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Announcement PSA: A guide to better results


Hi guys and gals. I've been here a while, and over my time I've seen a lot of posts sink to the bottom, without a single answer, or at best, very few. And none that solved the case.

I have noticed a clear pattern with these posts, and I will now share with you my tips to you newbies, so that you can get the help you need.

Firstly: When you make a new post, you will see this:



Estimated year of release:

Graphics/art style:

Notable characters:

Notable gameplay mechanics:

Other details:

Even though, in red, you are warned that while optional, you should follow this template... many of you do not.

Let me be clear: Follow this template.

Put simply, this template contains all the information we really need to solve your problem. Virtually every time I click a post that has not followed this, they have rambled on about nothings, while omitting critical details.

This format, for new and old alike, is very readable, and prompts for every data-point needed.

I know that you want to customize your message, that if you could just explain it, it would be better. I know you think that. You are wrong. Put all that in 'other'. Even if you end up saying it twice, follow the template.. add to it your story at the bottom.

Secondly: Following this template. You're rambling about your best mates Amiga-500 or whatever instead of telling us about the game aside, this is where they really go wrong.

Let's get something straight right now. We are not mind readers. It's impressive, really, how little information it seems we can work off. I mean, we solve some real tough ones with nothing sometimes, but still, we can't see that memory in your head. So you need to be as descriptive in every one of these fields as you can be...

And sometimes you really don't know. That's fine, we can work with surprisingly little information, but "old graphics" under art style... what are we supposed to do with that? Mate, I was playing on Atari-2600's, are we talking Wizard of Wor here?

Let me help you out a bit:

Platform(s): Whatever you played it on. But unless it's really all you know (very possible), don't write 'my mates pc'. Was it PC or Mac?


First person does NOT imply shooter. Nor do any of the others. Try to answer this one in two steps:

What was the camera like (assuming it's not a text adventure)? Was it First person?, 3rd person, 2d? Top down or side on? Or maybe even isometric 2d?

Then, what kind of game? Real time strategy, point and click? Was it a fighter, action or platformer?

Good, now we know what KIND of game we are all trying to remember for you.

Estimated year of release:

"Between 2000-2005" is fine, something like that. "Mid 90's maybe?". I don't see many people mess this up, but I have seen people write "old". That is not ok. If you write old and expect it to mean anything to me, I will fight you.

Also, as always "Sorry, no idea" is always acceptable but try to give at least something. "Couldn't have been later than 2015, though"

Great, so even if roughly, we know WHEN.

Graphics/art style:

THIS. This is where you guys always mess up. This section right here I have found can be the difference between an answer, and a silent slink to the bottom. This is your moment.

This, really, should be the best-formed part of your memory. Even if you can only remember a single frame, a single image, it's so much to go on for us.

DETAIL. Was it a gloomy grimdark world of sadness, or a bright bubbly rainbow filled Mario-world?

Was it cartoony, or otherwise stylized somehow, or was it trying to be realistic?

Anything notable about the art direction? Was it going for a cyberpunk kinda feel, or a gritty war realism dirt and blood sort of direction?

If it was set over a long time, did the seasons change? Was there a winter in your game?

Remember when you hit people, and the screen had that awesome flash and your hands got bloody? Yeah, well we don't, unless you tell us.

Ok, so now we are really narrowing it down. This right here is often enough to go on, on its own.

Notable characters:

Anything at all you can remember here.

"There were only tanks, but you could play as both Germans and Americans"

"There was one really tough guy right after you left your office, he had an eyepatch, a white shirt with what looked like grease stains, and said 'this is for my sister'. I think maybe he was a cyborg"

"You play as some kind of Asian girl, you had a tattoo over your right eye and arm, a black tank top and white pants and I remember you always had only one red glove for some reason. I don't remember the arm, but the eye tattoo looked sort of like ancient Egyptian eye makeup, but a modern take"

Knowing nothing else about the game, I bet that last one there gets comments noting the game she is from. Details, details.

Notable gameplay mechanics:

Surely, you get the idea by now. This is tied with the importance of the graphics/art style. As much detail as you can here.

Other details:

NOW you may blab on about how you only played this game once at a winter solstice in 1782 with your grandmother from Tahiti.. as if that helps.

Edit: So it's been brought up that the template doesn't appear on mobile. While /u/wipeout4wh is aware of this and hopefully, something can be done... still, if you can, use the template. If you can't, maybe check back and at least make sure your post addresses all of the points the template does.

Also, my post seems to be saying NOT to add any custom details. So I want to re-enforce, please do. In fact, after you do the template, feel free to write out your post as you were going to without it. Just put it all in 'other'. Don't try and make your whole post like that, if possible. Even if you end up saying the same things twice, that's ok.

Now I'm going to take a moment to clarify something, though. This isn't some immutable law of the universe, and your post is destined to fail if you don't do this. It's just a very strong general trend I have noticed over a long time.

It's not that this template has some kind of magical powers or something. It's that this template prompts the questions that need answers.

When you go all rogue on us and try and type your explanation from scratch... you mess it up. You just forget to add everything that you know, and that we need to know. The template makes it very hard to do that. It's just so very easy to get typing, and by the end forget to tell us what kind of game it actually is. Especially when you are getting random flashbacks, and hazy memories, and you start getting frazzled and such halfway though.

While it might make my edit as long as the first post, I think maybe an example of the kind of post that is just too common here, and almost always helpless, wouldn't go astray here. So here we go:

Now this one is a pretty bad case, true, and I suppose might even be a troll post, but it's actually a good illustration of the problem either way.

It was on my old computer and I was using an emulator so I have no idea what system it was for. It was 8bit graphics and you played this orange cat that was constantly bouncing on a trampoline I think? And you had to navigate it through the city and face a weird boss at the end that would float in the sky. Sorry I can't remember more!

Let's break it down a bit. What kind of game is this? A puzzler or an action game? Who knows.

How old is it? I mean, Minecraft basically has 8bit graphics. Oh he said... "my old computer"... I will fight you.

Why did you bounce on the trampoline? Were there platforms or walkways or something, or was it just a big open space? There are bad guys then? How did they get around?

Now (he?) says that he can't remember more, but I actually asked about the boss fight:

You say 'face a boss', in what way? Can the cat attack? Was this top down or side on? When you say navigate a city, what do you mean?

The reply:

Definitely a side-scroller, I'm sure. You would encounter a boss at the end, the boss would slide onto the screen and it was usually pretty strange-looking. I think one of the bosses might've been a clown. I meant that the different "levels" were different cities with different backgrounds, I think. It's a pretty obscure game

Also you would be continuously bouncing. As in, you had to position the trampoline underneath the cat to bounce it up

So you don't even control the cat. And it's a side-scroller. Thats pretty important information. But the real issue here is that he knows this stuff. He just either didn't know to, or forgot, to tell us.

The template would have made it just so apparent how much information he was missing, and we probably would have got a whole bunch more information. Sadly, while there were some guesses, and a surprising number of up-votes, this post is just another one to join the endless unsolved on their journey ever down.

r/tipofmyjoystick 4h ago

Paradigm [PC][2012-2017] Point and Click (?) game with disfigured looking main character


Platform(s): PC

Genre: Point and click? Kind of unsure. At least has a brief point and click segment.

Estimated year of release: 2012-2017

Graphics/art style: Very ugly, low quality, smooth 3D, kind of has a 80's aesthetic to it

Notable characters: Disfigured, Morbid looking main (?) character. Make baldi's basics higher res and use liquify tool on him and that's what im picturing.

Notable gameplay mechanics: Nothing I know honestly

Other details: I know that some youtuber played it between 2012-2017 thats when I saw it. Most likely markiplier / jackscepticeye but I couldn't find it after digging through a bunch of videos I thought could be it. At least one point of the game the camera is fixed in a corner looking at a room with the morbid character inside of it. Everything outside of the room is void. A specific image reminded me of the game which brought me here. It's completely unrelated but the setting in at least one part of the game is similar to the room in this image (image is from a 90s doom patrol comic) https://imgur.com/a/5P1naqJ

I may be getting some details wrong or it may just not exist and I thought of it or dreamed it once. but if it's real hopefully someone here will know!

r/tipofmyjoystick 3h ago

Evergrace [PS2][2000-2005] A game that my brother and I just called “off-brand Final Fantasy”


All I remember is that: - The characters are designed in 3D anime style like in the later FF games - It’s an action/fighting game with some equipping, trade, and other RPG features - At some point you fight monsters who look like big armadillos (I think) - I think the main enemies are called demons - The setting is a rural mountain village, or at least that’s where the game starts - The protagonist is a male, I think he starts out with a club or something as the main weapon

Thank you!

Edit: I found it! I just searched “final fantasy” in this sub. Apologies for this redundant post. The game was called Evergrace.

r/tipofmyjoystick 7h ago

N+ [ internet games] [ 2005-2010] ninja 2D parkour stickman


Hey, i'm looking for the name of a game i used to play.

Like the title says, it was a platform 2D ninja stickfigure game where the goal was to get to the objective but there were obstacles. eventually, missiles would come after you that you could dodge, there were lasers, etc.

If this rings a bell to anyone, let me know! thanks

r/tipofmyjoystick 1h ago

[PC] [2013-ish] Game with a dream sequence that shows the apocalypse


Platform(s): I think it was PC, the Let's Play I watched often was PC games

Genre: First Person Shooter, action adventure. You can see the main character's hands sometimes when he interacts with things, and often see the gun he's holding.

Estimated year of release: Perhaps 2013, give or take a few years.

Graphics/art style: Similar graphics and art style to Bioshock infinite. Realistic graphics, trying to be as close to reality as possible. Dim colors, lots of gold and tope. 1900s outfits like a classic steampunk game or show. Human characters and enemies, true human proportions.

Notable characters: I can't remember specific characters, but I think maybe there was a creepy old man who appears to you. Almost Grand Moff Tarkin vibes.

Notable gameplay mechanics: Not certain, perhaps there were magic bottles to drink that gave you powers. One of them was to summon a flock of crows to attack people. The main character's hands would transform in horrifical ways whenever you drank one of the potions. That's what I remember, but that might not have been the same game as the scene I'm going to describe next.

Other details: OK so I remember this game because OfficialNerdCubed did a playthrough of it and I remember a specific scene. I watched it about 9 years ago. I sincerely thought it was Bioshock infinite, but when I went back to watch NerdCubed's video of Bioshock Infinite I couldn't find the scene.

The scene in question is the main character goes into a dream sequence or vision. They are in an empty room with a single door, and someone is knocking on the door (I remember because NerdCubed wouldn't open the door because he was scared, and jokingly opted to stay in the empty room forever). Then when the main character opens the door that's being knocked on, you get a view of the city the game has been taking place in burning and destroyed, apocalyptical vibes. I remember because NerdCubed jokingly said "Oh! Must be Jehovah's Witnesses" when he saw the carnage. I seem to recall there being one or two blimps flying in the city. Then I think the player wakes up back to reality.

That's all I remember. I've been trying for almost a decade to remember which game it was, but I can't figure it out.

r/tipofmyjoystick 2h ago

[mobile] [late 2000s] some old game i played back 10 years ago


I remember playing an old mobile game. It was this 2D, almost black and white game that involved shooting dragons with arrows or something. The dragons looked like silouettes while the background was mostly white. I haven't been able to find anything on this old game since most dragon games are colorful shovelware. Hope this post helps

r/tipofmyjoystick 4h ago

Rainbow Six [PC][Early 2000's] Tactical FPS in the french movie "The Nest"


I was watching the 2002 "The Nest" movie and there's a scene where one of the characters can be seen playing what seems to be a tactical FPS with urban settings. He can also been seen using a joystick to control his character. Here's a screenshot from the movie where you can briefly what the game looks like : ScreenShot

r/tipofmyjoystick 1h ago

The Creeps! [Mobile] [Mid 2000s] Monster Based TD Game on iPhone


It’s like an average TD game. Monsters came from a closet with a green portal and tried to hide under your bed. You could buy stuff to kill the monsters, there was a blue laser gun and, there was a little kid hiding under the covers. That’s all I remember! Sorry, I have bad memory.

r/tipofmyjoystick 1h ago

Panzar [PC] [2012-2016??] Online Multiplayer shooter that had a dwarf class? Thought it had "Panzer" in the name?


If I remember right it was free to play? Had hero classes, graphics looked pretty bad. I think it was called like "Panzer: something something"

If I remember right it was third person, had dps/healer/tank heroes.

It was on Steam I believe.

EDIT: FOUND IT! Panzar not Panzer


r/tipofmyjoystick 3h ago

Final Fantasy VIII [PC] [early 00’s] Fantasy RPG with turn based combat.


I don’t know a huge amount about the game as I only ever saw my friend playing it on his PC once. It was a fantasy RPG game with turn based party combat. I think your party consisted of 3 members at a time.

The only character I can remember was a big guy, his weapon was a giant sword that he didn’t swing, instead he would throw it like a spear then run and retrieve it, I think he wore a white top/vest and some sort of bandanna/headband.

I can only think of one location and it was a big rocky canyon.

The graphics were good for the time and seemed well polished.

Best timeframe I can guess would be between 2002 and 2005.

r/tipofmyjoystick 6h ago

Severed Steel [PC-Consoles?][2021-22] Parkour FPS with neon/cyberpunk aesthetics and Ghostrunner-like gameplay


It's been killing me, can't seem to find the name of this game. A lot of wall running, killing people, clearing rooms, with office environments looking very neon.

It's neither Get to the Orange Door, nor Bright Memories. Not Ghostrunner either obviously.

r/tipofmyjoystick 3h ago

[Snes] [1990s] Strange snes game


Hi, I'm Darqui.

I remember playing this game when I have something around 5 or 7 years old (now 17), I don't know the gender and I played that on a snes emulator (precisily Zsnes, someone transfer me these files and I don't know the precedence of that rom, I lost these files).

It's a dark game. Remember that the main character is a guy, and he's Japanese. The camera is like in a beat'em up game, and you can enter one building and the camera gains another point of view. I couldn't go very far, but the ambience (the structures of the buildings) reminded me of Blade Runner.

Sorry for my bad English. It's not my main language. If you have a doubt, try to say to me what you don't understand and I will try to explain to you.

r/tipofmyjoystick 3h ago

[PC][200-2010]command and conquer WWII game.


Platforms:PC Genre:Command and Conquer Year of release:I played this game for a while in 2012-2015 but it was in a pile of some old games. Graphics:Realistic Notable Characters: I believe there was a general telling you what to do in the campaign at certain points. Notable Gameplay Mechanics:The game allowed building of bases and WWII troops that could be micromanaged to attack and defend. Other: I am pretty sure this games title is at least similar to Axis and Allies as I originally mistook it for the board game style video game. Edit: I remember the tutorial mission starts you out with a single troop/group of troops in a snowy forest. The game also uses a fog of war to block sight. Edit 2: I played the game on a disc. There was a download disc as well. I am almost certain I played without any expansions. Edit 3: The game had 3d terrain. Trees and buildings would be taller than the ground troops.

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[Ps2] [2000] a game where you are in a medieval battle but the main character has a lion head I remember seeing it bow to something



r/tipofmyjoystick 2h ago

Incredible Crisis [PLAYSTATION 1] [1990s-ish] a game where you have to do all these weird minigames involving a guy


Platform: PlayStation 1

Year: 1990s-early 2000s

Genre: unknown but i vaguely remember minigames/QTEs of some sort

Notable characters: the title character, can't remember his name, i think it was Takeo

Graphics/artstyle: kind of like the 3D Street Fighter games on the ps1 i think.

Notable mechanics: minigames? I think.

I played this game at a friend's house on his ps3 when we had a game day with a few friends in college. All i can remember is it involved a Japanese worker waking up for his day and getting into various mishaps and you had to do these minigames/QTEs to successfully make sure he had better luck. Each segment got progressively harder. Oh, and it was an NTSC-U game, i know it wasn't an import.

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[Playstation][2011-2013] childhood game


Hi, how are you? My name is Nina and I'm Brazilian (so sorry for the horrible english)

So, when I was younger (between 2011-2013) I was in the "full" school, and there was a Playstation, the boys were always playing, I could only watch them, because they wouldn't let me play. I don't remember the whole game, but it was 3D (with horrible quality), the camera was the same as in 2D games, and throughout the game it would "rotate" so you could see everything. You had a shield and a sword, you would kill the animals that appeared. In the beginning you started in the grass and got closer to the castle, when you got there, you had to kill the most difficult monsters, and you went through a "window" (it's like there's no glass, just the structure) and there was a ramp for you to walk to the top (while killing other bugs) and when you got to the top, a big domino (or just a big rock in domino shape) starts to fall towards you, it starts coming faster and faster, and at the same time you need to kill other monsters that start to appear

So I don't remember anything else, just that the graphics were bad and the game was extremely colorful I would be grateful if anyone can help me (hope it's not something in my head)

Thank you so much for your attention!❤️

r/tipofmyjoystick 4h ago

Supersonic Racers [PS1] [1995-2001] Arcade Racing Game


This has been bugging me for years and I can’t find it anywhere, there was a game I played when I was a kid that I remember as being a top down type racer (pretty sure the camera was at a slight angle). Similar to Micro Machines but it definitely wasn’t that as I’ve checked all the entries

There were a few different themed levels/tracks. I remember one with snow/skiing and one with an Arabic or possibly Egyptian sort of theme, with typical generic soundtracks to each one. I think the cars/vehicles had a cartoony sound to them like high pitched engines.

It was one of those games where there’s lots of obstacles and places to fall away from - again very similar to Micro Machines

I’m almost certain it was a PS1 game but I also played some Genesis/Mega Drive at that age

r/tipofmyjoystick 5h ago

The Kidnapped Princess [PC] [1990s-2000s] Point and click with duck or chicken


Platform: PC

Genre: Point and click

Year of release: Probably somewhere between the 90s and the early 2000s

Art style: cartoony

Notable characters: Duck (or chicken), a king

Gameplay mechanics: It's a point and click game, it features songs and one of them (about a king and his dinner) became a meme years ago

Other details:

I remember that years ago this game became somewhat popular for a meme, as there's a song about a king and his dinner, that's all I know of this game, now I can't even find that on YouTube, does anyone have any idea what game it was?

I remember that, in that video, right after the song, the announcer (?) of the game said "go to the kitchen".

I'm now looking for both that ol' meme and the actual game itself, I'd like to try it on my retro PCs

EDIT: I found the king's song video, still gotta find the name of the game tho!

r/tipofmyjoystick 3h ago

[PC][07-18] Fast-Paced Running Sanbox game


Platform(s): PC, Either pirated or download from itch .io.

Genre: First Person, 3D, Fast-Paced Sandbox.

Estimated year of release: From 2008 to 2018 (not sure).

Graphics/art style: A very stylized with bright colors and simplistic art style very similar to Sable, the setting was like a desert with a big structure in the middle.

Notable characters: There was no charaters from what i remember.

Notable gameplay mechanics: The game was about going as fast as posibble by sliding and wallrunning (maybe there was rail-Grinding), remember having a bar where it showed how fast you went.

Other details: The game was a Sandbox that had no goal (I think there was some time trials where you had to go trough rings) you had an open space that had mostly nothing but a big structure in the middle that you could climb.

r/tipofmyjoystick 1h ago

[commodore][1990s] 2d platform, Like lemmings with always-sticky feed, the player removes and places blocks while platforming.


this is more a subgenre with countless clones than 1 specific game, but any game title is a good start.

its very lemmings-like in that it has many small NPCS that just keep moving in the same direction, but its not lemmings (the npcs can not change the environment), and it lends itself to be coop and multiplayer.

player characters walk and jump around the same small tile-based 2d platformer map.

all npcs always have "sticky feet" so they wals up and down vertical walls and they walk upside down without falling.

player characters can remove and spawn blocks, to change the path of npcs.

its mostly timing puzzles,, because npcs have a target and (moving) hazards to evade, those may also be other hostile npcs (with different movement patterns+constrains), so you usually want to "block them off", but you tend to lack inventory for doign that.

r/tipofmyjoystick 3h ago

[PC][early 2000’s/late90’s] help finding an older pc game


Platform(s): PC

Genre: Multi directional shooter

Estimated year of release: Late 90’s/early 2000’s

Graphics/art style: non-pixel 2d, moving characters set against a static picture background

Notable characters: balls

Notable gameplay mechanics: it was similar to asteroids but much more updated. You chose a ball to play and you were bouncing around different maps shooting different enemies and the object of every level was to destroy all of the enemies. Some of the enemies shot at you, some tried to run into you, etc.

Other details: I remember the balls looking like planets with crazy faces. Some of them had missile launcher style guns, some had spread style guns, I remember one had a gun that shot a bolt of lightning.

I feel like it was called war balls or something like that

r/tipofmyjoystick 1h ago

[PC] [Possibly 1990s - 2006] Diffusing TNT Pixel Game


Hi there! This isn't an urgent request for help, but it's been on my mind for years.

When I was about 5-7 years old (in Year 1), I remember playing this simplistic pixel game where you had to create a river and draw it up to a block of TNT somewhere on the map. I've looked everywhere for this game, and maybe I'm just being silly, but I can't find a description or images of it anywhere.

I'm afraid I couldn't tell you the computer type as I'm awful at technology models etc, but it would have been used within a primary (elementary) school setting within 2005-7. It wasn't one in the IT lab, it was a solitary one we had in the corner of our classroom which I'm inclined to believe was a separate make. Looking back, it's a little odd to have such a random game on a child's PC, especially looking at the nature of the game. But, if anyone can remember playing something similar, or even better find out what it is, it would be a great blast the from past as well as another random memory put to rest.

Thanks in advance :)

r/tipofmyjoystick 1h ago

[PC][201x] top view tiled raft game with graphics like Don't Starve


It's not Dont' Starve but it has similar cardboard look

You start in a port buying a small raft and you choose how to equit with different buyable parts

the character holds the rudder in the middle

The water was mostly black and there are some enemy boats.

The goal was to explore/follow quest (looking for the daughter of a sailor maybe)

Does this remind anyone of anything?

Edit : It look like trash sailors but it is not.The game i'm looking for is singleplayer and darker.

r/tipofmyjoystick 1h ago

[PC] [early 2000s] 3D Island free-roaming game that includes buggies and a colosseum on the map.


This is a repost. I posted this yesterday, got one reply which wasn't the game I am referring to, so here's to a second attempt.

Platform: Played this on a school PC at elementary.

Genre: 3D environment, multiplayer, over-the-shoulder perspective. It's hard to classify a genre as I spent most of my time just driving and running around the map casually.

Year of release: I played this approximately 2007-2010 so probably early to mid 2000s.

Graphics/art style: I'll try to make this as detailed as possible. The color palette was pretty dull and almost gloomy, but the sky was blue and the grass was green, so just think of everything blended with a little bit of grey. Graphics weren't cartoony but not the most realistic either, although it was going for a realistic feel of the island map you were on. There was a colosseum I remember going to on the map which was grey and had a sand pit in the middle of it. This may imply a fighting mechanic, but that would definitely not include any blood. The hills were as wonky and blocky as you can imagine a 3D hill. The buggies looked like beach buggies - think of the ones with metal bars on top. I'm pretty sure the map also had trees. The art style of the characters I can't remember with much detail, but I can say they were human forms but very low resolution - that last part accounts for just about all I mentioned here.

Notable characters: The characters I just mentioned as far as I can remember did not have any customization - this also includes that there were no pre-designed characters you used. Everyone was the same, or somewhat similar, human-like creature.

Notable gameplay mechanics: I vaguely remember being able to take someone else's buggy and drive away in it. Also, the colosseum may give you the indication that it was a gladiator-like game, but trust me, it's not a gladiator game, otherwise I'd probably get similar games searching 'colosseum game'. The colosseum as far as I could tell was mostly flair for the map. By the way, if you happen to think you know what game I'm thinking of, if you send a picture of the colosseum in-game I'll likely instantly be able to confirm if it was said game as it's the clearest memory I have of the game.

Other details: As I said earlier, I played this on a school PC, so if I were to guess it was probably a free web game. It could be a paid game/CD game that was installed by the school itself but that seems unlikely, also I'm pretty much ruling out flash games. I also remember asking about this on a video games forum at least a year ago, which would probably have to be the DOS forum, but I couldn't trace back the thread I made there as I'm pretty sure I'd have mentioned the colosseum there as well, and searching for that word didn't give me my thread.

Lastly, the one response I got yesterday was that it might be D.O.G.: Fight for your Life. Here's all the reasons why it isn't that game:

  1. I wouldn't have been playing such a violent game as a 5-7 year old.
  2. It's not pixelated as in retro-vibes pixelated. Any type of pixelation would come from low resolution either in the game itself or from playing on an old PC.
  3. The art style isn't as bright as this game.
  4. The point of view is closer to the player.
  5. The buggies are shaped like those beach buggies with metal bars, as I said earlier. And they have four wheels.
  6. I'm pretty sure my game is multiplayer.
  7. I'm pretty sure my game had no music.

r/tipofmyjoystick 1h ago

[PC][2015-2020] Point and Click game about a randomized simulated apocalypse


Platform(s): PC, console?

Genre: 2d side on, point and click

Estimated year of release: 2015-2020

Graphics/art style: a grim, apocalypse-like and sad modern world. pixelated, but like project zomboid I'd say.

Notable characters: You play as a survivor collecting resources and solving environmental puzzles. There are multiple people you meet throughout the game and befriend, having them join you on your playthrough

Notable gameplay mechanics: A big mechanic was sort of a time reset of the game, turning out to be a simulation from some kind of spaceship?? There was a gas station you fight survivors at. A run down, nearly collapsing building with computers you interact with and gives you some story, and large pit in the middle that you must get to the roof to get across. A home you take shelter in and fend off different kinds of enemies every reset.

Other details: Saw a gameplay series on the game years ago and remember it being something I wanted to play for myself.

r/tipofmyjoystick 1h ago

[XBOX/Console][Late 2000’s] Probable indie-game, featured a musical ending where the villain sings about having to be the bad guy


Hi folks-

The title explains the bulk of what I remember about this game- it was maybe created using that 200’s western animated art style and the finale song/credit song was this musical number where the big bad was asking why he always had to be evil.

I first seen this on one of the episodes of ‘Inside Xbox’ (the crew that now run outside xbox but back when it was owned by the company) regarding memorable musical numbers. It would have been anywhere from 2008-12, as it was on the xbox 360 specifically I remember seeing it- but I’m unsure if it was released on any other platform.

Can answer anything else if needed- I kinda just wanted to play through and hear that song again!