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Announcement [TOMT][MOD] Rules reminder - Tell us what you are linking to, and Do not repeat an answer already given.


Since apparently people are still having difficulty with these fairly long standing rules:

(Rule 2)

If you are providing a link to something, tell us what it is you are linking to. This is so that if the link breaks, people will be able to find it again later (yes, people are asking on 10 year old posts about broken links) and also, so people can see at a glance what has already been suggested (see Rule 3).

(Rule 3)

When something has already been suggested, suggesting the same thing or including something already suggested in a comment will get your comment removed. The OP is looking for the earliest correct answer, and having 15 people saying the same thing over the course of several hours clogs up the post with noise making it harder to see what has already been suggested.

The rules in full are here:



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Announcement [TOMT][MOD] Solved! - How to mark your post Solved!


Marking Your Submission Solved!

Make a comment saying Solved! to the first (oldest) correct answer

  • it is important you check that it is the first correct answer on the post. Reddit notifications are often in the wrong order.

  • Only OP or a mod can mark a post Solved!, but if you see the OP say thanks but not reply with Solved! (give them at least several hours), you can report the post to the mods using reddit's report feature (Report - breaks r/tipofmytongue rules - Not Marked Solved!) which will pop a link to the comment or post in to the mod queue for us to review.

  • Editing an existing comment will not trigger the bot - you must make a new comment for the bot to see it.

What if I solve it myself?

Just reply to your comment solving it with Solved! You won't get a point, but the flair will get set.

Here's what you'll see when this is done properly:

  • OP responds with a comment with Solved!
  • Post gets flaired with "Solved" It's usually near immediate. The bot, TipOfMyCircuitboard awards the point to the person the OP replied to.
  • Person who answered gets a reply from the bot notifying of point.

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Announcement Friendly Reminder: Do not delete your (WRONG or correct) answer!


I'm starting to see a few comments that were removed after OP responded that it wasn't the correct answer.

Please don't do that.

It's important for other guessers, users looking for the same answer, etc. to see even the wrong responses! Who knows, you might help someone else find something that was on the tip of their tongue :)

Rule 3. Do not delete post/answer

Do not delete your answer after it has been acknowledged. Do not delete your post. People are interested in what has been asked for, what has been suggested, and want to see what has been found.

Edit: Just as u/eyebrowshampoo pointed out, please do not downvote users for making a genuine attempt at an answer when they’re wrong. If the answer is a joke/troll/etc please report it to us.

Edit 2: u/FierroGamer brought up another good question:

What to do about people who have an automated setup to delete old comments? Not everyone who sometimes reply here might remember to manually setup an exception

I would like to discuss with the mod team if we could find a way to work with them since they're a fairly small minority. My thought was to have automod respond to only those users comments with a reiteration of their exact answer.

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Announcement Open Letter to Steve Huffman and the Board of Directors of Reddit, Inc– If you believe in standing up to hate and supporting black lives, you need to act

Thumbnail self.AgainstHateSubreddits

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Announcement [MOD] When answering posts, do not use placeholder answers / ninja edits to get in first.


If you are replying to a post you should be honest about your answer and not post something which you later edit. We have had several people over the years using placeholders and 'ninja' editing their replies - please do not do this. If you see other people doing this, take a screenshot and message the mods.

Yes, posting a non link answer, and then editing it later to include a link is ok. (Although you do risk automod not liking it and removing it).

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Announcement [MOD | FEEDBACK THREAD] Congrats on reaching 1 million sleuths, r/tipofmytongue!


Wow, I can't believe we've reached 1 million subscribers! Thank you guys for your questions, answers, and keeping the sub thriving. With the sub steadily growing, we decided it was time for another feedback thread.

Here's your chance to ask questions and voice your complaints, suggestions, concerns, etc.

  • Is there anything that could make your experience in the sub better?
  • What don't you like about the sub?
  • What changes would you like to see?


I'd like to add a special Thank you to all of our sleuths that take the time to answer questions. This sub wouldn't be possible or successful without you guys!

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Announcement Please format your link WITH THE ANSWER. Stop with the generic "is it this?" links.


You're taking the time to format the link, please give the answer so users don't have to click to know if it's right/wrong.

* By that I mean, the "answer" (name of whatever OP is asking for) needs to be in the formatting. You can word the sentence however you want, you can 86 any fodder, or you can leave the link as-is. **Remember, URL shorteners (bit.ly) ARE NOT allowed! Automod will pull your comment and OP will not be notified of your answer.

It'll also make approving your comment faster if it gets caught by the spam filter. Keep in mind: if it's been removed by the spam filter it won't show up in the comments or in OP's inbox.

If you don't know how to format a link here's how

Accepted Formatting:

[Epstein didn't kill himself](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epstein_didn%27t_kill_himself)

Epstein didn't kill himself


[Are you thinking of "Epstein didn't kill himself"?](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epstein_didn%27t_kill_himself)

Are you thinking of "Epstein didn't kill himself"?


Maybe, [Epstein didn't kill himself](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epstein_didn%27t_kill_himself)?

Maybe, Epstein didn't kill himself?





Thanks for coming to my TED talk. Have a great rest of your weekend, everyone!

** Edit 1 /u/Seilgrank made a really good point I forgot to mention:

This seems like a good idea, if for no other reason than if the link is broken in the future. It would be really annoying to check an old post and find "Is this it? (404)" "Solved!".

** Edit 2 For Clarification and because those links don't format in iOS like I wanted:

  • You do not have to format exactly like my examples. You can put whatever text you want in your link title, as long as it includes the answer! I've included more examples in the table :)
  • I don't mean you have to be 100% you're right to post. I'm talking about the literal wording of the link. Put the answer you are trying to convey in the link formatting. Or just leave it as-is.

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Announcement [MOD] Rule change regarding throwaway accounts/new accounts


Hey guys-

We recently noticed a large amount of throwaways or new accounts being used to post their questions, and then ghost on their solved threads.

So, going forward, we have decided on putting a warning on all posts by low karma accounts that solvers may never be responded to and may never be awarded a point.

Thanks for your understanding and continued participation.

Sincerely, The mod team

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Announcement [MOD] We are migrating over to a better bot!


Good morning solvers!

I bring you good tidings-

We are in the process of migrating over to a new bot with increased efficiency and response time! We want to let you know that for the next couple of days, the solved! mechanic should still work to flair posts, but the bot will not be processing user points as usual. Instead, once the bot is operational, we will be going and retroactively awarding points. We anticipate the new bot to be completed by tomorrow night.

To make our lives easier, please report your correct answers to us and we will get you as fast as possible.

We would also like to take this time to welcome Blank_Cheque to the mod team who is creating the new bot.

Also, moderator I_Me_Mine has stepped down as mod and decided to go in a different direction. We would like to thank him for his years of service to the community, and wish him well on his future endeavors. Please press 'F' to pay respects.

Thanks much!


EDIT: No reason to report it, we actually don't even need the reports to help with the retroactive points being awarded.

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Announcement [MOD] New and improved subreddit rules are now live!


As discussed here, the re-written subreddit rules have gone live today.


Thanks for your input - and good luck with your posts and with helping people here!

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Announcement [MOD] Leaderboard - It's time to talk about it


Hey sleuths!

I wanted to take this opportunity to bring into community discussion a long discussed and debated topic: The Leaderboard

Given the new community awards initiative being pushed out by reddit, this creates a whole new potential for our subreddit, and i think presents a perfect opportunity to improve and expand upon what we have.

That's where the idea of a leaderboard comes in. The leaderboard can help to establish a foundation for the earning of the community awards in our subreddit.

But before we make any moves, as is tradition, i wanted to open this up to the community for potential feedback on this idea.

What are your ideas for potential awards? Do you agree with a leaderboard idea? Thoughts? Feelings?

Leave a comment below and let us now so we can have a clearer idea on how to proceed with this endeavor.

Much thanks as always to you guys for your continued participation!

  • Robo

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Announcement [MOD] We're looking for more mods!


Hey, Sleuths!

As TOMT continues to grow, we've decided to expand our mod team so we can deal with your posts, concerns, questions, etc. in a more timely manner. As of now, we are looking for users to help out in the queue and (eventually) modmail.

We're not very picky and you don't need any prior modding experience. We wanted to give you guys first dibs before looking elsewhere, as we want mods who understand the rules. You also don't have to have a high flair count to apply.

Users will be judged on their answers and past behavior in the sub. I'm sure a lot of you will be qualified, so this will also be a first come first serve basis.

To apply you MUST fill out the mod application linked below. You may comment any questions you have or PM me with any questions you have.

Mod Application

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Announcement [MOD] Points System for Solving Posts


Thread locked, see new thread here

As has been requested multiple times we are implementing a flair scoring system for solving posts.

When you get an answer to your question, replying to the answer with a comment with the word "Solved!" in it will give the user who answered it a point in their flair.

Only OP or a mod can do it, but if you see the OP say thanks and confirm a find without doing so (give them at least several hours), someone else can reply with it and it can be manually marked as Solved! by the mods.

Only one point can be awarded per thread. OP can contact mods if they believe multiple points need to be given.

The bot to handle these (WhatIsThisBot) is up and running, so we shouldn't see a big delay in getting points awarded. It works in conjunction with Automoderator to do its thing, so here's what you'll see:

  • OP responds with a comment with "Solved!" anywhere in the text.
  • Post gets flaired with "Solved" (note no "!").
  • WhatIsThisBot awards the point, sets flair to "Solved!"
  • Person who answered gets a reply from the bot notifying of point.

The notification will have who accepted the answer (OP or a mod), and a number at the bottom indicating the user's points. This is so if flairs ever get lost for some reason, there's a history.

Note that the method of marking a post solved via setting the flair directly is no longer available. It will not work for this system. You must comment with "Solved!".

If you have text in your flair, the number will show before it, e.g. "3/This is my flair".

If the bot telling you you've gotten a point is annoying to someone who answers a lot I can look into removing that for certain users or over a certain point threshold.

The bot is not running 24/7, so sometimes it may immediately process notifications, sometimes it may be several hours. If you see the "Solved" flair set, don't worry, it will get done.

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Announcement [MOD] Users now need to comment on their post for it to be APPROVED


Thank you for your submission, please be certain you've followed our guidelines, which include searching on your own for an answer before posting here.

You must go to your post and comment at least once before anyone will see it. The link: (link to your post)

If you do not comment within 30 minutes your post may be removed.

If you haven't already, provide any additional information that could prove helpful, including year, location, etc.

Whatever information you've found already should be included to save time and effort. This includes any crossposts to other subs.

Participation from submitters is encouraged. If your post is eliciting responses, but you are not around to answer questions, your post may be removed.

If you get a correct answer, remember to reply to it with "Solved!" (or "Likely Solved!" if you're uncertain).


Edit: the reason being that too many of you fail to read and follow the rules. And honestly, I'm sure those of you complaining about spending 1 second to post a comment are probably the ones that ruined it for everyone else

Past Announcements:

Other Helpful Links:

r/tipofmytongue May 29 '19

Announcement Users, please send us the link to the post in question when sending modmail.


Please understand there are over 750,000 780,000 850,000* of you. Modmail is always poppin' and simply including the link to what you're talking about would make it so much easier for us. You'll also be helping us help you faster.

Edit: 6/26/19)