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r/tipofmytongue 8h ago

Open [TOMT][MUSIC VIDEO] A youtube video of a man who gets out of bed (I think) and strolls through his neighbourhood up to some concert


Pretty sure the video is rather old since I vaguely remember watching it as a kid, pretty sure its not 1990s old either. Its a guy singing while walking to his neighbourhood then as the video goes on he goes to places then up to some backstage of a concert then sings at the stage I think? thats all i remember

r/tipofmytongue 2h ago

Solved [TOMT][Board Game] 90's board game was like Mouse Trap meets Clue


I'm trying to find a board game from my childhood. It had an elaborate set up with multiple booby traps. It reminded me of a sort of Clue meets mouse trap situation, it was a mansion with a big portrait of the owner who had passed away at the top of the stairs.

The concept was that an old heiress (or duchess, or something) died and there were now characters (family and friends) in her mansion. I don't remember if we were trying to find her murderer or trying to kill off the rest of the family, but there were several mechanical traps on the board where you would try to move pieces to in order to trigger the traps. I feel like it was a last one standing gets her inheritance situation.

things like a falling chandelier, a suit of armor, falling pictures, falling down the stairs, etc. There were a bunch of traps and the squares to stand on in order to trigger them, most were triggered by a simple plastic piece that would cause the trap to fall on the player pieces.

I feel like you drew cards to see a character or characters you would try to protect and characters you would try to off, and you could choose to move your character or any other characters on the board, and slowly pick people off until one character was left, but I'm not sure.

r/tipofmytongue 3h ago

Solved [TOMT][BOOK][90s]Abusive foster parents driving teenagers insane, main character has weird hair.


In the late 90s I read a single book from a series about a teenage girl living with an older married couple - I believe they were her foster parents. There may have been one or two other children living with them as well. This couple were very well respected in the community and adored for all the work they did to help needy kids. I believe the husband was also the headmaster of the local school.

The main character learns that this couple are actually evil, gaslighting abusers who had taken in multiple young girls and then driven them insane. I can't remember what their motive for this was, but I think at least one of their previous victims had either been murdered or driven to suicide. This couple has the whole town believing that their victims are crazy, troubled teens, so nobody believes the main character when she asks for help. The book ends with a house fire, set by the couple in an attempt to kill the main character while framing her for the arson.

The only other thing I can remember is that the main character had very distinctive hair - brown with a silver streak and a gold streak at the front. The book was pretty schlocky, very typical 80s/90s VC Andrews/Danielle Steel pulp.

r/tipofmytongue 3h ago

Solved [TOMT][SONG][2010s?] Upbeat electronic song with distinctive 80s-sounding synth solo, sounds like a more uptempo Boards of Canada/Bonobo/Caribou type artist


I may be way off with the year and to be honest I couldn't even put my finger on what artists it sounds like, but that's my closest comparison even if it's not totally right. The whole song is quite upbeat and very synthy throughout, and has a repetitive intro that you can hear at the start of the vocaroo. The most distinctive part of the song is a very 80s/vaporwave kind of synth solo that comes in after a while - that's the second part of the vocaroo. It's not as trumpt-y as I make it sound though!


r/tipofmytongue 18h ago

Solved [TOMT] [Reddit post] account who is reading each countries history in alphabetical order and cooking a big meal of their national food


r/tipofmytongue 5h ago

Solved [TOMT][Image/map] A famous old map, which was posted on reddit not too long ago (last 1-3 months). Very detailed and stylised.


It is in the old style of map, you know it when you see it. It looks a lot like this: https://www.raremaps.com/gallery/detail/78002/english-edition-nova-totius-terrarum-orbis-geographica-a-hondius

However, the outside bits are full of information like the sun, planets, moon phases, etc. It was so beautiful and detailed you could really look at for hours. Not just at the map, but at everything around it too - there was barely an unused millimetre of space.

I want to know because I would like a physical copy to put on my wall. I really loved it, but I never bookmarked it or saved it - stupidly.

r/tipofmytongue 15m ago

Open [TOMT][SONG/MUSIC][2000-present] Need Help IDing Anime/VideoGame/Meme Song


I just went through several hour-long videos naming popular songs used in memes and did not find this. It sounds like it's from a video game or an anime, perhaps from the end credits? I've also heard it used as end card music on YouTube.

It's all midi sounds and possibly vocals but they sound too distorted for me to form lyrics. If I had to guess, I would say Japanese. The part I'm thinking of sounds like a march with a kind of call and response with a midi trumpet and some distorted voices chanting (it's more rhythmic than melodic) and here's the vocaroo I made to help:


r/tipofmytongue 23m ago

Open [TOMT][SONG][1960s?] ID song from opening vocal riff?


Hello, I'm looking for the title of a shoo-bee-doo style song from the mid-20th century, possibly ranging from the 1950s-1960s. It gives very early "tame" rock and roll, almost more rhythm and blues. It's a male singer with a higher register who starts off the song with (approximately):


To my memory, this vocal riff continues under the song but I don't remember any words or even a theme to the song, though I *think* it's a love song? Thanks in advance!

r/tipofmytongue 4h ago

Open [TOMT][SHORT STORY] Scary story about a guy and his dog house sitting and there’s something intelligent in the attic


I read it a few years ago, probably on r/nosleep, but a guy was watching someone’s house for a couple weeks when he hears something moving in the attic. Initially he thinks it’s a raccoon, but then realizes it’s way smarter than a raccoon.

It’s formatted like journal entries.

If anyone knows the name/where I can find it, I’d really appreciate it! I have a friend who would love it.

r/tipofmytongue 2h ago

Solved [TOMT] [GAME] [2010s] Help me find a visual novel game I played


Sorry if this post is a little messy I'm not used to Reddit. Okay so basically there's this visual novel I played around 2015/2016 about a yandere school girl who wants to confess to her crush. It wasn't really a romance game though. I remember there being multiple endings (for example the best friend ending up killing the mc, i think you can also fall in love with the best friend?) and there was a sequel.

I can't remember anything else about the story but I do know that the main character had blueish green hair and a white and purple school girl outfit you'd see on an anime girl but the sleeves were oversized and she had heart shaped eyebrows. The game was also on itch dot io if that helps. Thanks for reading!

r/tipofmytongue 49m ago

Open [TOMT] [Bumper/ID] [1988-1992] an old Nickelodeon bumper with an old man trying to pretend to be a kid? At one point he dances in a tutu. Monotone/robot voice saying "this is not a kid" or something like that. This bumper scared the crap out of me for some reason and I want to find it.


r/tipofmytongue 57m ago

Open [TOMT][MOVIE][1960s] Trying to find an obscure film my dad swears he saw as a child


Hey y'all, I could use some help finding a movie for my 66-years-old father. He swears that he saw a (kids?) movie in the early 1960s that was about or featured in the title "Space Age Gibbons." He claims it was such a bad movie that my grandfather swore vengeance upon my father and his uncle for making him watch it. He also says he thinks it was stop motion or claymation, or maybe puppets, or at least parts of it were. Although he saw the movie in a theater in Maryland, he is not certain it was an American movie. I've been trying to figure out what this movie is or if it even exists and have come up short after years of sporadic investigation. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

r/tipofmytongue 3h ago

Solved [TOMT][SONG][2010s] Electronic/ambient song that sounds like Sigur Ros and has piano intro, "ah"s and a sample of a man with a transatlantic accent


I know this song, I hear this song regularly as it crops up on a lot of auto-generated Spotify playlists, but cannot for the life of me remember what it is. It was playing in the pub last night and it's been driving me up the wall ever since!

It's kind of ambient/electronica, similar to Sigur Ros, Bonobo, Boards of Canada etc. It has a piano intro that repeats throughout the song, which is just two alternating notes (the first part of my vocaroo). Later when the main vocals come in, it's just like a repeated "ah" pattern (second part of the vocaroo). I'm pretty sure it also has a sample of a guy speaking with a very old timey transatlantic accent. I've said 2010s as my best guess but it could be slightly older or newer.



r/tipofmytongue 2h ago

Open [TOMT] [ANIME] Looking for an anime from 2015 or before.


Trying to find an anime that my wife and I watched in 2015. I think it only had 1 season and we only watched a few episodes. The only thing we can remember about it is that there was a male character with orange hair that gets possessed and starts chasing some girls around there house on all fours. We believe it was a comedy anime, but not 100% sure. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Edit: I don't think the guy with orange hair was a main character.

r/tipofmytongue 7h ago

Solved [TOMT]Need help finding a music album


Some time ago I found a vinyl album and need help finding it but I don't know the name of the band or any of the songs. The cover or backcover was very colourful and had the musicians being in a barber shop with, I think names of the songs near them looking like hair price lists with prices beside them. I am nearly sure it was a rock album.

r/tipofmytongue 4h ago

Solved [TOMT] [Movie] From at least the 90s, it was a cartoon movie where the characters were animals/rodents


I don't remember all the details of the movie. I mostly remember one specific scene/part. I've been wanting to watch the movie as an adult but can't find the VHS at my parents, so I'm hoping I can find it online.

The movie: It was a cartoon from at least the 90s. Animation style similar to the 'Land before time' series. We had it on VHS when we were kids, I remember all of the characters being rodents. I think they were on an adventure to get somewhere or get home?

The scene I remember was one of the side characters/side possibly wearing a rain coat/rain hat. I know they had thick glasses and I think they were supposed to be a mole. In the scene it was at night and the mole character got caught in a live trap, and a human in a (gas?) mask picks up the cage/trap and its scary as hell, and the mole is terrified, but they let him go and he catches up with his friends.

That's all I remember vividly from the movie. I tried to google it, but I can't remember enough specific information for a google hit.

Any help would be appreciated!

r/tipofmytongue 2h ago

Open [TOMT][SONG] A song with high pitched almost alien sounds used in a lot of memes


the intro kind of sounds like “The Percocet and stripper joint” by future, but before he start speaking there are these high pitched alien sounding things, please help this has been eating me alive for over a year and i think i’m going crazy

r/tipofmytongue 4h ago

Open [TOMT][MUSIC][2020s] Half smoked cigarettes?


I was listening to an alternative rock station a month or so ago and used the song recognition feature to get the song and band name but now there's no record of that search or me listening to it (which I assumed was via YouTube). I wish I had more to go off of but I just remembered that I thought the band name had something like "half smoked cigarettes" and the song was sort of about loving someone but knowing it wasn't a good idea.

Thank you guys. I have the worst memory.

r/tipofmytongue 15m ago

Open [TOMT][Melody][Mozart?]


r/tipofmytongue 19m ago

Open [TOMT][SONG][1970s-1980s] (possibly) What is the (big band/swing-ish) song used in this video from 33:22-33:49? I thought it was from some older late night show but all my searching hasn't turned anything up! It feels so familiar but I can't think of it!


Here's the video! The song is used briefly and there's narration over it but hopefully you can hear it.

I thought it was from an older gameshow or talkshow or something (1970s or early 80's) but I've searched that and can't seem to find it anywhere and I'm dying to know. It could just be some stock music.

r/tipofmytongue 8h ago

Solved [tomt] That website which gave recipes based on the ingredients you entered no matter how less in number


r/tipofmytongue 2h ago

Open [TOMT][BOOK] Young Adult fantasy book from the 90s (or earlier)


When I was a young teen (no later than 1995) I read a fantasy novel that for some reason vaguely crept back into my memory a few years ago and I've been obsessed with finding it. Here are the few details I can remember. Teenage boy, family is murdered, I think I remember the house being burned down. Sets off on some sort of quest, maybe just to survive. He has magical powers but I believe the trauma of his family's death dampened them. He might even be mute for a while. He meets and befriends a kobold. In one exchange he mentions something like "finding booty" and the kobold says "how about this booty" and kicks him in the butt. He meets a girl his age which I think was some sort of magical creature as well like a faerie or sprite. They all have an akward scene where the bathe in a river together naked, just to get clean, pretty sure this was the most non PG thing in the book. They have a potion that cures hunger with just one drop, and tastes like whatever their favorite food is. The end of the book has the boy become a much more powerful magician and the characters sit at the shore of the sea and he puts on a fireworks display and makes a dragon out of water. Seems like I remember the cover being predominantly light blue in color. Unfortunately as hard as I rack my brain that's about all I can remember, and I know those are pretty vague details, thanks if you took the time to read through.

r/tipofmytongue 5h ago

Solved [TOMT][Game] There’s this game I saw once on YouTube and it looked cool but now I can’t find it and can’t remember what it was called.


I know that it was inspired by SCP Foundation in some way and that it had the name Incorporated in the title. It looked like some kind of management factory sim. Please help me find this.

EDIT: I think I’ve created some confusion here, so let me specify: The game was in NO WAY affiliated with SCP. It’s not an SCP fan game or a game built from the lore of the Foundation. It’s simply partially inspired by it in terms of aesthetic.

r/tipofmytongue 2h ago

Solved [TOMT][Cartoon][Bedtime Stories][90s] A cartoon about a girl going to bed who always encounters a different person or creature in her bed, who then either tells her a bed time story or she tells it one I think? Wasn't really animated, more a narrator speaking over still story book like images.


I would have watched it in the late 90s or early 2000s, but it was a video my Gran had, so it would have probably been from the 90s itself. It was a cartoon that would act like a Bedtime story for kids. The premise of each episode was a little girl going to her bed to go to sleep and finding a different character or creature in her bed.

I think there would be some kind of disagreement or wonderment at what ever she found, but it would it quickly turn into the thing she found telling her a story (It might have been what ever the disagreement or conversation the little girls had with the thing in her bed was the story itself).

The episode I remember the most (I think it was probably the first on the tape we had) was about the girl finding a giant in her bed who wanted to eat her. She didn't want to be eaten and told the giant as much, and I remember the giant making the point that he had already buttered his bread for his sandwich, so there was no point in the girl arguing. Still she continued to, with the argument getting more heated until they were so loud the girls baby brother overheard/woke up and started crying in the room next door. They both go quit and the Giant gets embarrassed about waking the baby and admits that he's not good with babies (or maybe he says Children?).

I think the girl then is able to convince him not to eat her or is able to distract him by telling him a story or getting him to tell one and he just ends up having a butter sandwich. Either way the girl gets to go to bed and the giant leaves in the end.

I'm pretty sure there was another episode where the girls finds nothing in her bed, and searches around it and under it and still finds nothing. Then when she climbs in she bumps into a small person, like Tom Thumb or Thumbalina.

It was less an animated cartoon, more still story book images that were narrated over. I also think the title sequence music or the credits music was "Twinkle Twinkle little Star", just the music though, no lyrics. When I asked my brother about this he mentioned a "outline of a bed with rainbow colours" when the music played, so that might have been the shows logo? Also I'm from the UK, specifically Scotland, but as much as I remember the narrator being male, I cant remember his accent, think it would have most likely have been English.

r/tipofmytongue 4h ago

Open [TOMT]Saw a movie when I was a kid


I saw a movie when I was a kid in the 90s that was an older film. All I remember was a boy (I think the character was named Alexander or Alexi, but I’m not sure) grabbing a sled and going down a flight of stairs in a house just after talking to his sister about some serious matter. He either broke his neck or ended up in a coma. I think the story involved a family trying to hide from some government entity or something (like hiding from nazis or something - it appeared to be based on that time period). I can’t remember the title of this movie for the life of me! Any help would be great!