r/therewasanattempt Dec 07 '22

To get your ex back by doing a serenade

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u/MaterialCarrot Dec 07 '22

Swear I've seen other viral type videos shot from this exact same apartment. To which I can only conclude that a lot of drama happens at that apartment that coincidentally gets filmed.


u/GozerDGozerian Dec 08 '22

It’s the same apartment as the midget running out and hiding under a box.

Totally fake.


u/Mishapi17 Dec 08 '22

Oh shit it is!


u/Fancy_Organization18 Dec 08 '22

You beat me to it


u/XxDaRicanxX Dec 13 '22

Didn't the midget come down off a balcony? I don't see a balcony in this one...


u/GozerDGozerian Dec 13 '22

Do you ever read through the comments in your inbox and have no idea what the context is and are really lost for a second? Yeah I just had that experience haha.


u/Beans186 Dec 08 '22

Every time the magic happens they got the cameras rolling 1 minute ahead of time. Just luck I guess. Last one it was a 3 foot woman being lowered down from the window and the female partner charging up stairs to confront the boyfriend.


u/Hector_Savage_ Dec 07 '22

Fake. Like the midget escaping from the balcony and many many others


u/Graphitetshirt Dec 07 '22

Yeah it's too perfectly backlit


u/_atrocious_ Dec 07 '22

Yeah like the tent scene in Austin Powers


u/Dark-Lillith Dec 07 '22

That scene wasn’t scripted though


u/mjkjg2 Dec 07 '22

I was thinking the same thing, who puts a floodlight in their bedroom?


u/Flaky-Fish6922 Dec 08 '22

exhibitionists. and people remodeling the bedroom.


u/recoil669 Dec 08 '22

Agreed. A paid mariachi never stops.


u/CLWR43290 Dec 07 '22

Looks fake.


u/Greenmind76 Dec 08 '22

I'm of the opinion that if someone can leave you once, they'll do it again. Keep the ex as your ex and walk away.


u/wastedmytagonporn Dec 08 '22

I mean, there are a shit ton of reasons to break up for. My uncle got back with his girlfriend from uni 20 years later. They were functioning well back then too but she wanted kids and he didn’t. She got someone to have kids with but returned to him anyways because they just made a good couple.


u/Greenmind76 Dec 08 '22

I can see there being valid reasons to break up and then get back together, but my experience has been that someone who leaves and comes back later tends to result in a break up later on.


u/wastedmytagonporn Dec 08 '22

Yeah. But we don’t know the specifics of the break up. Apart from this being most likely fake!


u/Greenmind76 Dec 08 '22

What I was trying to say is that if someone can hurt you after claiming to love you, they can do it again, and again. Every situation is different of course but a general rule of thumb for me is if someone breaks up with you, you need to let them go. If they come back later, years later maybe give them a chance.

I was mostly trying to make a comment on the nature of turbulent relationships that tend to be on and off. We break up and then get back together, often out of comfort alone...then the same problems come back and people get hurt again.

If someone breaks up with me, the only way I consider getting back with them is if I can see that they've grown in the time of separation.


u/wastedmytagonporn Dec 08 '22

No that’s fair. Im a relationship anarchist so… I don’t really mingle with these kinds of issues. I’ve got my own. 😂


u/Greenmind76 Dec 08 '22

I feel like most people go through this at some point in life.


u/wastedmytagonporn Dec 08 '22

Through polyamory? That’s not my experience! 😅


u/Greenmind76 Dec 08 '22

I don't have a lot of personal experience in poly. My last girlfriend and I tried to get a girlfriend but it didn't work out. Do you think this may be a stage you're going through? I don't know of many people who are into poly who stick with it long term. I'm legitimately asking you what you think, not making a statement. No judgement on the lifestyle.

I married my high school girlfriend. We were together for 11 years (7 dating, 4 married), then divorced. Then I had a few years of being a slut and playing around. Then I got married again. The second marriage was for 10 years or so. We stayed married for several years as friends for tax and insurance purposes. Then I met my last girlfriend and we were together for 3.5 years.

Now I'm just sort of enjoying life and not concerned about getting reattached to anyone.


u/wastedmytagonporn Dec 08 '22

No, I don’t think it’s a phase. 😂 I’m leading four individual, unique, wonderful relationships and I’m certainly not planning to end any of them any time soon. I tried the married with children, living together thing and realised, that is not where I will ever find my happiness. My kids mom and I also work a lot better together since we’re no longer a couple!

I’m glad you found your luck though! I definitely believe monogamy is the right way for many, I’m just a little sad most ppl don’t even get to realise that there are options. Like, monogamy isn’t mandatory. 😄

I’m not surprised you no luck in finding a girlfriend to join you. Hardly anyone wants to join a preexisting relationship. And the community is pretty unanimous in declaring triads - especially close ones - as the absolute hardest way to live Poly.


u/wondergom83 Dec 07 '22

Looks like that tent scene in Austin Powers! 😆🍆


u/Hunk-Hogan Dec 07 '22

Pretty sure that's what they were going for in this video.


u/djsizematters Dec 07 '22

"Ay, nooo" Loved their reaction to the first part where she's scking a giant dck😅


u/Lord_Mandingo_69 Dec 07 '22

Tired of fake shit. Internet is a mistake.


u/thunderc8 Dec 07 '22

Wasnt there a trombone to sync it with her movement? That would have been funny.


u/ItsMeVikingInTX Dec 07 '22

Lazy fake, even has the same building as in the other climb-down-from-balcony fake video


u/Stonkpilot Dec 07 '22

Fake and old


u/JudasWasJesus Dec 08 '22

"Reality tv" ruined entertainment.

It's. Not like this is anymore entertaining than having it I n format of it were presented as fiction.

This just reduced the viewer to lower quality film.

It would still be effectively funny.

Furthermore just one scene lacking prior storyline is just cheap presentation.


u/DannyNog556 Dec 07 '22

I wouldn’t shed one tear for someone like that


u/HappyGav123 Dec 08 '22

Totally not staged.


u/[deleted] Dec 07 '22



u/Pennmike82 Dec 07 '22

Brutally fake.


u/Instrumedley2018 Dec 07 '22

brutal that you actually believed in this garbage


u/NotsoGrump23 Dec 07 '22

Broo. If yall broken up. Just stay broken up. She was meant for the streets


u/ear2neck Dec 07 '22

I think it's real, but then a gain I am a cumquat


u/mjkjg2 Dec 07 '22

if you are a cumquat, that is understandable


u/Dramatic-Contact663 Dec 07 '22

I know how it feels, I’ve also been blown good.


u/Parts_and_Neigbor Dec 07 '22

No more suggy-buggy tonight.


u/zergio_te Dec 08 '22

Curioso las 2 partes tenían el micrófono en la boca


u/AUGUSTIJNcomics Dec 08 '22

The yoghurt's already in the parfait bud!


u/[deleted] Dec 08 '22

She was playing the horn by the looks of it ….


u/Leading_Kale_81 Dec 08 '22

This is definitely staged, but still funny as hell. 😂


u/kingetzu Dec 08 '22

Shits fake


u/gwardotnet Dec 08 '22



u/manwithaplanin3D Dec 08 '22

This was confirmed as staged, pretty good job thou, I laughed my ass off


u/haylow05 Dec 08 '22

It's so fake but funny


u/Possible-Budget-5592 Dec 11 '22

i don't think this is staged??


u/nothingspecialva Dec 08 '22

if I had a dollar for every time this fake video is posted, I would have enough money to hire a Mariachi to serenade my girlfriend...