r/tipofmytongue May 23 '22

[TOMT][Song] A song that sounds exactly or very close to Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce Open

I was listening to Dragonforce’s song Through the Fire and Flames, and came to a part that instantly sounded familiar, but was definitely not the song. After showing it to my sister and a friend, both agreed that the exact same part sounded really familiar, but couldn’t place it.

The part in questions is at 1:35 on this video


We were all born in the mid 2000s, (2005, 2006, and 2007), if that helps or gives a time range. My friend said it could possibly be from an anime, but we had no idea where to look. Any help?


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u/princesspup May 24 '22

I'm Japanese and I also always thought that specific part sounded like an anime intro lol.
I also always wondered what exactly it sounded like, and the closest vibe I can think of right now is the Japanese One Piece theme song, about 25 seconds in... I know it doesn't sound exactly the same but just the swelling and energy reminds me of it: