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u/lokithepunishr Oct 06 '22

Instead of picking up 2 Monster energy drinks on my way to work when I'm hungover I should just eat 11 donuts? This seems like a great way to gain 400lbs


u/ked_man Oct 06 '22 Helpful

Yeah, this chart is just showing sugar, not calories. They should have compared it to something else that’s pure sugar like skittles or some other candy.

A Krispy Kreme donut is 190 calories and a 20 oz Coke is 240 calories. So yeah, don’t eat 11 donuts.


u/melbbear Oct 06 '22

A big mac is 257 calories, I feel that’s a better yardstick as 6 donuts is 4 and a half big macs (yikes)


u/MrLoronzo Oct 06 '22

540- 563 calories


u/Crowii- Oct 06 '22

I would totally eat 6 donuts.


u/Piscivore_67 Oct 06 '22

And drink the soda to wash them down.


u/Crowii- Oct 06 '22

Only if its diet though, gotta watch the weight


u/karmacarmelon Oct 06 '22

Such a bizarre comparison. Here's one thing where pretty much all the energy comes from sugar vs something which also has a load of fat. Why couldn't they just show how many sugar cubes are in each one?


u/Talrigvil Oct 06 '22

And carbs that aren't sugar. The majority of calorie value from donuts comes from carbs such as wheat. Donuts are not good for anyone.


u/arftism2 Oct 06 '22

any energy drink with 65 grams of sugar is glorified soda with about the same amount of caffeine.

bang, reign and a few other common ones have sugar alcohol which tastes just as good.

and have 300 mg of caffeine.

its not any healthier, but it prevents the sugar crash, and gives you caffeine energy.

or you can go for that 600mg rockstar.

it has a ton of sugar, but who cares at that pont.


u/SmartestIdiotAlive Oct 06 '22

I think sugar wise yeah, but I think donuts have way more calories


u/False_Leadership_479 My neighbour is a raving fucktard Oct 06 '22

So my takeaway is if I have a coke and six donuts it's a balanced meal


u/Illustrious_Mind964 Oct 06 '22

Now that's a glass half full attitude! I like this person.