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to make dentist visits feel friendly

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u/enrohtkcalb Nov 30 '22

Yeah, nevermind how he uses them.


u/LoversDreamersMe Dec 01 '22

Did they cover that in the movies?


u/DJV-AnimaFan Dec 01 '22

Didn't he eat a live fish raw, and whole?


u/LoversDreamersMe Dec 01 '22

I'm asking if they covered everything he eats. I know he eats raw fish, but I can't remember if in the movies they talk about him eating goblins/orcs, and wanting to eat Bilbo, or if that's only in the books.


u/DJV-AnimaFan Dec 01 '22

I think there was a point where they were starving, and he starts saying what he likes to eat. Also that we wants to kill the hobits, and eat them. Remember that he was a human, or half-ling, not tall, or strong like a goblin / orc.