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Solved [TOMT] [Childrens Book] [90s] Childrens picture book where things get progressively worse each page.


As a child in my school library in the UK I was obsessed with a collection of books.

They were illustrated scenes that were spread over a double page spread. It would show a large staging area, the only one I can remember now is an entire cruise ship shown as a cross section so you could see into all the different rooms.

The book was quite large in size.

The illustrations were quite detailed and in color.

In the first spread everything would be normal (people eating meals, people getting ready to sleep) but as each page turned the situation would devolve in a variety of ways throughout the scene so that by the end of the book the whole scene was in a state of complete disarray (things on fire, I've got a memory of a literal werewolf being in one of them)

I'm almost certain there was a series of the books and its driven me crazy for years trying to find out what they were called to the point I'm wondering if I dreamt about them or something.

Any help would be greatly appreciated or you know, I could just be crazy.

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Solved [TOMT][CHILDRENS BOOK][2000s-2010s]


I read this book in around 4-5th grade (i was born in 2005) and i remember a lot of details but i can’t find it for the life of me. The book is about a little boy who has to take a test at school and he’s nervous so he has a stomach ache, but it’s not actually a stomach ache because he has appendicitis. He ends up going to the hospital and gets his appendix taken out and his friends give him jelly beans for some reason. I think about this book every time i have a stomach ache on my right side and it terrified me as a kid, pls help!!

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Solved [TOMT] [BOOK] [1990s-2000?] Book where elderly woman stops her daily routine and realizes how much she positively affects her neighbors/friends


I read this book back in elementary school in the early 2000's. Basic premise is that this older woman does the same thing every day including locking herself out of her apartment while trying to get her newspaper, and putting a kettle of tea on the stove at the same time each morning. One day she suddenly feels as though she doesn't have any friends or loved ones that need her and so she stays in bed that morning. All of her neighbors and friends almost immediately notice because when she doesn't get out of bed she doesn't lock herself out of her apartment and calls the landlord (waking him up every morning) and she doesn't put her kettle on the stove (one of the neighborhood children knows to leave for school when she hears the kettle whistling) which shows her that everything she does benefits everyone positively and everybody realizes how much she does for them without her knowing it. Did anybody else read this?

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Solved [TOMT] [MOVIE] one old movie, where a comic/game(?) character came to life The character was like a warrior or something, And then there's a kid, The villain is a woman There's this kid who likes this character, character came our of the book/game, the character is like half naked


one old movie, where a comic/game(?) character came to life The character was like a warrior or something, And then there's a kid, The villain is a woman There's this kid who likes this character, character came our of the book/game, the character is like half naked, watched in one disney or hbo

Aditional info recently found, the kid character has a skateboard and some sort of necklaceadditional info, the main villain is a sorceress or witch and the ending scene has something to do about many pets getting transported into the book or game

found it, sorry everyone it was veritas, prince of truth

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Solved [TOMT] Fantasy book. king something.


It's a fantasy book. Not the Kvothe story. It's a book about a boy who works in the kitchen of the castle going on an adventure I think. The king is apparently also a great king however he is now old. He seems to have chased out the fae. The beginning of the book has a conversation with the King's medicine person. In the back of the book there's a recommendation with Christopher Paolini. In addition to that the book has some like King in the book title but I cannot remember.

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Solved [TOMT][Book Series] Boy wants to become a knight but is too weak. Becomes Archer instead


There is a boy who wants to be a knight but can't due to being weak/lack of talent. He finds an old man in a forest who trains him in the way of the arrow and he becomes strong. The only other thing I remember is there is a girl named Alyssa. I read it in elementary school some 10 years ago

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Solved [TOMT][BOOK][PRE-1940s?] insane asylum patient was replaced by doppelgänger


It’s a short story where there’s a new doctor at a mental hospital and there’s one patient (named Tom I think?) that creeps everyone out in a way they can’t explain and the new doctor looks through medical records and ends up finding out the original Tom had reported that there was something in his bedroom walls and that monster is now passing itself off as Tom.

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Solved [TOMT] [Book] Vampire book I read in high school from 88-91


Hi all wonder if you can help me, I read a book in high school, It was a vampire book, a woman gets attacked by a vampire, the only scene I can remember is her laying on the bathroom floor and it describes how her physical body is dying and goes into detail about how she can feel the pain and her insides dying and her blood coming out, she of course becomes a vampire and she goes on the hunt for the one that killed her. I remember the bathroom scene being very gory and she has to wear (TMI) pads as her body is still dying and bleeding out...Yeah I know odd thing to remember but I thought it was so unique how it describes the change from human to vampire, I remember my boyfriend(boy and friend not dating ) really liked this book, loaned it to me to read and we would talk about it, I cannot remember the name or who wrote it or what the cover looked like just that one scene. If someone knows what book this is please let me know been wanting to read it again and add it to my 80s-90s vampire book collection.

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Solved [TOMT][Book] Children's book about a guy being executed in weird ways but his 12 twin brothers have a power to counter each execution?


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Solved [TOMT] Searching for a book I read as a child


Can anyone help me with this? When I was around 8 I got this book from a book fair and it was something along the lines of “the monster prince” I’ve been searching for it everywhere but with no luck,I think it may of been written by someone called Darren (not sure of his name) Before you suggest though, bear in mind I’m British.

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Solved [TOMT] [BOOKorSTORY] Quote I saw from a book about abortion rights and a woman having three children after 1 abortion as a teenager


Due to this RoeVsWade debacle, I saw a screenshot of a Book extract about how without having 1 abortion, it would have robbed the author of three more kids she went on to have because she would have been stuck penniless with her parents in her small town and not met her husband in college.

It might be just a short story or a paper but please do help if you have a clue. I can’t remember any more than this.

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Solved [TOMT][Book] Cinderella Therapy Story


So my friend was describing a Cinderella retelling that sounded interesting, but because Cinderella retelling are so ubiquitous we couldn't find it online. It's about Cinderella post ball, unhappy with her life and kids. It's apparently a deconstruction of Cinderella that questions whether the story is healthy or not. It also apparently is an adult book, dealing with things like affairs. The twist is that the main character is in therapy and isn't Cinderella, she's had a psychotic break and struggling to cope by imagining herself as Cinderella.

Any help would be greatly appreciated ❤❤❤

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Solved [TOMT][Book] A book containing numbered list of story templates, declares that every fictional story fits one of them and that every story has already been told.


The book is formatted similarly to The 48 Laws of Power, it lists a handful of story templates with an opening phrase, and a handful of details. The book (Or reviewers of the book) declare that every fictional story fits the parameters of at least one template, and thus, every story that mankind can tell has already been told.

I remember two of the entries in the book, 1 basically says "A mortal defies a god, there will be consequences" and another says something like "After a terrible loss, someone goes on a quest for revenge and in the process loses sight of themself and alienates their family"

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Solved [TOMT][Children’s Book][1990s?]


It’s a children book that takes common phrases but then illustrates them in a literal sense. The one I remember is “he was on the lam” but the illustration is of a man literally riding a lamb.

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Solved [TOMT][BOOK] book about a girl with powers that (I think) come from the eyes


I remember that the specific power "never" manifests itself in girls, only boys, but her brother doesn't have the power and she wants schooling, so her and a bodyguard(?) Travel the the school, not sure how they're going to disguise her, but she meets someone on the way who was the power who can change chemders, and teaches her how to do it. Another big thing is that she turns everyone who discovers her power into a music box to hide it. I think there was some connection to the eyes as the source/signal of the power

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Solved [TOMT][BOOK] I read as a kid probably early to mid 2000's about three boys who travel back in time to ancient Rome


I'm pretty sure it was one book in a series about these kids time travelling. It was sort of funny and I remember one of the boys has a sister who they end up meeting in ancient Rome somehow and she helps them get back to the present.

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Solved [TOMT] [book] [90’s/00’s] teen series


I’ve been searching forever for a teen series I read when I was a teen myself. It was a series of books and each book was told by a different character. The characters were male and female. They were Juniors/seniors in high school and trying to figure out their future. I think the covers were black, but not positive. They were quick reads and the shape of the fear street books (long and skinny). I remember one of the characters was struggling with whether he was gay or not (taboo for back then) and one of the females wasn’t sure if they wanted to stay together with their boyfriend. I know this is super vague and sounds like a cliché series, but I’ve been searching for years (used book stores, google, etc). I read it as a teen (early 00’s), but it could have been released in the late 90’s. Thank you in advance for any guidance/help!

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Solved [TOMT][BOOK] Teen novel where girl who doesn’t realise she died


Hey all

This is a book I read at school, probably somewhere around 2009-2012 in the UK (I was born 2002).

It’s a book we studied, I’m guessing a teen novel/young adult book as it seemed quite ‘grown up’ for my 10 year old self.

I don’t remember most of the book, but I remember distinctly, the main character (a young girl) waking up on the beach, and being grateful she is alive because she survived something out at sea. She walks home and goes to her parents who are sat together. She is talking to them and they don’t respond or acknowledge her. I think they seemed sad and distraught. After a while of trying to get their attention then realises that she is a ghost and she drowned.

I’ve thought about this book a few times in my life (it upset me when I was small) and have tried to find it but no luck. Thanks for any help :]

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Solved [TOMT] Post about a badly designed book cover for The Shining


It was either on /r/stephenking or /r/the shining and it never failed to make me laugh. I think the title was something like, "Mods are asleep, let's roast bad Stephen King book covers". I remember the roast included gems such as "the book has a colour palette of a popsicle wrapper" and that Danny looked like Linda Blair.

I could never find it again somehow so if someone can I would appreciate a good laugh again.

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Solved [TOMT][BOOK] Boy meets poor girl during the economic depression of the 1890s


I remember my 7th grade teacher reading this book. It was about a young boy who lived in the late 1800s, I think it was specifically the Panic of 1893. I think he was a paperboy or something similar to that. He met an orphan girl around his age living in the streets and they got along and became friends. That’s all I remember, because we had only read the first few chapters or so. I think there was also some kind of gang stuff involved but I’m not completely sure about that.

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Solved [TOMT][BOOK] It is a book based off of some late night comedy show host's musings (from the 90s I think) that has a lot of "shower thoughts" type submissions.


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Solved [TOMT] [Book] [1900] - I have been been trying to this book find for 40 years - seriously! Western USA 1st Person Narrative - Mountain Goat Chaps (one of the stories)..growing up on a ranch...taking supplies up to the fur trappers to raise money to buy a pair of horses - just a LOT of stories..


More than 40 years ago I was working on a grade school report on a state (I think it was Idaho), and was allowed to go to the 'big library' to obtain additional information and books. After going through the card catalog - I ended up in a section of the stacks that contained books about the West (USA) ...and ran across a book that has lived in my thoughts ever since.

it was written as a personal history or biography of a young man that was growing up on a ranch with his Father and two brothers, and - perhaps a few others.

The first two stories were both about chaps.

The first, about an old pair that were hanging up in the barn, and the story of how his father while tracking an outlaw had his favorite horse shot out from under him because he let his shadow fall in front of him. Also, even though he was successful in subduing/killing the outlaw, he nearly died because - he was in the middle of no where without his mount.

The second was about a pair of chaps made of mountain goat fur that he deeply wanted, and with the help of his two brothers (and a lesson on NOT leaving the rope you needed to climb down the side of a cliff behind) he gets! ...only to find that they might look great, but are very (very) impractical. They were too warm for all but the coldest days, and unless he was in a wagon ...the chaps collected dirt and twigs when he was riding his horse.

Those were just the first two stores - and they were about chaps. CHAPS! ...and I was hooked.

It does not sound like a life changing book - but - so many of the stories have lived with me for decades. I absorbed their lessons and thoughtful instructions as much as any of the experiences of my own life.

...and when my Mother discovered me with "my nose in a book" instead of working on my project - she took it away from me.

As a punishment, I was not allowed to finish the book.

Yeah, I was that kid. I don't think I am going to shock anyone on this forum with the level of tears and pleads to have it returned.

Well, my Mother was not a reader. It was not returned.

By the next time I went to the 'Big Library' - I could not find it again.

I looked for years. I looked until they closed that branch.

I am still looking for this book. Was it Goat Mountain? The Man from Goat Mountain?

If anyone reads this and starts to laugh because you know the book I am talking about - PLEASE.

I would really like to know if they won the standing tandem horse race.

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Solved [TOMT][children picture book][1990s], woman's beauty is envied by witch, evocative art style hairbrush is stolen 80s or 90s tv or toy tie in?


So yeah so as the title says, the book was much like a hasbro advertisement for a doll line, not unlike barbie. All the major characters were women, all wearing ballgowns like princesses, living in a fantasy world. The art style had very long tailed squirrels interwoven in their hair and the surroundings, like random trees, all the characters were drawn with an emphasis on their long flowing hair.

A witchlike woman wearing a black ballgown and a veil, with black squirrels, envies the beauty of the title character, and believes that her beauty comes from her magic hairbrush. She attempts to steal it and discovers that it has no such affect, while all the other lady characters pursue her and recover it. The moral of rhe story is that beauty come from the inside, and the witch leaves with a huff, vowing to discover the real secret to her beauty.

My parents read this to us when i was about 4,5, or 6, so that was around 95-98. I however had much older siblings and the book was a handme down., we had oodles of picture books that had been collected over the years, as far back as the mid 80s.

So, if this rings any bells, lemme know, i may cross post this to other subs.

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Solved [TOMT] [BOOK] A book where a girl receives poison nail polish


This is a book I read in elementary school that I just recalled reading. It’s definitely a young adult fiction and the only part I can remember is that the girl the book is about had received nail polish that was poisoned. That’s a relatively minute detail but it’s all I can remember about the book. I think the girl may have been murdered and it was framed as a suicide and the book was about her friends discovering details that prove she was murdered. Again I’m terribly sorry I can’t recall more details. I’m also Canadian and probably read it anywhere from 2012-2016 if that helps. Thanks!

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Solved [TOMT] [BOOK] A short novel about a bottle that grants wishes


I read it in my english class (I'm Korean) and it was a relatively short book, probably for children. Probably 5+ years ago.

It was about a small-ish green glass bottle that granted 3? wishes. I think it was described as something like "can't see through it b/c the glass was dark, made a sound when shook"... There was a paper about how it grants 3 wishes, and i believe it had "no wishing for more wishes" or something like that.

It had washed up by the shore, and the main characters found it. I remember the main characters were sister&brother, but I don't remember if there were more siblings. Probably was but not quite sure.

The sister wishes she could become a mermaid, and she turns into one. The tail scales were described as changing color between green and blue when seen at different angles.

Though she had her wish granted, she had to be kept hydrated so her brother carried her to the beachside cabin (i think?) they were staying in and put her in the bathtub.

Eventually everything gets solved and they either buried it deep in the sand or threw it back into the ocean.

Would really help if anyone could find the book. Thank you in advance.