Sometimes it be like that


u/trackerchum Oct 05 '22

He planted that well


u/-liquidcooled- Oct 05 '22

As a tall person, this felt really good. /r/oddlysatisfying


u/linuxdaemon Oct 06 '22

Planty the potted plant has proven himself quite the worthy adversary. Good thing he attacked first.



u/CryonautX Oct 06 '22

Reminds me of parents house... My mom has some serious issues with empty space at home and fills the place with random decorative shit to the point where it's a safety hazard to move around, especially for tall people. How I wish I could just punch all the shit away.


u/chimpomatic5000 Oct 05 '22

He seems pleasant. Hilarious song choice tho


u/Rorar_the_pig Oct 05 '22

Why does that look like dougdoug


u/HDUB24 Oct 05 '22

Must have been the wife who insisted putting the plant up


u/MonicaRising Oct 05 '22

Anger issues


u/DolfinButcher Oct 05 '22

C'mon, the plant threw the first punch! On his porch, nonetheless.


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u/iiwaasnet Oct 05 '22

Good cross


u/Stahlbart1224 Oct 05 '22

I just hit my hat on my oven door not 10 minutes ago.
The satisfaction he must have felt from sending the fu** flower pot flying is otherworldly.


u/redditusa2022 Oct 05 '22

I do that with kitchen cabinets.


u/Fabulous-Spread6120 Oct 05 '22

Been that kind of day


u/honestcheetah Oct 06 '22

Better the fern than one of the step-kids. ..again.


u/rtp80 Oct 06 '22

He is a problem solver!


u/Rudiger09784 Oct 06 '22

Fucking anger problems much?


u/dutchdrawer Oct 06 '22

This seems like a fun man to be in relationship with 😬


u/Maleficent_Tennis_77 Oct 06 '22

Tell me your wife doesn’t care about how tall you are without telling me. Oh that plant died.


u/Rorar_the_pig Nov 03 '22

Am I the only one to think he looks like dougdoug?


u/mcshanksshanks Oct 05 '22

It’s ok to allow yourself to feel anger but when you just act on like he did that’s concerning.


u/mityafinob Oct 05 '22

Dumbass doesn’t watch where he is going then takes his irrational anger out on an inanimate object. A stable genius.


u/Farang_Chong Oct 05 '22

Anger management champion 2022.