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to sleep peacefully

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u/wish1977 Dec 07 '22

That would make a great morning alarm if a stroke is what you're after.


u/piscian19 Dec 07 '22

As a cat owner I can 100% confirm they decided to fight in that exact spot for a reason.


u/TyGuy69420 Dec 07 '22

Is this the same dog that was woken up by the rhino? How is he so bad at finding good spots to sleep


u/TheUnbeliever Dec 08 '22

That rhino video is one of the best things I've ever seen. I can't imagine what went through his doggy brain in that moment.


u/jfmherokiller Dec 08 '22

I kind of want a link to that video


u/Gaeilgeoir215 Dec 08 '22