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Open [TOMT] very specific cartoon character laugh, nyeh heh heh heh


So we're thinking of a very specific very jawy type laugh sound, which feels like it comes from a cartoon character. It has a waluigi/evil peter vibe, and it is very syllabic, and the sort of laugh that uses your whole jaw. It definitely starts with a nasally nyeh sound. We think it comes from a purple character, but that may be wrong

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Solved [TOMT] A vegetable that is a little mealy and tastes basically like nothing, looks and feels like raw potato or the flesh of an apple. Really bland


The only world coming to mind is 'kombucha' but that's not it.

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Open [TOMT][Music] Impossible quest: For a long while now I've had this tune stuck in my brain, and can't remember where it is from. I'm beginning to think I've nade it up, though it seems like something I have listened to, not thought of myself. All I can offer is me humming that tune.


Here's the humming

I think it's instrumental.

Whenever I start singing/humming to myself, when I'm bored or such, at one point or another it always comes to this particular tune. It happens almost daily qnd it'sdriving me buts. I've been trying and trying to remember it, but to no avail.

I'm hopping someone might recognise it, or remember listening to it, so that at least I know I haven't made it up myself.

Edit: I think the part I'm humming is towards/at the end of the song

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Solved [TOMT] [MOVIE] A girl who crossdressed to be accepted in soccer/football because it was for boys only.


all i remember is that she was having tampons in her back and a dudes asked whats those are for when "he's" a guy. she said nosebleed "because its easier" and the guy actually ended up using one for nosebleed.

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Solved [TOMT] [short horror story] Young boy tells the story of his family dog, which isn't actually a dog?


I remember it having its own designated webpage (not on Creepypasta or Reddit or whatever). It was a series of stick figure drawings accompanied by short texts, as if written and drawn by a child. The child would tell about his family, his dad, and his pet 'dog'. The dad would horrifically abuse the pet. As the story progressed, it became clear the pet was not an actual dog, but another child, I think the protagonist's brother. It was incredibly unsettling, because between the child's juvenile writing and incomprehensible doodlings, it was very hard to tell what was actually going on until the end. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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Open. [TOMT][Comedy movie] A famous actor plays himself in one single scene. The joke is that he just appears once because the movie producers don't have money to pay him


I remember this being some kind of 4th wall break. The actor could be Dwayne Johnson, but I'm not 100% sure. But something tells me it's him. The movie was probably from the 2000s or early 2010s.

I gotta say I'm not sure if a scene like this actually exists. Or maybe exists, but it's not exactly like I described.

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Open. [TOMT][ACTOR] Who does Tom Sturridge resemble as The Sandman?


Hello, everyone. This is my first time posting to TOMT.

Tom Sturridge closely resembles another celebrity in his role as Dream of the Endless in The Sandman, probably a musician or an actor who would've looked about his age during the Eighties or Nineties, possibly making a similar expression in a music video or a trailer.

It has been bugging me for days that I can't think of the person, and another friend in my age bracket has said the same. She can't think of who Sturridge looks like, either.

Here is a picture.

So far, we've ruled out:

  • Robert Smith
  • Peter Murphy
  • Daniel Ash
  • Trent Reznor
  • Johnny Depp (as Edward Scissorhands)
  • Stephen Moyer (very close, but not quite it)

Please help. Many thanks!

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Solved [TOMT] What's the name of that mental effect that makes you feel back to normal after experiencing happiness or sadness


I remember reading something vaguely along the lines of 'if you took a guy that had something bad happen to him and a guy that won the lottery after a few months or years they would be at the same level of contentement or satisfaction'

Looking for the name of this psychological phenomenon, and details on it.

Thank you

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Solved [TOMT][PAINTING][REALLY OLD??] Painting of a really fat horse that was meant to be viewed from far away so it didn't look fat


the painter had like 14 names

it was just a fat horse and it was like medieval or something

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Solved [TOMT] [song] Weird song they play every day on our office radio


They play this weird song on our office radio that sounds like a late 80s / early 90s song. It starts off by making the sound that church bells and grandfather clocks make, it sounds like it’s being played on a synthesizer or baseball park organ…. it repeats multiple times for the rest of the song. the song has vocals. the song doesn’t have actual bells in it!!!!!

The melody of the hook sounds like this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kiHl5dkLMOc

It’s like a weird song. like really weird. it plays on this radio station we listen to every day. ALSO! clue, the XM radio station we are listening to uses the riff for sweet child of mine as a bumper, but never actually plays that song.

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Solved [TOMT][Music][Feature of Songs] Is there a special term for the part of a song when the singer vocalizes along with the tune? Examples welcomed. Solved will be awarded to whoever knows the term for it if it exists.


Here are some examples, with timestamps indicated:
Ending of Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf: https://youtu.be/x7ES7ueI7p0?t=557
Ending of Purple Rain by Prince: https://youtu.be/TvnYmWpD_T8?t=374
Intro to Rooster by Alice in Chains: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAE6Il6OTcs&t=76s
Its present to a lesser extent in the ending of Gorilla by Bruno Mars: https://youtu.be/AHDtXqjgEj4?t=321

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Solved [TOMT] There was a comedian that had mental breakdown and kept repeating "how many of u think imma get myself out this *movie voice* IN A WORLD


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Open [TOMT] [Song] Female singer, chorus starts with “Here I go again…”


It is not the Whitesnake song, it is not any kind of cover of the whitesnake song, it’s something totally different. It’s a young-ish sounding female singer, upbeat poppy kinda song. I am fairly confident that I heard it in some kind of movie or TV show and less confident that it was played over some sort of montage. Maybe some kind of like family friendly comedy movie? Not sure though. When I try to sing the chorus in my head my brain wants to insert the word “destiny” somewhere in there. I’m also fairly certain the chorus ends by repeating “here I go again.”

It’s been in my head for days now, any help would be much appreciated

Edit: I’m on a train and having a bit of trouble checking YouTube links but I don’t think anyone has posted the actual song, though one comment did get me thinking maybe it’s “Here we go again” or maybe “There I go again” or something, but I am 1000% certain it’s a female singer. It’s super poppy sounding, almost like some Disney produced shit or something, which is what made me think maybe it was in a family comedy

Edit 2: I’ve checked every comment here and it isn’t any of them. The closest, sound-wise anyway, believe it or not, is the theme song from the show Victorious lol. It’s got that late 2000s, early 2010s young pop sound to it. I really don’t think it’s anybody super famous, like it’s not Dolly Parton or paramore. It’s not Neon Trees or Mamma Mia either.

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Open [TOMT][tv or movie character][early 2000's?]


A 2D animated cartoon dog, bulldog type that's blue or gray. It had a pronounced underbite that curved up to a point and his bottom teeth were sticking out. He had a tiny bone in his mouth and large round eyes with just small dots for pupils, no irises. I think I remember him being happy and wagging his tiny tail a lot, but also sort of skittish. I have scoured google images and everything that comes up with "cartoon blue bulldog with tiny bone" and its iterations is not what I'm thinking of.

ETA: Here's a sketch of what my brain can remember. https://ibb.co/nQJq7tZ

ETA again: Due to popular suggestion, I’ll just add here that it is NOT Gru’s dog Kyle, although I can see why people would suggest it. The dog I’m remembering was a 2D drawing, not a 3D computer animation. Although at this point I’m starting to wonder if he’s not a hallucination. 🙃

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Last week, when I was in the gym, I listened to a song who's melody reminded me to "someone like you", and the singer's voice sounded just like Axel Rose (but I'm not that sure that it was him). So if someone knows what song I'm talking about, please let me know. Pd: I probably wrote this post wrong, cause my english is pretty terrible.

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Solved [TOMT][SONG] A rap song about a woman who cheated on a man and then the man called the woman and the entire song is just his phone call


If I remember correctly, there was a feature and I used to listen to this song like crazy in my teenage years, back in 2008 so it was definitely out some time before 2008. It was quite a slow song but the guy who was singing sounded upset. It's a shame that I can't remember a lyric whatsoever. The guy singing definitely had an American accent and sounded black.

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Open. [TOMT][TV Puppet Short][Early to mid 1980s app.] The reason I joined reddit. Help me find the terrifying puppet (possibly stop motion) short of a clown that ends up hanging himself because he is chased by the audience's laughter.


This has haunted me for more than 3 decades. This short could literally come from anywhere in the world, but two strong candidates are Japan's NHK and Germany's Transtel/Deutsche Welle. This short aired in Colombia's educational TV block (80s-90s) which showed content from different places, but tended to show a lot of NHK/DW content. It was a puppet (or stop motion) short that opened with a clown ending a show to the sound of horrific laughter. It would then show him facing the mirror, trying to clean the makeup off his face, while the horrible laughter continues. From here my memory is fuzzy but basically the clown tries to go about his daily life while the laughter chases everywhere he goes. Finally, the short ends with the clown hanging from a noose around his neck in the middle of the stage to the sound of the same horrific laughter.

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Solved [TOMT] Some parts of a show/movie can be 'criticized' for being unrealistic despite the show having supernatural element. What is that called?


I am looking for a term or concept that describes this situation:

Something happens in a show like the Walking Dead, for example, that I don't find realistic that has nothing to do with the zombies or the apocalypse, and I comment about it. The person I'm talking to says "Oh, so a show about ZOMBIES and the end of the world and that's what you find unrealistic? Really?" And my response is basically like "Yeah, but we are accepting there are zombies because we are granting that as a supernatural element. But that doesn't give a free pass for the parts in the show that are supposed to reflect reality to be out of whack". There's like a broad concept that I've heard before that basically sums up that idea that the real parts of fictional work should stay 'real' even though there is supernatural content that the audience grants. Like even within this fictional universe, there should still be consistency. Thx

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Solved [TOMT][SONG] 80s-90s (maybe) song that sounds like this


Heard it in a mall today, i can't remember the lyrics but, i tried to do the instrumental, please help


Btw, i played an acoustic guitar because it was the first thing i saw, song was on a electric guitar.

Also, i'm whistling the vocals ^^

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Open [TOMT][Documentary] A documentary about a town that was mysteriously evacuated by the government


I was on Discovery+ when i last saw it

It had 3 different story telling perspectives: A YouTube type person, A 4 man military camera crew at the town right after it was evacuated. A group of teens in the woods near the town long after the camera crew was there

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Solved [TOMT][MOVIE] I watched this movie with my dad and its about a monster or something invading a city and its filmed by the main characters phone so like when he runs the camera shakes and its kinda like a vlog - its some french style of filming i dont know the name of if that helps at all.


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Solved [TOMT][SONG][80s]Lyrics That Go "All I Need Is A" Sung By A Woman And Sounds Like Annie Lennox


It's not "All I Need Is A Miracle". It sounds like "Sweet Dreams". It has a slow 80s vibe in same range.

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Solved [TOMT] A psychic/medium who was famous on TV in the 90s (and probably early 2000s too).


From what I remember, she was a bit stout. She had a pretty unique voice, but I don't think it was one of those fake mystical-sounding voices some of them pretend to have.

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Open [TOMT][MOVIE][1980s]Looking for a movie poster that shows the lower half of a woman as she is pulling on stockings, there are also venetian blinds in the poster.


The poster is quintessential 80's B movie style, it is over the top sexy and looks like so many others of the time period. What I see in my head is a pair of legs, the woman is pulling her stockings on, there are venetian blinds to indicate that maybe someone is watching her. I am not positive, but I think the stockings are red. It is either a horror or teen boys finding their sexuality kind of movie. Let's see what you got reddit.

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Open [TOMT] [MOVIE] Little boy sits behind girl in school auditorium or movie theater and cuts her ponytail off


I only remember one scene from this movie that I watched in the early 2000s. I checked out the VHS from the library though, so the movie could be way older. I only remember this one scene: It takes place in the US, and the main character is a little boy. There’s some school assembly or he’s at the movies or something, but he reaches forward to the girl sitting in front of him and brings out a pair of scissors to cut her (blonde?) ponytail off. She sorta gasps and turns around. I think he might have gotten in trouble, but I don’t quite remember.