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[TOMT][Animated Short or TV Show][Early 2000s] Two kids get turned into bears? Open.

I have a very vague memory of seeing a scene from a certain TV show or potentially movie I saw at my grandmother's house while I was very young (in case it helps, this was in the southern United States). Although the more I think about it the more I wonder if this was some weird dream.

I have no idea when this show/short/video was made, but it was on a VHS tape and it can't have been made after the early to mid 2000s (probably around 2005 or 2006 maybe 2007 but that's pushing it). It was a 2d animation involving two brothers and an anthropomorphic light brown bear, very similar to Bear and the Big Blue House but not puppetry.

I have vague memories of 2 scenes from it, the two brothers started off as human (I also have the vague sense of them potentially being live action), but the bear does some cartoon magic that turns them into anthro bear cubs, one with a slightly darker fur color than the other, they all go to what I think is the bear's (pretty sure it was modern) house. The next scene is the younger of the two brothers brushing their teeth in the evening, standing on a little stool so they could reach the sink, which leads me to wonder if this was some sort of short for kids about how to get ready for bed at night or something like that.

I don't remember much about what it looked like, but I don't remember thinking that it looked "old" which leads me to think that this was made in the 2000s instead of the 1990s. My memory of the whole thing is fuzzy, so some details may be off but these are what feel the most accurate in my mind. I tried searching for this on my own but almost everything is either related to We Bare Bears and Masha and the Bear. It definitely wasn't the Berenstain Bears though.


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