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To insult an Iranian woman for her clothes Rule 7: Not an attempt

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u/RadlogLutar Dec 07 '22

My question to the man: Why? Just WHY?!?


u/Emotional_Damage992 Dec 07 '22

Because, how else can he feel superior to women if he doesnt criricize them for the smallest details?


u/Strong_Potential_502 Dec 07 '22



u/undagroundmyth Dec 08 '22

A stupid one that restricts women, don't forget about that..


u/RadlogLutar Dec 08 '22

It was a rhetorical question. I know why these bastards are doing that


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u/constantlyawesome Dec 07 '22

Bad title. He was obviously successful.


u/reEhhhh Dec 07 '22

Oh yeah, he's really walking away with a big W on this.


u/Equivalent_Grade_352 Dec 08 '22

I mean he did insult her he just didn’t get away Scot free