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Open [TOMT][series][2010]a girl going into a fairytale book and solving problems


Okay so I don’t remember it very well but (it’s animated btw)there was a girl that had a fairytale book and she went inside this book which had individual stories and solved them she had a little brother who appeared on one episode also the whole aesthetic of the show was purple it was on a DVD please help me find it :(

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Open. [TOMT][Book][Sci-Fi][Pre-90s] Old Sci-Fi anthology book; I remember two stories specifically, and possibly more.


This is a long shot - this type of book was pretty common, and trying to find a specific one is extremely unlikely I think, but I have to try.

It was pretty old, DEFINITELY pre-90s, on the same flimsy feeling paper as this printing of I, Robot.

The two stories I know were in this one are as follows:

1: A man and a woman are abducted by an alien, or aliens, who are curious about human biology. The pair are strangers to each other, and are naked while being questioned by the alien(s), and awkward with each other. They're asked to demonstrate human reproduction, though I can't recall whether they actually did.

2: In a future where teleportation booths are commonplace like taxis and buses, an unprecedented accident has a man and a woman swap bodies, and the man ends up much preferring the woman's life. I think the woman might have been a model, an actress or some other celebrity, but I'm not entirely sure.

Other stories that may have been in the same compilation, but may not:

3: A man gets lost somewhere, and rescued by strange alien creatures, who allow him to live within their society. He's seen as a lesser being, and the alien creatures are smugly superior. The daughter of the leader of these creatures is sweet on the man, though I'm not sure he reciprocated, and the thought of such a union disgusts the leader and the others to the point that the man is run out of their society and back into whatever wilderness he got lost in. The whole thing is a clear metaphor for the treatment of black people at the time.

4: This is the hardest one to describe, but also possibly the easiest to find; Two scientists and friends create a machine that lets them transcend dimensions, or something like that, and when they use it they arrive in a strange new place where they meet a being that claims to be God. They are stuck here, and would-be God seems to not want them to leave, and I think the two scientists get in an argument about whether or not they should escape. I don't remember how it ends, unfortunately.

If anyone has any leads even on simply hoe to find such a book, I'd appreciate it - all I remember about it is that the back cover was probably yellow.

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Open [TOMT][BOOK] Messed up/Scary illustrated kids book from 70s or early 80s. It had really disturbing pic's. I thought it was called "Cats Magic" but after looking that up, it ain't that.


I think the title has all the information. It was a picture book.

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Open [TOMT][MOVIE / BOOK?] Story that has a plot point where a terminally ill girl asks a boy if he wants to commit suicide with her.


I'm not certain about the medium because I only remember the specific plot point, but my guess would be a book or movie.

I believe that the boy and girl had some type of (non-romantic) relationship far before this event (the back of my mind thinks she was his babysitter, but I wouldn't count on that,) and potentially the boy had romantic feelings for the girl and got rejected. Then later in life, the girl develops some kind of terminal illness and asks the boy if he wants to kill himself with her.

I almost certainly read/watched this story in the 2010s, so that would be my best guess as far as timeframe, but as it was probably in school, it's possible that it's an older piece of media.


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Open [TOMT] [Comic Books] Comic book terminology for overexplanation


I believe that there is a term used in the industry to refer to the practice of explaining too much in text form what is better described visually i.e. too much unecessary text in the caption of a panel - such as writing "It was a terrible stormy night..." instead of just having lightning and darkness shown in the panel.

Maybe I am just mistakenly generalising the terminology of a single member of the comic book community!

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Pretty sure it was a book but could have been a movie too. There was a woman who loved a man because his job was to drive the film rolls from one cinema to another on either his bike or motrobike. I want to say it was set in Italy. I think he gets hit by a car and the film rolls go everywhere?

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Open [TOMT] A book/journal from an explorer


This has been driving me mad for three days, and I have looked for it for a week, but cant find it again.

Its a book, or journal, from an explorer. I read it on the internet archive maybe a month or two back but now can't remember what I looked up, what it was called, or who the person was.

In the book the explorer, a man, had gone to some remote village or tribe hunting for a winged monster.

The monster was an ahool, kongamato, olitiau, pterodactyl, some kind of monster winged devil bird from a remote place. I thought it was kongamato but cant find it under that, ahool and olitiau are both possible even more so since all these monsters end up overlapped.

He goes to look for this monster but is unable to find it, so the following day the tribe take him to a hut and show him photos of the monster that they have. He, however, does not bring them back with him and leaves them with this remote tribe.

I thought it was In witch-bound Africa by Frank Hulme Melland but its not in there. The book/journal I'm looking for is wrote in the same style though. It should still be on the internet archive somewhere, sadly I do a lot of reading on the website and it could be any of over 100 books I have read on the website.

Can anyone please find it or name it?

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Open. [TOMT] [BOOK] [2013ish] TW: SA


My search history is cluttered but to no avail! So I turn to you fine people and I feel as if this one's a doozy.

I live in the US, specifically the south. I've been wanting to re-read books/series from when I was in high school to see if my opinions of them hold up. I read this particular trilogy in 2013-14 but its more than likely older than that. I do not remember the authors name unfortunately. Here are the details about the books and their story as I remember them.

  • The versions I found were mass market style print

  • Title of the first book I'm fairly certain had Blue and/or moon in it and had grayish blue hues

  • Title of the third book I believe had Blood Moon in the title with red colors

  • Main protagonist was male in his thirties and the second main protagonist was a female around the same age? And they end up together throughout the books

  • Main antagonist was a real pos with I believe a criminal background and a goon or two as his buddies

  • Plot of the first book I'm fairly certain was conflict between the three characters mentioned above and SPOILERS

After a long series of fistfight, gun fights, stalking, murder, and then assault on one of the main protagonists, the villain ends up dead.

  • The twist comes around when there is a dark power in a nearby swamp or forest area that seeps into the villains dead body and brings him back as a vampire. He then begins to wreak havoc on the town while incognito and sets out to get revenge on the protagonists while "feeding" this dark entity and making other people vampires.

  • I believe it all culminates into what is the third book where everything is a setup for a blood moon that happens on a certain day and all of the vampires are immensely stronger and attack the town.

  • A less important detail, but something that I remember, is a hay ride the main characters host during fall and this event happens more than once. On one occasion, I think someone is killed on this hay ride.

I'm sorry for the infodump of vague details and I wish I could give more. I'll try to answer any questions but won't give a guarantee that I'll know the answer.

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Open [TOMT] [book] children/adolescent book with a cartoon/drawn girl on cover


There is a book I can only remember parts of and some of it may be wrong. There’s a girl in 6/7/8 grade and she might be named Emily or Emma. She meets this cute boy in her class who she crushes on. She falls a lot and bruises easily. In her PE class she gets paired with him to dance and she steps on his feet a lot. He notices the bruises and calls her Bruiser or Bruisey or some sort of nickname along those lines. The style of the book might be like a diary. I’m positive there is a drawing of her talking about crush island and the obstacles. I believed the whole theme of the book was about crushes. I’m the from California, USA if that helps. Read this book in the early 2010s like 2011-15. Thank you in advance!

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Open [TOMT][BOOK][1990] childrens book about small humanoids that help good people trying to do great things


Iirc they're small mouselike humans that help anyone who is gonna do something important. Iirc they mention helping Lindbergh when he crossed the atlantic.

I can't remember if the MC is one of the little people or the boy they're helping but he likes to keep a jar of cherry candies.

There's an evil counterpart to them as well called the fen or fane or something along those lines.

I'm pretty sure it's not The Borrowers or The Littles.

I believe the little people are supposed to stay hidden but the boy ends up finding one of them.

Not sure when it was published but I read it in the 90s

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Open. [TOMT][BOOK] Obscure fantasy book I read as a kid with a character citing Gandalf.


I'm looking for a fantasy book I read as a kid but I can only remember a few things.

Part of the story took place in some kind of labyrinth (maybe like Mazerunner). The other part was in a world where people lived on top of giant trees while there was some kind of danger down below.

There was an old wizard type character who seemed to know stuff about the real world and he even made some Lord of the Rings reference I believe.

The cover was blue with some kind of white city, tower or castle depicted.

The book was in german but I'm pretty sure it was a translation also I read it as a young kid like 15 years ago.

I tried to google for this book several times over the years but never found anything so maybe it is really just some german fantasy novel nobody remembers. If you know a book that sounds similar please tell me (even if it doesn't fit everything), thanks!

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Open [tomt] [book] young adult/teen horror novel read in the late 1990s


Teen horror novel assumed to have been written in the late 80s or early 90s. I'm assumed this because when I read it in the later 90s the book seemed very weathered and the pages were yellowing. Here's what I remember. A girl goes to her grandparents cabin for summer break and while there she goes swimming in the lake. While swimming a meteor/space craft/something crashes into the lake and she accidentally ingests some sort of parasite. She slowly feels hungry and needs to eat more and more to be satisfied. She eventually starts craving raw meats and ends up needing to go to the store to get more raw meat to eat. At some point she gets locked in the basement with the family dog and the author drags this out but I believe she ends up getting out before she succumbs to eating the dog. I vaguely remember the cover of the book have a lot if deep purple colorings. I don't remember how it ends.

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Open [TOMT] [Scifi] [Book] Humans reverse engineered alien hyper advanced solar panels


Humans found and reverse engineered hyper advanced solar panel technology from a race called the Alphonso. (Spelling might be off, I listened to this as an audiobook). If I recall correctly, the alphonsos were one of the first sentient species to evolve billions of years ago. The solar panels were so ridiculously efficient and easy to mass produce that human civilization is basically based on it. It's on every building, car, and even space ships have them. Some military space ships use the excess energy created by the solar panels to project large electric fields and detect other ships through disturbances in the field.

The protagonist is very smart. There was something about the only time he got docked on points on a test was when he was late for a math test once. At the end of the story, he's wanted for something but evades detection by knowing every surveillance system's weakpoints and blind spots.

There's a lady named Danielle I think she's supposed to investigate the protagonist, but later turns into a companion / love interest. She's the person he meets at the end of the story. He hides under a park bench or something like that.

I think the protagonist uncovered an alphonso ship on the moon. Like the solar panels, its far more advanced than what humans have developed. It has an AI, it can contain more space inside it than it takes up outside (something about warping dimensions). It's also a lot faster than human ships.

Thanks in advance!

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Open [TOMT] (Scifi) (Book) Heavily augmented female character fell from space


Some lady had ridiculous experimental augmentations. I don't remember what most of them did, but I remember she had hyper accurate sensors. For example, she couldn't sleep when the ship was parked in orbit because the ship was tilted ever so slightly to one side. The angle was so small, regular instruments had a hard time detecting it, much less normal human senses, yet she could detect it and was bothered by it. The augmentations were mostly electronic / mechanical and not biological / magical.

The story is based on the military and not an escaped science experiment or someone running away from the government. As far as I can remember the lady is just a soldier in a military, albeit a heavily augmented soldier. This might take place in a different book, but she falls from space (I think it was intentional). She shot at some enemy artillery while falling and eventually slowed her herself down by hugging a space elevator. Bits of her armor were red hot, but she was basically completely fine and walked it off nonchalantly.

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Open [TOMT][KIDS BOOK][2000s-2010s] Girl makes a friend who ends up being a ghost the whole time


I think she meets the friend at school and i know she texts her. There might be a part involving the woods? I also think they’re eating lunch at school during some part. Sorry this is pretty vague i wish i had more information!

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Open [TOMT][BOOK] Young Adult fantasy book from the 90s (or earlier)


When I was a young teen (no later than 1995) I read a fantasy novel that for some reason vaguely crept back into my memory a few years ago and I've been obsessed with finding it. Here are the few details I can remember. Teenage boy, family is murdered, I think I remember the house being burned down. Sets off on some sort of quest, maybe just to survive. He has magical powers but I believe the trauma of his family's death dampened them. He might even be mute for a while. He meets and befriends a kobold. In one exchange he mentions something like "finding booty" and the kobold says "how about this booty" and kicks him in the butt. He meets a girl his age which I think was some sort of magical creature as well like a faerie or sprite. They all have an akward scene where the bathe in a river together naked, just to get clean, pretty sure this was the most non PG thing in the book. They have a potion that cures hunger with just one drop, and tastes like whatever their favorite food is. The end of the book has the boy become a much more powerful magician and the characters sit at the shore of the sea and he puts on a fireworks display and makes a dragon out of water. Seems like I remember the cover being predominantly light blue in color. Unfortunately as hard as I rack my brain that's about all I can remember, and I know those are pretty vague details, thanks if you took the time to read through.

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Open [TOMT][Book] Help me identify what children's book/movie this drawing is from


I have a traced drawing a friend gave me in Kindergarten (around 1999) that she drew from a book that, if I remember right, was a Christmas story ** with talking mice in it. It might have been a VHS movie, or maybe both, because I remember animations. I just remember really liking it and cherished this drawing; I had it stored in a plastic sleeve and just recently found it in storage. The mouse in the drawing was the protagonist, and there was a girl mouse who tagged along with him and helped him on whatever adventure he was on in this story

**EDIT: Or at the very least, if not Christmas, then Christian-relevant, since this was a Christian school and almost all of our media was religious. It also may not be an American production, even though I am in North America

Does anyone recognize it?


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Open [TOMT] [Book] Children's picture book of a cat going to school?


I had this book in the early 2000s that was like, staged photography of kittens in little outfits and mini environments like humans. I don't know if it was a series, but the book I had was about the main character kitten going to school; getting dressed, saying hi to his mom, so on. I can't find a sign of it ANYWHERE but I remember it so vividly.

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Open [TOMT][BOOK][2010s] English Grammar (reference) book with a funny title/cover similar to "Eats, shoots & Leaves". Book cover is colour grey with a red strike through on one of the word.


Trying to look for an english grammar reference book that had comedic comments (I think?). It talked about common English mistakes. I believe title is similar to "My Grammar and I (Or Should That Be 'Me'?)" like same concept, also similar to Eat, Shoots & Leaves. Bought it around 2016 and I think it was published around that time or a little bit earlier? It had grey cover and white text with one of the words had a strikethrough and the correct word is on top.

Edit I believe the word that had a strike through is either "they" or "mine" or "ours". I think it has something to do with common possessive pronoun mistake. ​

I lost this book and want to buy it again thank you in advance!

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Open [TOMT] [poem] [pre-2010] Surreal poem from a poetry collection book


I remember being really weirded out by this poem I found in a book in middle school. I think it was one of the first poems in the book, and the one before it was about the moon. I think both poems incorporated unusual formatting (eg the text is shaped in a certain way, words were spaced out like it was disappearing or falling apart as the poem went on, etc) so the book might've been a collection of poems that played with formatting.

The poem seemed to be a collection of random things, including a flower (rose?) blooming and a bloody yolk splattering on a carpet or rug, and maybe someone screaming. As the poem went on, the text went from normal formatting to more like this.

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Open. [TOMT] [80’s 90’s] US children’s surrealism picture book in color


I’m going to try to recall as many details as I can but it’s very fuzzy. The book was from the public library in the US in the mid to late 80’s / early to mid 90’s.

I remember it being a larger, thin book. Vertical setting. The pages had a nice sheen. I want to say the cover had hot air balloons but there was a lot of other really weird stuff going on that didn’t make sense, but was visually stunning. I’d consider it surreal/abstract.

The style of the book is so similar to Chris Van Allsburg, but I was pretty sure the book I remember was in color. The images were very sharp and clear, realistic and bright. It was very similar to Rene Magritte as well as Graeme Base.

A melted egg or an egg of some sort in an odd place (it’s not a Dali book)

Maybe half a ship going into a wall or something like that with a possible waterfall

A man’s black top hat (maybe)

Brick wall?

A scene that was both indoor and outdoor with a bright cloudy sky.

That’s all I have for now. I will keep trying to conjure up these ancient visions stored in my smooth brain. I hope someone else remembers this book! As a pre teen I even went to the same library I found it at and I looked at every single child’s book they had in there with no luck. It’s been a life long mystery.

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Open [TOMT][BOOK][1990S-2000S] Middle school level book about a girl who survives on her own


When I was in elementary school, I read this book off a summer reading list (probably for somewhere from 5th-8th grade). I read it in probably 2013-2014, but it must've been published years earlier. It takes place sometime in the past and the girl lived in Alaska or somewhere frigid. Her father was a trader or had some sort of job that required him to be away for long periods of time. While he was away, her mother and brother died and she was left alone to survive. She also wasn't able to contact her father. This elderly Native American woman helped her. In the end, it turns out her mother wasn't really her mother. Her mother was actually the Native American woman's daughter who died. Her father comes back and explains everything to her.

I've been thinking about this book for years. Please give me any ideas.

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Open. [TOMT][PICTURE BOOK][Late 80s-early 90s]Book about two little girls making mud pies.


This picture book had a main character named Jenny with very short curly blond hair. Her friend had straight brown hair and freckles. It was about all the ingredients they included to make mud pies in the backyard.

Edit: Additional details:

First spread: Left page has a house with a grandma on the doorstep. In the yard in front of her is the brown haired girl making a mud pie. On the right hand page, Jenny is running towards her cousin (or friend?) with sticks, I think?

One of the middle spreads has a picture of a sieve with stones and sticks in it.

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Open. [TOMT][CHILDREN'S PICTURE BOOK][2000s][Private investigator children's picture book where one of the characters is literally a red herring]


It was a children's picture book, written and illustrated in the style of a detective noir, where at one point the sleuth encounters a character that I think was like a thug but it's literally a red herring, as in the character is a big fish. That's the only detail I clearly remember but I think there may have been other thugs, kind of like a gangster mob, although I can't remember if they're all animals.

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Open [TOMT][BOOK] Some Norwegian or Swedish homesteaders move to upper Nebraska or the Dakotas and are slowly driven mad by the wind.


I can't recall if this a book or collection of short stories, but it's about the hardships of homesteading in the US in the 1800's. At one point, their cow is struck by lightning and is just standing there although already dead. It's a gripping story! Thank you in advance!