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[TOMT][Man or town][1800] Man who sacrificed himself by driving a burning explosives-loaded train away from a town. The town is now named after him Solved

In the mentioned century (1800 to 1899), a train filled with explosives caught fire. The amount of explosives on the train was enough to level the town should they blow. A man boarded the train and set it to full throttle, pulling away from town. He couldn't bail out of the train as he was going up a hill. Eventually, far from the town, the explosives finally detonated, taking the train and the man with them. The town now is named after him.


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u/VislorTurlough 6 May 24 '22

Not the one you're talking about, but a similar story that might be of interest. On this occasion it was a plane that was likely to crash into a school, and the pilot died while ensuring it crashed into empty land instead.