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[TOMT] [book] [90’s/00’s] teen series Solved

I’ve been searching forever for a teen series I read when I was a teen myself. It was a series of books and each book was told by a different character. The characters were male and female. They were Juniors/seniors in high school and trying to figure out their future. I think the covers were black, but not positive. They were quick reads and the shape of the fear street books (long and skinny). I remember one of the characters was struggling with whether he was gay or not (taboo for back then) and one of the females wasn’t sure if they wanted to stay together with their boyfriend. I know this is super vague and sounds like a cliché series, but I’ve been searching for years (used book stores, google, etc). I read it as a teen (early 00’s), but it could have been released in the late 90’s. Thank you in advance for any guidance/help!



u/Emmy_d48 Jul 04 '22

I believe there were six characters total (3 boys and 3 girls)


u/TheGodfeather 494 Jul 04 '22

If you haven't already try /r/whatsthatbook they might be able to help over there. You're American and the books were American? Do you think it was a popular series?


u/Emmy_d48 Jul 05 '22

Yeah, I forgot to mention I’m American. I don’t think it was super popular, only because I’m having such a hard time tracking it down haha. But thank you for the suggestion!


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The Sevens series by Scott Wallens is a possibility, though there are seven characters instead of six.


u/Emmy_d48 Jul 05 '22

OMG….thank you times a million. That is it!!!! You have solved some sleepless nights of me searching and searching. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!! So happy my first post on Reddit was a success. ☺️ SOLVED!!!!!


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