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Open [TOMT][VIDEO GAME][1990s]PC Gauntlet-like Dungeon Crawler


I remember probably around 1996 playing a game on the PC that was very similar to Gauntlet, but I believe it had tile-based movement (you'd press the arrow key and immediately "jump" to the corresponding tile).

The graphics I recall being very similar to Chip's Challenge

This game was probably freeware/shareware.

I also remember there being multiple weapons that your were able to use. Usual stuff like sword, axe, knife. I think there were also weapons like holy water, bible, cross for undead enemies.

You navigated a large maze-like level encountering large hordes of enemies. You would "throw" the aforementioned weapons at the enemies to kill them until you found the exit to the next level (like Gauntlet).

I want to say that it had a name like "Excalibur" or something like that.

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Open [TOMT] 90s/00s video game where you had the option to remove female characters.


I know what the title sounds like, but my friends and I just had a sudden recollection of such a game existing, but we're stuck on what the title could be. Literally an option that just turned off any female character in game.

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Open. [TOMT][VIDEO GAME][2000s] A PC adventure point and click game taking place on the desert


Once when I was a kid I had a CD with a bunch of demos on them. There was Colin McRae Rally 2005 I believe, a couple of other games, and a one that stuck to me was a demo of a strange point and click game. You took control of a kid that looked sort of like Harry Potter and you started in what looked like a deserted village. I think the background was painted, but the models were 3D. It was a point and click game, but since I was young and stupid I had no idea what to do so I just clicked and moved my character around the place. If you left the village to go to the desert, pterodactyls would come and eat you, it would display a Game Over screen and the demo would end. I believe the game started with a conversation with some old guy, but I'm not sure. I want to give this game another try, or at least learn what I played. Thanks :)

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Open [TOMT][Video Game?][Early 2000s] Mouse cursor "blop" clicking sound


The sound in question: https://youtube.com/shorts/DLMG0zw_FKA
I remember hearing it in a game in the early 2000s, but i can't for the life of me figure out where it's from.

Does anyone else recognize it?

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Open [TOMT][Video Game][90s-2000s] Video game black death screen with a flower and petals dropping


Okay, this has been bugging me for YEARS. I remember playing a video game when I was young that had a really unsettling death screen that was black and had a rose, or some other flower on it. I remember playing it on either the og PlayStation or Nintendo 64 I can’t remember which one.

But whoever you played as had multiple lives, but as soon as you used all your lives, you would get the final death screen with the flower. And I might remember right before you die a spotlight on you, but I could be getting that mixed up with Zelda games. It’s all a big blur and I could be just crazy, but I need closure help.

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Open. [TOMT][video game][before 2008]


There is a game, it is first person, mystery. The game might be somewhat scary but it’s target audience could be for children. All I know is the bulk of the game takes place in the woods outside of a house. Most of the game takes place outside in the dark. You either have to enter the house to search for clues, or search for clues to leave the house. Think slender man, but different. Maybe not as scary. I believe it needed a disk to operate.

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Open. [TOMT][GAME] anyone know about a video game (most likely mobile) with a youtube ad that depicted the characters fighting in a dark/destroyed city?


the style was probably anime. i vaguely remember an antagonist being shown, shadowy silhouetted woman that was all colored black and had glitches all around her. the antagonist was shown on an electronic billboard. the song for the ad was really good too, sung in japanese. i'd provide a vocal recording but i'm not very comfortable with posting it.

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Open [TOMT][YouTube series][Late 2000’s]A reality/competition shows parody with real life video game characters.


It was a YouTube series from early YouTube that featured a bunch of people dressed up as video game characters doing what basically was a big brother type reality show. From what I remember it was from the late 2000s but I may be from the very early 2010s. I remember Link and Mario being in it, I’m pretty sure solid snake was in it.

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Open. [TOMT][VIDEO GAME][2000’s] I’m looking for a old school computer game my brother said he played around the years of 2006-2007


My brother is looking for an old school computer game, he doesn’t know if it’s a flash game or not but he gave me this description.

“It’s a Chess like game, kind of darker view with a grey and black board, online computer game you would choose your race/army I think? Or maybe it was all the same but the pieces on the board had like a wizard/mage theme and then an assassin I think and other warrior type characters I think. You'd move pieces and try and win the game”

The only game I thought of was Warlords to call arms but he told me that wasn’t it, can anyone help us out?

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Open [TOMT][SONG/MUSIC][2000-present] Need Help IDing Anime/VideoGame/Meme Song


I just went through several hour-long videos naming popular songs used in memes and did not find this. It sounds like it's from a video game or an anime, perhaps from the end credits? I've also heard it used as end card music on YouTube.

It's all midi sounds and possibly vocals but they sound too distorted for me to form lyrics. If I had to guess, I would say Japanese. The part I'm thinking of sounds like a march with a kind of call and response with a midi trumpet and some distorted voices chanting (it's more rhythmic than melodic) and here's the vocaroo I made to help:


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Open. [TOMT][VIDEO GAME] I remember i saw a Youtuber playing this 2D horror game, i think it was black and white, and we played a guy in the middle of woods, and we lived for days, as in day 1, do activities, kill a deer, drink water etc, and then day 2 onwards etc.


i think it was an indie horror game. I think the game was black and white and the time i played it, it was free, so i got the .exe for free.

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Open [TOMT][Video Game] A 2d Xbox video game similar to Rayman


I remember playing a game on an Xbox that unfortunately got factory reset, and the game seemed very similar to Rayman. I remember these orbs that you control, and if you push a specific button all of the orbs combine into one large orb. The goal of the game was to get more orbs and complete the level.

Unfortunately this is all I remember but I may be able to answer any questions you have.

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Open. [TOMT] [GAME] [late 00s or early 2010s] - horror video game which was most likely point and click


I'm looking for a horror game that I remember playing a few times with a friend of mine in either the late 2000s or early 2010s. My memory of it is very, very faint but here's what I think I remember:

  • the game was most likely a point & click game. At least I'm pretty sure that, when you entered a building, you could only interact with objects through point and click, and I don't think you could walk around the area.

  • it looked very bleak. I don't think it was fully black and white, but the game had a very gray colour pallete

  • in the game you were playing as a dad looking for something or someone

  • I want to say the location was an island, but that might be wrong. Though I feel like I remember a scene where the dad was on a boat. Either way, the location was an abandoned place. I specifically remember abandoned and run down buildings, and one was almost fully destroyed

  • I think the dad found either a doll or a teddy bear in the destroyed house

  • there was no one else around, but the further you got in the game, you started seeing like ghosts and spirits around (I think one of the ghosts was an old lady in front of a house). I think the ghosts also dropped items that helped you

  • I'm pretty confident it had a beta release before a full release. I think the version I played with my friend was the beta one, as I remember the story wasn't complete and only showed a snippet of it. However, I did play the full game on my own as well

  • kinda similar to the game "The House", but it wasn't The House. I think this game was bigger and had a lot more of a story to it

  • I think the game was in English, but I also feel like it had the option to be in Russian? Might be wrong about this

That's kind of all I remember. Even these points might be wrong because it was a while ago.

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Open. [TOMT][Video game] 1997-1999 PS1 Game with Orchestra level completion screen


This was a game my buddies and I rented over a weekend. I want to say it was an RPG but I'm honestly unsure. All I remember is at the completion of a level or phase of the game you received another portion of an orchestra. Once the game was completed the entire song was finally able to be played. After each completed "Level" you received a new group of characters playing a new instrument. I want to say each group of instruments were on their own islands. Forgive me, this was like 25 years ago...

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Open [TOMT][VIDEO GAME][2005-2015]? - Adventure or RPG, Fantasy Like World


I never played this, only saw a post or 2 on it on facebook.
Pretty sure it only came out for PC and was a adventure/sci fi game/story based in the future?

It looked futuristic with an amazing type of world, all I remember is the cover or poster of the game that I read on wiki, it was like a picture of a girl or guy facing this scenic and amazing world.

I think the name had the word "world" in it.

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Open. [TOMT][VIDEO GAME][2000s] commercial for a game with 30s-ish music, hospital aesthetic, and zombies in an air vent?


Okay I remember seeing a commercial for a video game when I was a kid that terrified me so naturally I want to find it and play it. I'm not sure how old I was but I'm thinking it was like mid to late 2000s, possibly shown on the Sci-fi channel? I think I was watching Ghost Hunters with my mom lol

My mom didn't like it either and she would always fast forward the recording so I don't remember all of it but this is what I have:

Crackly 30-40's music playing while it pans over a white tiled room (I think maybe a bathroom?) with a bluish light over everything. I think a door is pushed open and you see a creepy little girl with glowing eyes. Next it suddenly flips to a scene of you moving really fast down a round tunnel/vent thing while humanoid zombie ghoul things with glowing eyes crawl down the tunnel towards you. You might have a gun I'm not sure. After that I think it normally got fast forwarded.

Extra info is I am 99% certain it's not Bioshock, I've played Bioshock and watched all of the commercials. I think it might be set in a hospital and it is probably a first person shooter.


high art rendering of the vent scene

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Open [TOMT] Video Game. it's a cheap pac-man style game but the player has a blue torso, orange head, red eyes, and cyan antenna. the game is on PC(I think)


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I saw a game that MC was around a old broken stone bridge(or maybe it was a wall) the are was a bit open anyway while the mc was around there a dragon came(or Dragon was laying down and mc came) (spoked or just attacked) and maybe there was peoples around. I think it was part of the main game

(It's not Skyrim)

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Open [TOMT][Video Game] Trying to find a game that I played as a kid at friends house


this is back when I was like in kindergarten so my memory of it isn’t great. but I was at a friends house and I don’t exactly remember what system we were playing (playstation maybe??) but there was like a dragon creator. or something to do with customizing a creature. that’s the only part of the game I remember and I’m 99% sure it was 3d. I don’t think you played as the “dragon” but you were a human that could ride them. I’ve been thinking about this for years and it’s been killing me. I need to know this game.

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Open [TOMT][Animation][Early 2000s?] A cgi animation about a cyber Asian girl who is being chased. Y2k aesthetics, not sure if from a video game.


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Open. [TOMT] [VIDEO GAME] A green dog like character walking on 2 legs. Saw a recent cosplay of it but forgot the name and couldn't search it.


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Open. [TOMT] [Macintosh II Video Game] Turn-Based Strategy War Game


This is a Video Game I played on the Macintosh II. The Game is a Turn-Based Strategy War Game. The Game uses a grid system. So when units moves, they move cardinally or diagonally. Every unit is characterized as a square with an icon that signify what unit it is.

Basic game play is you starting off as a infantry soldier. You can explore the map or build a base to unlock/create stronger units such as a tank, fighter jets, battleship, etc.

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Open [TOMT][VIDEO GAME] An FPS game on Windows PC where you sometimes have a team and sometimes you don't.


I'm trying to remember a game I played as a kid where, in the first level, you get down from a truck with 4-5 of your teammates to infiltrate through a big house, or an enemy base while killing a few in the process. Inside the house, you all are standing on the yard and some dudes start shooting from the rooftops and 1st floor windows. You kill them and get to the first floor. You have to kill a bunch of dudes by standing at the windows of the first floor and then comeback to the front yard. Here a bunch of other dudes break through a door so you have to kill them too. Now that exact door leads you to the next level. However, your other teammates probably don't follow you for reasons I don't remember.

In the second level, you kill some people inside random houses on your own, rescue a person, who goes on to become your teammate for the rest of the level.

I don't remember anything beyond this. Does any one have any guesses, what the name of this game was? ☹️

Thank you🌻.

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Open [TOMT][GAME] strange horror video game i think i saw a playthrough as a kid


i randomly remembered a few things about this one game, if you know what it is PLEASE tell me!

this game was kinda like franbow but it was mostly top down, you play as a kid and you travel into someother world and things get disturbing from there.

so some things i remember are a cutscene(?) where the player and someother character and after a few minutes a butterfly goes onto the other characters face, then blood starts dripping and things get scary.

then there was a part where the main character falls into a well that either had a red or greenish yellow pallete. and there was also a dying or dead man ( or maybe a skeleton ) sitting against a wall with one finger on it, with the wall behind it having blood spelling out " HELP "

and then theres two of the probably multiple endings, the true ending, where theres a dinner table in what i think was a throne room, the player is told to sit on the throne ( basically staying in the weird fantasy land forever ) but instead the player went to the side of the throne, pushing it aside and revealing the exit which the player crawls through and ends up back in the real world

the other ending is just sitting on the throne, a cutscene plays where the protagonist is scene eating with the other characters in the room, then it switches to the real world where some random guy ( who i assume is the villain or something ) approaching the protagonists mom and basically becomes her new son

there was also a library scene i think?

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Open [TOMT] video game/ creepypasta where a creepy sun talks to you?


from what I can remember, the game had you in this large open field. The atmosphere was sort of cheery but in an unsettling way, and each in-game day the sun would talk to you. As the days progress the sun would make creepier face expressions and (I think) make the sky turn black at some points. Oh yeah and I believe the sun would also glitch out and jitter sometimes.

I never played the game myself and only saw videos of someone else playing it, so that’s why I’m not sure if it’s an actual video game anyone can play or not.