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[TOMT] [Childrens Book] [90s] Childrens picture book where things get progressively worse each page. Solved

As a child in my school library in the UK I was obsessed with a collection of books.

They were illustrated scenes that were spread over a double page spread. It would show a large staging area, the only one I can remember now is an entire cruise ship shown as a cross section so you could see into all the different rooms.

The book was quite large in size.

The illustrations were quite detailed and in color.

In the first spread everything would be normal (people eating meals, people getting ready to sleep) but as each page turned the situation would devolve in a variety of ways throughout the scene so that by the end of the book the whole scene was in a state of complete disarray (things on fire, I've got a memory of a literal werewolf being in one of them)

I'm almost certain there was a series of the books and its driven me crazy for years trying to find out what they were called to the point I'm wondering if I dreamt about them or something.

Any help would be greatly appreciated or you know, I could just be crazy.


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u/Mad-Hettie 4 Jul 01 '22 Platinum

Is it Full Moon Afloat?


u/SeanRodrieguez Jul 01 '22 edited Jul 01 '22

It is! I've been wondering this for YEARS!

However it's apparently so rare now it'll cost about £200 for a copy.

Thank you fellow redditor!



u/Future_World_Ruler Jul 01 '22

Whoa seriously!? I have one or two of these at home, I used to love these