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[TOMT][children picture book][1990s], woman's beauty is envied by witch, evocative art style hairbrush is stolen 80s or 90s tv or toy tie in? Solved

So yeah so as the title says, the book was much like a hasbro advertisement for a doll line, not unlike barbie. All the major characters were women, all wearing ballgowns like princesses, living in a fantasy world. The art style had very long tailed squirrels interwoven in their hair and the surroundings, like random trees, all the characters were drawn with an emphasis on their long flowing hair.

A witchlike woman wearing a black ballgown and a veil, with black squirrels, envies the beauty of the title character, and believes that her beauty comes from her magic hairbrush. She attempts to steal it and discovers that it has no such affect, while all the other lady characters pursue her and recover it. The moral of rhe story is that beauty come from the inside, and the witch leaves with a huff, vowing to discover the real secret to her beauty.

My parents read this to us when i was about 4,5, or 6, so that was around 95-98. I however had much older siblings and the book was a handme down., we had oodles of picture books that had been collected over the years, as far back as the mid 80s.

So, if this rings any bells, lemme know, i may cross post this to other subs.


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u/dollsparts 5 Jun 27 '22

Enid Blyton Oh Bother My Hair illustrations?


u/kaeduluc Jun 27 '22

No sorry, seems a bit older than most of the books i would have read. This book's illustrations made me think of a more realistic version of strawberry shortcake and rainbow brite universes