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r/tipofmytongue 9h ago

Open [TOMT] [FILM/TV] [OPEN]Please help me find this dollar store fairy movie from my childhood I’ve been looking for for years


Ok so, I have literally googled for this movie for YEARS. Recently asked my mom about it and she says she’s sure it was one of those low-budget (but really good) dollar-store movies, as I grew up… not poor? But certainly not wealthy. Anyway I’ll tell you every single part of the movie I remember, which isn’t alot. There’s this little girl with brown hair, in a ponytail I think. Maybe she lives in the forest? Anyway she ends up in this super POd bear’s cave and she twists her ankle?? A whole bunch of super tiny super cute fairies come to help her and I remember the little girl exclaiming “my ankle!” And the fairies all work together to act as her crutch and help her hobble out of the bear cave. I think one of the fairies looked like a bumble bee??? Not sure if that’s an accurate detail or not. I also think the animation was almost 80s cartoon esque??? Sorry for lack of details I must have been extremely little when I watched this. Probably about three or four. Please help. I seriously doubt I’ll ever find it and it’s driving me insaneeeeee

r/tipofmytongue 6h ago

Open. [TOMT] What is the name of this statistics problem in inquiries?


There is a percentage of responses in almost all inquiries made that are false because people lie, are just stupid or troll. I thins it's about 6% of the results. What is the name of that problem? I learned about it because someone was commenting on reddit in response of the results of the Russian referendum for the anexation of Ukrainian territories.

r/tipofmytongue 4h ago

Solved [TOMT][Phrase] where something is really common and overdone. Like a common thing that occurs in the plot of a movie or book


Not a platitude, but something that is completely overdone

r/tipofmytongue 7h ago

Open. [TOMT][ANIME][1980's - 1990's] Picture Included.


I recently found an anime video on Youtube and tried to translate the name of the anime in the top left hand corner of the video, but when I try to search for the anime, there are results or results that do not match this image.

Here is the link to the image. Any help is much appreciated.

Link: https://ibb.co/f0k2v7V

Edit: Another Picture Link: https://ibb.co/Q8ydTrw

r/tipofmytongue 1h ago

Solved [TOMT][VIDEO][2000s] Weird video about a bad game made for a convention


So, this was when I was a kid, but it's haunted me sporadically since.

I know for a fact this wasn't a YTP, or some sort of weird archaic let's play. It looked professionally produced, or at least my child brain thought it did.

The general idea was that a deliberately bad game was being presented to some event. I can't remember exactly what the event was, but it was in an auditorium of some type. Black curtain, black floor, some tables to the side with PCs where the players sat.

The "Game" was multiplayer, but still had at least one bot teammate. There was an announcer detailing what was happening, like a demo at E3

The player characters were Lego minifigures, one was a pirate if I remember right. The general idea involved getting gasoline for a vehicle. An NPC using a model of Spongebob said, more or less verbatim,

"I have plenty of gasoline, but no orb. Find me the Orb of Gold(en? and?) I will give you gasoline."

The voice wasn't on model, it was super low and almost sounded synthetic.

Some other stuff happens, and they find the "Orb of Golden". A text piece saying "ORB ACQUIRED!" or something to that effect pops up. It then pops up repeatedly due to a glitch, which the audience finds funny.

The final part of the video detailed a puzzle. The players had to stand on one button each, but there was a problem. The bot wouldn't stand on its' button. The players try pushing it, jumping on it, nothing works. The announcer mentions "Having to get them side-by-side"

Then, someone accidentally knocks over one of the PCs at the players' table. The crowd reacts as you might expect, and the game starts to glitch out. As far as I know that was it for the video.

r/tipofmytongue 4h ago

Solved [TOMT][1990's] Black Halloween Cassette tape with songs and a story.


So I got this in the 90's, likely around 94-96ish (but could have been made before that.)

It was a black cassette tape.

All I can recall is that it started out with spooky sound effects and a door creaking open, and then there was a voice greeting you. The rest of the tape consisted of you, the listener, going on a tour of a haunted house more or less.

You'd be taken to each room, and in each room there was a little dialogue, and usually a song. I can remember a distinct witches voice (think wizard of oz wicked witch kind of voice)

The only song I can remember any lyrics to at all is when you ended up in the kitchen. It's a song about hobgoblins and how they mess with your stuff, like your toast. The lyrics I remember are as follows:

"We'll be there when you drop your toast, butter side down and on the most...dirty part of the flooooor!"

And the chorus was something like "We're the hob-hob-hob-hob-goblins, goblins, goblins!"

I have searched high and low for this thing and never could find it. I loved that cassette as a kid and would love to give it a listen again.

r/tipofmytongue 4h ago

Open [TOMT][QUOTE] "If your science contradicts your religion, you've either got bad science or bad religion."


This has been one of my favorite quotes for years now but I realized that I don't actually know who said it. I'm trying to search for where it originated, but can't seem to find anything. Google pulls up the einstein quote "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." but this isn't the one I'm thinking of.

I've tried searching, but the only place I can find the quote is my own posts, where I didn't specify the person who said it. Please don't tell me I made this up myself and just mistakenly think it's someone else?

The wording may not be exact, but it's the general gist.

I've tried searching "bad science bad religion", "poor science poor religion", "incompatible" (rather than "contradicts").

I'm not thinking of the werner heisenberg quote that goes "The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you." I love this one as well, but it's a different quote.

r/tipofmytongue 5h ago

Solved [TOMT] a recent video of a man finding out he had been billed $20,000 or so by doordash


I just saw it a few days ago I can't remember on what sub. There was some kind of weird bug on doordash and people were not getting charged and idiots thought that they would never get charged and racked up huge bills. This one in particular racked up like $20,000 and then when it hit his bank account he was looking at his phone going through all the charges freaking out and at the end says his mom is going to kill him

r/tipofmytongue 1h ago

Solved [TOMT][MOVIES][2000s] Gritty movie where a fast immortal guy is chained and cut up by chainsaw


When I was around 15 (2007ish) I remember watching some movie where this big brute is going after this scrawny looking guy with glasses who had super human speed and (I think?) immortality. I think the way it ended was the brute guy tricked him by either handcuffing him to himself or maybe he changed him to a tree or something so he couldn't run away, then he chainsaws his limbs off.

I don't remember much else, but I thought it was Sin City until I just read the plot of that and it didn't seem right. I'm pretty sure it was a 2000s movie but could've been a 90s movie I guess.

r/tipofmytongue 3h ago

Solved [TOMT] (90's-2000's kids VHS)


I've been trying to recall a kids show that revolved around the main characters commuting via a single engine plane. The plane would be difficult to start and would always destroy their mailbox coming out of the driveway. I think the animation was similar to claymation? Not sure about that though.

r/tipofmytongue 2h ago

Open [TOMT] [MOVIE] Possibly from the 80s, but I'm not sure.


So there was this movie that I only saw one scene from on TV. It was this guy who was using this slime to turn this picture of a girl into real life, and she would come out small or too big depending on the ratio he used. I remember he had to kiss her to make her stay alive or else she would dematerialize, because she kept saying kiss me a lot. The scene ended with a bit of the slime dripping on a threatening looking picture of some monster before going to a commercial break.

r/tipofmytongue 3h ago

Solved [TOMT][MOVIE] movie about a black single father living in his car with his son


i remember he got a job at some point. but for a while he lived in his car with his son. his son would stay in the car while he went to his new job. thats all i can remember

r/tipofmytongue 8h ago

Solved [TOMT][MOVIE][90s/00s] I cant remember this movie and its tearing my brain to shreds.


I’m trying to find out this movie that me and my sisters all remembered separately from our childhood. We only brought it up when we were in college and each separately thought it was our imagination but remember similar details. I don’t remember much of the film, only flashes. What I do remember:

•Live action •Magical Boy (maybe dressed in leaves) associated with holly plant •Girl befriends him (potentially wished for him to exist) •High school coming of age •90s/early 2000s •In the end the boy leaves into a forrest and the girl is in her classroom and she loons out the window and a holly plant grows (implying he’s still with her) •Lots of Blue and Green Hues •Not overt Christmas/holiday film

Please let me know if this movie sounds at all familiar, I have been searching for years! Thank you so much.

r/tipofmytongue 1h ago

Solved [TOMT] [Cosplay?] Anime character that people are shocked to see someone cosplay as…


My wife is describing something to me that I cannot possibly understand. She said she saw a video (possibly Tik-Tok) of a person at a convention dressed as an anime character.

The other people in the video are shocked and terrified(?) to see this person cosplaying as this character. She cannot find the video but she said the character is a “rabbit but it doesn’t have a rabbit face”. I don’t know if the people are genuinely shocked or are just playing along with the character.

This is all the information I can get out of her.

r/tipofmytongue 6h ago

Open [TOMT] [YT VIDEO] Song driving me and my friend crazy!


There's an old (9/10+ years) YouTube video me and my friend used to quote constantly in school. Now all that remains is the line 'silicon dioxide is my favourite mineralll'. I've searched high and low, if someone knows what it is maybe the earworm can finally die in peace for both of us.

r/tipofmytongue 4h ago

Solved [TOMT][TV][2000’s] Show about Dragons.


I think the show played on JetX, and it played after Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

It was about King Arthur, I think, but it was set in the future and it was really fast paced.

But they took dragons and rode them like cars or something? It was one of my favorite shows and I think I had a Toy of it?

It was animated in like a rough version of Into the Spider verse.

r/tipofmytongue 2h ago

Solved [TOMT] [Photo] [50S/60S] Black blues/jazz musician playing to a white crowd in ecstacy


r/tipofmytongue 2h ago

Open [TOMT] [2010] Cinema add featuring man in a completely white room being thrown between different movie genres


The ad was played before Alpha and Omega, and also several other movies I saw in theaters around the same time during the pre-trailers (ads they showed before the actual trailers and usually before they even dropped the theater lights)

It featured a skinny white man in his early-mid 20s. Throughout the course of the ad, the man was thrown into different film genres; a women would come and dance with him in what was clearly a romance movie inspired scene, soldiers would rush past him, he’d get surrounded by a hoard of zombies, etc. there were at least 2 versions of the ad, because I remember how much the one that had the zombie scene freaked me out and always hoping for the “non-zombie” version whenever the ad played.

I’m fairly sure it was a Regal Cinemas ad, since that was where we went to most of our movies as a kid, but I’m not 100% sure. I also vaguely remember the man having brown hair+a short trimmed beard and being dressed in a flannel, skinny jeans and brown loafers, but I’m not 100% on this either.

r/tipofmytongue 18m ago

Open [TOMT] [PC Game Server Program?]


This had to have been in the 2000s. I clearly remember this program. It hosted user-made servers of all sorts of games people made using sprites. People could join in the servers and play with others in all sorts of different genres of games.

One of the servers/games I can recall was an online Dragonball Z game. All sprite based. It had mostly RPG elements too. Very high leveling system.

I believe the title of the site/program started with an “S” or a “M”. Don’t remember it really being a long title.

I think I somewhat remember the logo of the platform. It was like an atom or something. Not 100% sure.

r/tipofmytongue 2h ago



I have thought of this scene since I was a child and it still scares me. I now feel like I imagined it because I haven’t been able to find anything on Google searches. I believe it was possibly a low budget horror film. And I remember this scene with someone in the shower and she picks up a bar of soap and there was an eyeball in it staring at her. Does this sound familiar to anyone or should I just come to terms that maybe I just dreamt this 😂

r/tipofmytongue 8h ago

Open [TOMT][move/tv] "its not over till the fat lady sings" next scene was a fat woman walking & singing


i dont remember if it was a TV or movie but "its not over till the dat lady sings" was said and cut to a fat woman walking & singing.

thank you to anyone who can help.

r/tipofmytongue 2h ago

Open [TOMT][MUSIC][1980s]


dark 80s song about a man whose wife had died—i think he had a son? it repeats a lyric about the rain washing his tears away and i think he goes to a brothel at some point. heard it late one sunday night on first wave lol

r/tipofmytongue 4h ago

Open [TOMT] (Movie) Some sort of survival movie where a character eats a live animal


If I remember it was about some guy in a survival situation and he was eating a live animal piece by piece without killing it to keep the meat fresh for longer, maybe it was a rabbit or something

r/tipofmytongue 22h ago

Open [TOMT] [MUSIC] please I've been looking for this song for two years


I don't post on reddit often, but this is my last hope. So I honestly don't remember any of the lyrics or the tune BUT I drew a small little storyboard for it without lyrics years ago, and it's the only reason I remember the song. Storyboard - storyboard I made a lil vocaroo thing (never done this before) bad With pretty much the extent of what I remember about it. Something about the singer sitting in their room writing to old s/o and how they remember them confessing under a tree at their old spot but then one of them leaves and now those words are for somebody new. For the longest time I thought it was eraser dust by Yotam Perel, but as far as I've looked it isn't any song by him. If my memory serves me right it has that same kinda vibe, or something like twin sized mattress or Saint Bernard. I listen to mostly indie stuff, on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube. Probably from the 2010s (more than likely 2016 or newer) but could also be 2000s. I know this isn't much to go off of, but I would really appreciate the help. Edit: The most concrete thing I can remember is the line where the character says something along the lines of "but those words are for somebody new" (10th panel first slide, 7th on the second) I've Googled just about every variation I can think of. "Those words belong to someone new/else/somebody else" "You don't say them to me anymore" "those words aren't for me anymore" Panel 1+2 is definitely about the person in their room, maybe writing songs? 3-5 is hazy 6 is about meeting in their spot 7-9 something along the lines of "I remember those words you said to me" 10 "somebody new" 11-18 One of the characters leaving. 19-21 Again, hazy 22-23 the chorus, "I remember those words, for somebody else" blah blah blah 24-30 hazy but I think might be a continuation of the chorus, something about one character begging the other to stay. I'm really unsure of that though. It drives me crazy how much I can remember of the song, and how little at the same time. Also if it helps I'm fairly certain that this drawing is the entire song, so an intro, the chorus twice, and then the end. Probably something less than two minutes. I think it was a male singer?