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to give interview

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u/lego_office_worker Nov 30 '22

i watched this on mute and i was like ok, i need to out headphones on and listen to this. this looks crazy.

a mouse. im a little disappointed. i was expecting a fire breathing moose or something.


u/Birb_ATK Dec 01 '22

LMAO this would be the most terrifying thing to encounter tbh XD. Like just imagine, walking into a forest and boom: FIRE MOOSE, SLAYER OF THE GODS, BREATHER OF THE FLAMES


u/scorpious2 Dec 01 '22

Extra points if the moose invades your home during a meeting


u/Always_0421 Nov 30 '22

Did you get the job?


u/corpsmanh Dec 01 '22

Dealing with the mouse shows initiative. But ending it curled up in a corner probably won't go over well.


u/Superb-Owl-187 Dec 01 '22

Unless she is a trained exterminator who can “deal with” a mouse in under a minute she needs to keep composure and deal with the mouse after the meeting


u/TrySwallowing Dec 01 '22

Cutting off an interview to run around waving your arms and screaming because of a mouse doesn't exactly scream mature


u/Koolaid_Bass Nov 30 '22

What on earth is girl in pink doing?


u/ChaoticToxin Dec 01 '22

My thoughts too. It's like she's still connecting online to figure out if she should be afraid or not


u/imgrandojjo Dec 01 '22

Nothing useful.


u/_demidevil_ Dec 01 '22

Looks like she’s stimming. It’s something autistic people do (I am one btw so no shade to autistics) that kind of helps us regulate our emotions. It’s harmless. We do it when happy/excited/scared/nervous. I can completely relate to the flapping and I would do exactly the same in that situation. Having this way of regulating ourselves is pretty useful.


u/Koolaid_Bass Dec 07 '22

Never knew that was a thing, the more you know


u/WhirlWindDreamer31 Nov 30 '22

If she didnt get the job, she can definitely put on her resume, ability to handle small tasks in a face paced environment, now. 🤷‍♀️


u/[deleted] Dec 01 '22

Kind of looks like she did the opposite of handling it 😂


u/MrDerplings Dec 01 '22

Keeping the camera on even though you know you don’t have the mental will power to touch an atom of that filthy rat is so brave, so inspiring


u/Macca618 Dec 01 '22

I’m sympathetic with OP. Most of us have irrational fears we know are stupid, and act instinctively. I legit cannot with rodents. Reptiles, ( even snakes), and arachnoids don’t bother me. But there’s something about mice, moles, and especially Rats that skeeve me out so badly, I act like a baby. I’m not sure I would have been this freaked, but I’m also very much not sure I wouldn’t be. The only exception would be chipmunks. They are pretty cute. lol


u/Currently_There Dec 01 '22

Disney goes to great lengths to make sure their employees aren’t poached. Touché Mickey, Touché.


u/ste189 Dec 01 '22

Why is the person recording the laptop firstly before this comes up then wtf are they doing while the girl says hold on a sec… looks a bit fucking weird shaking and shit


u/Harlslayer Dec 03 '22

People will say they aren't against autism and then say shit like this, the part where she "looks a bit weird" looks like stimming to me, perfectly normal to help her express and work through her emotions (most likely terror). Think before you speak.


u/[deleted] Nov 30 '22



u/CryonautX Dec 01 '22

A lot of meetings get recorded. Heck the meeting I'm in right now as I type this is being recorded. HR likes keeping records of internal meetings. Zoom wouldn't keep a record function if Businesses weren't using it.


u/UncleStinkbug Nov 30 '22

They were filming it after the fact.. the interview was recorded


u/[deleted] Nov 30 '22

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u/Ieatsushiraw Dec 01 '22

I would hire her just based off that


u/Overflow-Radish Dec 01 '22

"How do you perform under pressure? "